Xbox One is the most requested and sold console on OLX

Looking for used consoles was a approach to escape the excessive costs of latest video video games. Unfortunately, components akin to the excessive greenback and the chip disaster have pushed the value of consoles too excessive. With that stated, not everybody will get a brand new Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 out of the field. This is the place OLX is available in to make gamers with much less buying acumen completely satisfied.

Through a platform for purchasing and promoting used merchandise, you should buy video video games at “good” costs. Interestingly, the most sought-after and best-selling console is not coming to the new era. I’m speaking Xbox oneReleased in 2013. Among the new era of video video games, the Xbox Series X has been in excessive demand for the previous month.

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Xbox One is the king of OLX

To perceive how searches for second-hand video video games elevated by June OLX reported a 31% improve in gross sales of that section. In different phrases, folks cease enjoying new video video games as a result of they’re costly.

An instance of an Xbox One advert on OLX

O The most requested and finest promoting console was the Xbox One. Interestingly, the Xbox 360 (even older) is the second most requested and sold online game. Sony seems solely in the third place with the PlayStation 4. Nintendo Switch takes the fourth place.

Speaking of Nintendo, the console throughout June Nintendo Wii gross sales up 63% on the platform. It was the eighth best-selling online game on the checklist. Another online game that noticed a big improve in public curiosity was the Xbox Series X. Compared to May, the demand for the Microsoft console elevated by 38%.

If we have a look at the costs, we will see why. If you determine to purchase a brand new Xbox Series X, you’ll have to pay round R$ 5,000. The common value of this console on OLX is R$ 3540. That’s roughly a 26% financial savings. Same goes for the PlayStation 5, which is priced round Rs 3,600 on the platform. But Sony’s next-generation online game did not see such a giant soar in gross sales.

Rating of used video video games on OLX

Below you’ll be able to see the 10 most requested, finest promoting consoles, in addition to the rating with the largest improve in searches and gross sales.

The must-have video video games

Here we see the dominance of older Microsoft consoles, adopted by PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Xbox Series X options listed for the first time.

    1. Xbox one
    2. Xbox 360
    3. Playstation 4
    4. Nintendo Switch
    5. Xbox Series S
    6. Playstation 5
    7. Playstation 2
    8. Playstation 3
    9. Nintendo Wii
    10. Xbox Series X

finest promoting video video games

Now let’s speak about the ones which might be really sold. The checklist underwent minor modifications, with the Playstation 2 taking the place of the Xbox Series S and the Nintendo Wii shifting as much as eighth place.

    1. Xbox one
    2. Xbox 360
    3. Playstation 4
    4. Nintendo Switch
    5. Playstation 2
    6. Xbox Series S
    7. Playstation 3
    8. Nintendo Wii
    9. Playstation 5
    10. Xbox Series X

Video video games with the highest development in searches

Now you’ll be able to see the consoles that noticed a rise in searches. By the method, Xbox Series X grew by 38%.

    1. Xbox Series X – 38%
    2. Nintendo Wii – 36%
    3. Xbox Series S – 30%
    4. PlayStation 2 – 28%
    5. Xbox 360 – 25%
    6. PlayStation 3 – 25%
    7. Xbox One – 24%
    8. Nintendo Switch – 23%
    9. PlayStation 4 – 22%
    10. PlayStation 5 – 22%

Video video games with the highest gross sales development

Finally, we come to the units with the highest development in gross sales in comparison with final month. The Nintendo Wii was a high vendor. It’s additionally attention-grabbing that Sony consoles do not promote that a lot. See the checklist:

    1. Nintendo Wii – 63%
    2. Xbox Series X – 44%
    3. Nintendo Switch – 43%
    4. Xbox Series S – 37%
    5. Xbox 360 – 32%
    6. PlayStation 3 – 32%
    7. Xbox One – 29%
    8. PlayStation 2 – 25%
    9. PlayStation 4 – 18%
    10. PlayStation 5 – 16%

I’ve to say that I’m on the checklist of people that purchase used video video games. Is that you simply? Have you ever purchased a second hand console? Was it in good situation? Tell us right here.

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