Xbox: Phil Spencer talks about the future of the brand

Microsoft has released a new edition of What Happens to the Game to visitors and the press, which will reveal the company’s ideas and plans for the company’s Xbox executives in the coming years. Among the interviewees is Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming and one of the people responsible for leading the current state of the Xbox in the gaming market.

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During the conversation, Spencer will give players access via consoles or computers, as well as the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud. It has strengthened the brand’s commitment to offering a variety of ways to improve the company’s best services, such as Gaming.

“When we think about the platform we’ve built, it’s a platform where millions of players can find what they want to play on any device, whether it’s a console, a computer, or Xbox Cloud Gaming. Whether in a browser, an app, or a gaming device. This is very important for where the Xbox is going: to find as many players as possible, to grow the creative community. ”

On the same topic, Spencer spoke about how Microsoft Gaming is working to make the gaming community diverse, inclusive and secure: “We have over 100 million Xbox players. We know that people of all ages are looking for a player community. We want to ensure that we are investing in security. Thus, they can find players who are similar to them or have similar interests, and, frankly, can block some players.

Microsoft Gaming aims to bring games to various platforms over the next few years. (Photo: Publicity / Xbox)

The executive explained that the Xbox will invest in a programming system that removes inappropriate content from its platforms. In 2021, Microsoft acquired Two Mode, a moderation company that focuses on keeping online environments safe and using tools to combat toxic behavior in the digital environment.

Spencer then spoke about Microsoft’s recent efforts to make it available. Last year, the company also announced the launch of a new peripheral line for people with reduced mobility, as well as an adaptive Xbox controller in Brazil. Recently, Forza Horizon 5 has special game editing capabilities, as well as the ability to enable sign language interpreters in game excerpts.

“We hope to improve the game for everyone by focusing on accessibility. And not just the Xbox. The industry has also begun to pay attention to this industry. For us, it’s about creating a gaming platform for the next 20 years. We want to have an amazing community of players who have found great games from different creators […]. Let communities be safe and inclusive for all, ”he said.

Finally, Spencer emphasizes the Xbox’s interest in betting and trusting a variety of games and content creators, in order to offer a diverse and creative game library for all gamers.

The Xbox adaptive controller came to Brazil at a price that offered R $ 999 in 2021. (Picture: Publicity / Xbox)

Xbox on PCs: A Long-Term Investment

For several years, Microsoft has been betting on simultaneous PC games to release exclusive games from Xbox studios. Not only in the Windows Store, but also on competing platforms like Steam. The company has even launched a PC Game Pass program.

Spencer mentioned the debut of computer games Microsoft Flight Simulator the and Age of Empire IV. The idea is to continue investing in these pillars, which are part of the goal of reaching as many players as possible on different platforms.

Microsoft Edge has won the games menu to make it easier for users to access. (Photo: Publicity / Xbox)

Taking advantage of the issue, the executive acknowledged that the Xbox infrastructure on computers, as well as the Xbox app, still needs to be improved. According to him, the development team is paying attention to public feedback and continues to make updates and optimizations for the Xbox store on PC.

“What’s Next for Gaming” also interviewed Ashley McKissick, corporate vice president of gaming experience and platforms, and Jerret West, head of marketing at Microsoft Gaming. Strengthening the company’s commitment to the computer gaming community, the duo said the team has improved the interface of the services and especially the Windows 11 system. For example, DirectX 12 Ultimate promises to improve performance and reduce gameplay. The delay also features the Microsoft Edge browser.

What’s new for Xbox Cloud Gaming Expansion and Game Pass

The app highlights one of the main pillars of Microsoft Gaming’s current momentum: Xbox Cloud Gaming, this feature is part of the Game Pass Ultimate plan and allows players to enjoy selected Xbox games on other devices without the need for a console. Important news The service has been announced for Samsung TVs and monitors – click here to learn more.

Owners of Samsung TVs or monitors (2022 or newer models) can play Xbox games through the cloud. (Photo: Publicity / Xbox)

Spencer sees the flow of the game through the cloud as one of the company’s key efforts over the next few years, highlighting Xbox’s offer to offer gamers a variety of ways to enjoy the game. Cloud Gaming has been adding the latest and most important achievement Fortnite Due to a legal dispute with Apple, the lack of an Epic Games game on iOS devices broke the catalog.

Jerret West said Microsoft Gaming wants to expand its cloud service to more countries, with Argentina and New Zealand being the next regions to receive support. The executive also commented on the company’s intention to continue to improve aspects such as delays and downloads of games on Xbox Cloud Gaming in order to further optimize the user experience.

According to Game Pass, the service continues to receive exclusive games and games from partner companies on a monthly basis. The idea is to strengthen and acquire new studios for the Xbox umbrella, while the platform is expected to acquire even more commendable titles while expected to buy Activision Blizzard such as.

There’s other news coming to the service: Ashley McKissick has revealed that in 2022, subscribers to the Ultimate Plan will be able to stream purchased games not included in the Game Pass catalog through the cloud if they are compatible. technology.

Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming have a solid future at Microsoft Gaming. (Photo: Publicity / Xbox)

The latest revelation came in a conversation with Sarah Bond, Corporate Vice President of Game Developers Experience and Ecosystem and Head of Xbox Game Studio Matt Butie. Project Moorcroft is the code name for the Game Pass news, which aims to add a play-by-play demo to the service’s subscribers – click here to learn more about it.

More news about the Xbox in the coming years will open soon, exactly next Sunday (12), starting at 14:00 GMT. On this day, there will be a presentation on Xbox and Bethesda, which will feature previously published games, as well as surprises from their own studios and partner companies. You can see the full coverage of the event here Canaltech.

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