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THE IRS This Monday (15) the registration of bids for another will be closed auction of seized products. Among the lots are video game consoles and controllers, smart watches and cell phones. Expires today, but this time Buying products will not be so easy.

Apple Watch (Photo: Sumudu Mohottige/Unsplash)

Unlike other auctions, this auction has large lots and some are exclusive to overseas sales.

O Lot 8, for example, has multiple consoles and controllers — 33 for the Xbox and 37 for the PlayStation Dualshock 4, to be exact. The initial offer is Rs 39,000.

you are Lots 60 to 65 even bigger and more expensive. However, they are only one export.

O 60, for example, has more than 900 Xiaomi smart bands, 460 pairs of Chinese brand Bluetooth headphones and 16 Apple watches. Starting price is 85,000 BRL.

The most expensive of them all 63. There are more than 1,200 smartphones, most of them from Xiaomi. Prices start at Rs 337,000.

Even if you have the money to buy all this from your mobile phone, you need to show the documents proving that the cargo will be exported immediately.

How to participate in the auction?

Federal revenue auctions are open to individuals or entities. You can participate, but the process is a bit complicated.

  1. Obtain a digital certificate (purchased separately).
  2. Get access code through e-CAC portal.
  3. Look for the notice on the IRS website. Number 0900100/000007/2022.
  4. Tell us your suggestion.

Revenue will accept bids until August 15 at 9:00 p.m. The tender session is scheduled for August 16 at 10:00 a.m. All times are from Brazil.

If you want to participate, don’t forget the revenue does not deliver. Schedule an appointment using the phone numbers listed in the notification and visit the location for pick-up. Lots are located in Joinville (SC), Curitiba (PR) and Foz do Iguaçu (PR).

Mark many places

Party basic substances initial offer
8 1x Accessory for Nintendo Switch (Unbranded)
2x Xbox One Controller (without box)
6x Xbox One Controllers
33x Xbox controller
37x Dualshock 4
9x PS4 Controller (without box)
4x Xbox One 1TB (Upgraded)
5x Xbox One 1TB
4x Xbox One S (no source)
7x Xbox One S 1TB
1x Xbox One X
2x PS4 Slim
5x PS4 500GB
9x PS4 (no source)
7x PS4 1TB
1x PS4 1TB with 3 games
8x PS4 500GB
1x PS4 Pro
3x PS4 Slim 1TB
39,000 BRL
60 460x Xiaomi Redmi Airdots S
190x Xiaomi Mi Band 3
440x Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4
345x Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5
16x Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm)
85,000 BRL
61 1x CAT B26
1x Galaxy A10s
2x Galaxy J2 Core
10x LG K9
1x Mi 8
1x Mi 8
18x Mi 8 Lite
2x Mi 9
2x Mi 9 Lite
3x Mi 9 SE
4x Mi 9T
11x Mi 9T
20x Mi 9T Pro
5x Mi A2 Lite
23x Mi A3
1x Mi Note 10
103x Moto E
16x Moto E5 Play
9x Moto E6 Play
1x Moto G6 Play
10x Moto G7 Power
40x Moto Z2 Play
52x Redmi 6
9x Redmi 7
46x Redmi 7A
6x Redmi 8
17x Redmi 8A
9x Redmi 8T
15x Redmi 9
87x Redmi 9A
5x Redmi Go
236x Redmi Note 7
483x Redmi Note 8
79x Redmi Note 8 Pro
111x Redmi Note 9
5x Redmi Note 9 Pro
118x Redmi Note 9S
1x Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite
12x Xiaomi Pocophone
332,000 BRL
62 126x Mi A3
2x Moto E6S
10x Redmi 8A
27x Redmi 9
8x Redmi 7A
388x Redmi Note 8
221x Redmi Note 9
243x Redmi Note 9S
15x Redmi Note 9 Pro
9x Redmi 8A
6x Redmi 9C
141x Mi 9T
76x Redmi Note 8 Pro
2x Redmi Go
5x Redmi Note 8T
8x Mi 8 Lite
1x Mi 10
5x Redmi Note 5
6x Redmi 8
19x Redmi 9A
1x Redmi 9AT
2x Redmi Note 10
4x Mi 10T
5x Mi 10T Lite
1x Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
20x Redmi 9T
1x Realme XT
4x Poco M3
332,000 BRL
63 7x Redmi Note 8 Pro
286x Redmi Note 9
235x Poco X3 Pro
3x Redmi Note 10S
14x Redmi Note 10
43x Poco X3
247x Redmi 9
81x Redmi 9A
159x Redmi Note 8
40x Redmi 8A
257x Redmi Note 9S
23x Redmi Note 9 Pro
1x Google Pixel 4A
1x Redmi 8
14x Redmi 9i
1x BlackBerry KeyONE
49x Redmi 9C
17x Poco M3
27x Galaxy A21s
30x Redmi 7A
2x Mi 9 Lite
1x Mi Note 10
1x Redmi 9 Power
1x Mi 10 Lite
1x Mi 10T
1x Poco M3 Pro
1x Galaxy A01 Core
1x Redmi Note 10 Pro
3x Redmi Note 10
3x iPhone (no box, model not shown)
337,000 BRL
64 131x Redmi Note 8
102x Mi A3
115x Mi 9 Lite
3x Redmi Note 8 Pro
40x Mi 8
4x Apple Watch Series 3 38mm A1858
185x Redmi 8A
3x Apple Watch Series 3 42mm
474x Redmi 7A
6x Apple Watch SE 44mm A2352
30x Redmi Note 9S
4x Redmi Note 9
1x Lenovo K8 Plus
2x Redmi 9C
1x Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm) A2291
2x Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm) A2292
15x Amazfit Bip Lite
9x Amazfit Bip
3x Mi A2 Lite
1x Redmi 9A
3x CAT S60
115x Xiaomi Redmi Headphone (?)
2x Redmi 9
10x Mi Band 5
45x Redmi Note 8T
2x Redmi Note 10
5x Apple Watch Series 4 (size not shown)
5x Mi Note 10
5x Redmi Note 7
3x Redmi 8
473x Redmi 7A
250,000 BRL
65 27x Redmi Note 9 Pro
90x Redmi 9A
170x Redmi Note 9
2x Redmi 9C
71x Redmi 9
90x Redmi Go
59x Redmi 8
56x Redmi Note 8 Pro
515x Redmi Note 8
61x Redmi 8A
1x Mi 9 Lite
2x Mi Note 10
9x Mi Note 10 Lite
42x Redmi Note 9S
2x Positive Twist 2
1x CAT S41
1x CAT S60
2x Mi 9T
18x Poco X3
1x Galaxy A01
1x Zenfone Max (M2)
4x Huawei Watch GT 2e
6x Amazfit GTR
2x Apple Pencil
14x Redmi 6A
255,000 BRL

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