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A trip to Yomi The latest game from the developer in charge of the series Flying Wild Hog Hard Reset and the Shadow Warrior. Inspired by post-war classical samurai films, particularly the work of filmmaker Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998), he describes how to fulfill tasks and promises.

The developers have tried and succeeded in conveying a film-like adventure, but they have not been able to achieve the main thing to make it a fun game.

A trip to Yomi (Credit: Disclosure / Flying Wild Hog / Devolver Digital)

Towards the underworld

plots A trip to Yomi It’s very simple. In Japan, during the Edo period (1603 – 1868), the player rules Hiroki, a student of a samurai living in a village attacked by bandits, and his master and village head are killed. The protagonist takes on the mission left to protect the village and the master’s daughter Aiko from various dangers.

Years later, Hiroki is tasked with repelling a new attack and is forced to go beyond the game’s title journey to protect those he loves and swears to protect. In Shinto, Yomi (黄泉) is the abode of the dead, where everyone rots and rots no matter what they do in life.

A trip to Yomi This is an almost linear game, sword fighting. It is divided into 7 sections, all with simple progression and with almost no alternatives. The reconnaissance spheres may be a little wider, but the battle is definitely in 2.5D format, with only one plane of motion.

In general, the essay allows you to play the game for 3 to 5 hours, but after the baptism, you will not see the passage of time.

Track to Yomi (Credit: Play / Flying Wild Boar / Devolver Digital)

A trip to Yomi (Credit: Playback / Flying Wild Hog / Devolver Digital)

This limits the possibilities when confronting enemies. You can use your sword, projectile, and bow and arrow, but enemies always come from both sides, front or back. However, you can use a combination of commands to quickly turn your back and defend against multiple enemy attacks at the same time.

A trip to Yomi: as a good movie, game …

high point A trip to Yomi This is not surprising, photo. Deciding on cinematography and black-and-white aesthetics, Flying Wild Hog delivers the game with the highest visual accuracy in the style of Akira Kurosawa, The ghost of Tsushima on a visual issue.

It’s easy to see why this is the case, and the game, originally designed in the B&W format, has better effects of light, shade, and shades of gray than a production idealized in color, and knows and recommends how to use them. alternative filter. Although the visual mode of the Sucker Punch game was approved by the Kurosawa Estate, it was thought that everything had color because it was not in control of light, light and shadow at certain moments.

Therefore, it is considered disgusting to paint black and white films. like a classic Рашомон and the seven samurai The light and shadow effects are also for colorless reproduction Casablanca.

The same goes for Maxim A trip to Yomi, based on director Leonard Menchiari’s experiments on using Unreal Engine 4 in black and white; While observing the results, distributor Devolver Digital suggested using this resource to produce a samurai game from scratch according to a typical post-war narrative style.

Track to Yomi (Credit: Play / Flying Wild Boar / Devolver Digital)

A trip to Yomi (Credit: Playback / Flying Wild Hog / Devolver Digital)

The results can be seen in both cinematic scenes and scenarios during the game. A trip to Yomi The game, which will never work the same if it is colored, is made with B&W as the main visual language for everything from light to texture.

Another important element in Trek to Yomi that follows Akira Kurosawa’s style is how she captures the movement in her films. One of the few filmmakers to have been an editor, he was prone to filming unexpected scenes, and he attached great importance to the context and environment that complemented the story.

There will be a few moments in the game where you will notice what is happening in the background, whether they are fleeing bandits, panicked residents from the window (the camera is in their view), the dead crying for the dead, and more. .

The sound is carefully adapted to the visual identity A trip to Yomi. The songs are few, and the effects of sword fights, steps, fire, and wind are perfectly combined with the visuals. The game also uses whistles and noise, as well as visual flaws to simulate an old movie on tape, a feature that is also available in Kurosawa mode. The ghost of Tsushimabut first seen true head.

Track to Yomi (Credit: Play / Flying Wild Boar / Devolver Digital)

A trip to Yomi (Credit: Playback / Flying Wild Hog / Devolver Digital)

The big problem A trip to YomiThat may seem ironic, but this is what the game should be capable of arresting a player. The environment in which the game tries to play a sense of urgency (but without timers) is less studied, which prevents the player from running around. Even then, there are few things you can’t find, such as ammunition, collections, and ways to destroy groups with traps.

The linearity is understandable, it behaves like a “road” game, so the player enjoys the story that Leonard Menchiari wants to tell. Final Fantasy XIII, it was severely criticized for being a linear RPG at the time. This is a design decision that not everyone likes, but it was used the way it was made A trip to Yomi what is that.

The game could have been done better. Hiroki has a combination of simple keys that are sensitive to all enemies, even masters. The difference between an ordinary bandit and a devil is in flexibility, strength, and the ability to use destructive combinations, but the player can overcome almost any obstacle with more or less emphasis.

Credit: Play / Flying Wild Boar / Devolver Digital

A trip to Yomi (Credit: Playback / Flying Wild Hog / Devolver Digital)

compared with The ghost of Tsushima and the Sekiro: Shadows die twiceother recent games involving samurai / ronin, A trip to Yomi it offers the worst fight of the three. Of course, its simplicity may be due to the thoughtful nature of the title, but it would be interesting if the game was a little different.


A trip to Yomi One of the most exciting independent games released until 2022, its artistic direction is aimed at honoring the work of one of the greatest filmmakers in history. The big problem is that while its narration and visual identification are fantastic, the gameplay is not the same.

Paying more attention to the formation of the function does not spoil the experience, and it is not like the games you see more than you play, but those who pay more attention to the part of the game do not enjoy its thinking nature.

Credit: Play / Flying Wild Boar / Devolver Digital

A trip to Yomi (Credit: Playback / Flying Wild Hog / Devolver Digital)

Those who like old samurai movies or are fans of Akira Kurosawa will really like it A trip to Yomibut those who are interested in adventure may be disappointed by the high trials and memorable enemies.

A trip to Yomi It has its drawbacks and if Flying Wild Hog added more variety to the game it would certainly be a good game, but the result is a pleasant, good game (and movie) session for the weekend.

A trip to Yomi – Data sheet

  • Platforms – PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One and Windows (considered on Xbox Series X);
  • Developer – Flying Wild Hog;
  • Distributor – Devolver Digital;
  • Rating system – 16 years.


  • The black-and-white photos are fantastic, don’t deny it;
  • The story opens like a movie to be played (in a good way);
  • The sound keeps the mood.


  • Limited combat mechanics;
  • Absolute linear progression;
  • Very limited exploration.

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