Xbox Series S: The best price for a new generation of consoles? | Analysis / Review

The Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s simplest next-generation video game console, promising to deliver improvements at no extra cost.

Is this the best value for money in the gaming world right now? We have tested its unit and will answer the question for you in this full review.


We will start by talking about the design of the S series. As the successor to the Xbox One S, it will be dominated by white. Now this console has become even more compact and can be a good choice for those who usually travel and carry in the suitcase of a video game, because it weighs less than 2 kg.

It has a black grille on top and may even look like a disc player, but it is very quiet and serves as an air extractor to prevent overheating. By the way, there is no disk for physical media. Microsoft has removed this feature to minimize visibility and cost.

On the front, you’ll find only the power button, the USB 3.0 port, and the pairing button for the controllers. There are other connections behind it. We have two more high-speed USB, HDMI 2.1 output, Ethernet port and input for the console-enabled cable. The big news is that this is a storage expansion port, but you will need an original Seagate device to work there.

The apartment itself was four more square than the One S. More precisely, the video is more like a box than the title of the game. As for the box, the S Series packaging comes with a console, an original controller, a power cable and an HDMI video cable.

Hardware and interface

If the X-Series has the best performance of the new generation, the “brother” Series S has a much simpler equipment. This console has the same AMD processor with Zen 2 architecture and eight cores, but the clock speed has been reduced from 3.8 GHz to 3.6 GHz.

The graphics part was also developed by AMD in the RDNA 2 microarchitecture. However, once again, we have a lower performance compared to the improved model. The Series S 4 comes with TFLOP capacity, a third of the X model, but with a big evolution in downloading and downloading games, you can feel it clearly compared to the One S.

The main specifications of this video game still have 10 GB of GDDR6 RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage, which is a novelty in recent consoles.

Despite the change in disc type, space may still be insufficient to store many games, especially given that optimized titles are heavier than the last generation. In addition, the free space is generally much lower and only 364 GB. Depending on the size of the game you are interested in, you will not be able to install ten games.

The Xbox Series S interface will remain Windows-based and will not differ from the previous family. In other words, if you’re used to the navigation platform of older Microsoft consoles, you won’t be surprised.

You can customize the game and app shortcuts on the home screen, as well as change the background color from the settings. The big difference is in the section that only shows games optimized for the Xbox Series line.

new management

For this generation, the Xbox now has a redesigned controller in a number of aspects, such as reduced latency, but the appearance doesn’t change much compared to the first generation. The design is now white, slightly more compact and lighter than before. Not even noticeable.

Anyway, the newest one is compatible with both old consoles, because the former can be used in the new generation. On the plus side, it eliminates unhealthy sugary foods from one’s diet.

The new Xbox joystick is still distinguished by the “Share” button located right in the middle of the accessory. This allows you to take screenshots and videos faster. Content creators, so thank you.

Another change is the D-Pad. Microsoft has changed the crossover platform of the Xbox One and added a disc structure. In practice, you can feel the axes more, especially in martial arts games. The problem is, the show has become even more noisy.

And this is not the time the Redmond giant has developed a rechargeable controller. So you’re still dependent on alkaline batteries that run longer than the PS5’s DualSense battery. However, there is an opportunity to invest in rechargeable batteries, which will lead to significant savings in the medium and long term.

games and resources

Although it does not run games in the local 4K format, the S Series replicates the One S when processing images in Ultra HD resolution. However, the games only come in 1440p. The big achievement here is the ability to reach 120 frames per second if the game and the TV are compatible.

Microsoft is also working to add a larger catalog to its new consoles. What we want to emphasize is that we are backwards compatible with the games of previous generations. So when you have the Xbox Series S, you can play compositions for the latest video games, as well as enjoy games from older games.

Even in previous and non-optimized titles, you can see that the more powerful S-Series devices can capture frame rates faster than the Xbox One. An example of this is the Forza Motorsport in the S Series 6. We feel much smoother when we see the car in motion and crossing the road.

The definition is just as good as the colors of the scenarios in Crash Bandicoot 4, which has optimization. But the main thing here – the download time is reduced compared to the old console. The Rocket League is another example of more fluidity in the game, with improvements to work faster and more clearly in scripts.

The movements of the players in FIFA 22 differ in their natural gestures compared to the One in the S Series One. Even shutting down gatekeepers still use a new imaging system that works with AI for this generation.

To make the experience more realistic, you can feel better about new technologies in games like DIRT 5, which has Ray Tracing in the scripts. Dolmen, who was recently released, has done a lot of research on the feature to give black to the monsters and characters in the story.

Improvements in light and shadow are also present in King of Fighters XV, but in a more subtle form. Anyway, this is a novelty in the game that will be played only by the new generation.

Most importantly, this is a Game Pass. Subscription to the game provides a full library of monthly or long-term options, if desired. To further increase the efficiency of this console, the program combines the low cost of the S series.

Thinking of another way to use titles, Microsoft has released a beta version of Xbox Cloud Gaming for consoles or just xCloud. The Serie S isn’t left out and supports playing compatible games over the cloud.

But if you want to enjoy a more enjoyable experience, be prepared to have a strong and free internet. However, this startup suffers from graphic drops that can disrupt your game. We noticed a big problem in running Forza Horizon 5. Because it’s a high-speed game, the graphics don’t always follow the movements and can easily make mistakes.

Another novelty of the features is the Quick Resume. Allows you to play a functional game from where you left off, even if you open another one in the middle. This is only possible with SSD storage.

You forget that the game has been open for a long time and you are surprised to continue where you left off.

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Final Thoughts

The Xbox Series S is a console designed for precision digital. An example of this is the lack of physical media player and xCloud support. The more compact design itself shows that Microsoft thought of it with a certain portability towards a stronger “brother.”

While the series doesn’t have as much power as the X, the S does show consistent success on the Xbox One. Now we have SSD storage, which makes everything faster and more fluid, and also offers new features to the player.

Support of 120 frames / sec also makes the experience more fluid and compatible with modern and advanced screens, even without local 4K. Frame speed combined with the new controller’s low standby time makes the player experience very smooth, especially in games that require faster responses.

But among the newest, in addition to simple hardware, this Xbox has other weaknesses. The main thing is that it is less storage, which makes it practically necessary to expand in some way, to free up space if you do not want to always install and download games.

The lack of a disc player is another negative factor for this console. Using physical media would solve the problem of less internal space, which is often even less important for the user.

Weighing the pros and cons, the Xbox Series S can be considered the best value for money of this generation. This is a gateway for those who want to explore the most modern games, but do not want to pay a lot of money for it.

less storageThere is no disc playerSimple hardware than Series X.There is no 4K resolution in the games


How do you rate the Xbox Series S? Do you believe that these consoles are the best value for money of the new generation? Tell us what you think of the space below!

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