Xbox Future: Microsoft talks about new games and services

The recent E3 (2021) was a crucial period for the Xbox brand, with several new franchises, exciting games for fans, and a few announcements that made the presentation the best of the event – and perhaps one of the most memorable. of the general industry.

Every year, before the Xbox main event, Microsoft sends a video to the press with representatives of several major companies about the current situation and what the company expects from the future of the brand. At the virtual briefing, Phil Spencer and other executives shared their views on what lies ahead, commenting on the excitement of diversity, accessibility, and even new games. starfield.

The Xbox leaders are talking about values ​​that the brand believes in, such as increasing the variety of games in the company and the console catalog (which involves investing heavily in first-party titles) and, above all, bringing in new things. Audience with xCloud, This brings us to the first news.

xCloud is available on Samsung TVs (no console required)

It’s no news that Microsoft is flirting with the idea of ​​creating a console-independent environment. Starting June 30, all models of 2022 and games other than Samsung TVs will have the Xbox app.Allows users to play various xCloud titles on TVs without having to work desktop video.

Just download the app, connect your Game Pass Ultimate account, and connect a Bluetooth controller, which can be from the Xbox itself or a few others, including DualShock 4 or PlayStation’s DualSense.


Despite the need to sign, this should not be forgotten Fortnite recently added to the directory free of charge monthly (ie, if you want to try the service, just Fortnite).

Initially, the Xbox app with xCloud will be available on Samsung TVs of the 2022 model, but Microsoft has also commented that it wants to form a new partnership with other TV brands in the future. In addition, the company has revealed that two new countries are compatible with xCloud: Argentina and New Zealand (and the TV app is already benefiting).

What’s new for PC gamers

If you’re one of those people who plays on a Windows 11 computer or enjoys the benefits of PC Gaming Pass, good things will come in the future. Since the launch of the new operating system, the company has implemented exciting features such as Xbox Auto HDR and DirectStorage, but there is more to come.

According to Microsoft, four key features are being tested: a window-based game enhancement, an HDR calibration app, a Game Pass widget to resume previously played games, and a Controller Bar that allows you to control various things. on a computer with a controller.

  • Optimization for window mode: improves standby time and guarantees access to other functions such as Auto HDR and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate);
  • HDR Calibration App: For those with HDR monitors, the app helps you calibrate your screen and provide better images;
  • Game Pass widget: a way to find new games and continue where you left off your previous games;
  • Controller Bar: Who has never connected a computer to a TV and had to navigate with a keyboard and mouse to start games? It is believed that this new bar will appear automatically when you connect the Bluetooth controller, provide access to shortcuts, and perform some functions directly through the joystick.


Game enhanced Microsoft Edge

While the browser isn’t the most game-related tool to think about, Microsoft also said that the Edge will have some interesting features. These include Clarity Boost, which improves image quality in xCloud games, a new game section for game news and guides, and much more.

Other great news – Solitaire, Asteroids (Atari), Jewel and many other classic titles to play. Finally, the company also commented that every time a player runs a game on their computer, Edge reduces resource consumption so as not to interfere with the game.


The Moorcroft project is one of the first for the future

Who has already participated in BGS or other entertainment events, played a few games at the fair, listened to the developer’s advice next to them, and had the opportunity to understand the offer they were playing? Unfortunately, the pandemic has taken us a lot further, and Microsoft wants to come up with a great solution.

The Moorcroft project wants to put demonstrations and designs into earlier stages of development for the Xbox Game Pass so people can play and comment on the title creation team. This is an opportunity to enjoy new games and help the team improve their products.


However, there is still an advantage for developers: Games that debut on Project Moorcroft will be financially rewarded, as well as have more visibility for their projects. Moorcroft will debut in 2023.

xbox gift

According to Phil Spencer at the pre-show virtual briefing, the Xbox Division is in a very good position in terms of software and hardware. Spencer said he was pleased with the market share that Xbox consoles currently have (and sees the team’s efforts to launch two consoles at the same time as a great achievement) and said he was pleased with the prices and awards received by the games of the year. , as Age of Empire IV, Halo Infinite the and Forza Horizon – in addition to enjoying the variety of these games.

Another point raised by executives is how PC Game Pass is growing: According to Phil Spencer, PC Game Pass has grown by 300% since last year, an impressive number, but, according to the Xbox CEO, it is still the farthest. With a lofty goal, he hopes the platform will be in the future.


Speaking of PCs, Spencer explained how the company wanted to break down the barrier to computer games and offer solutions there, such as a Microsoft store and a service for computer gamers. Gerret West later said the team always listens to the opinions of fans and plans to improve the digital distribution of games there, as well as bring improvements. One of the examples was the work on downloading games on the platform faster.

There are currently more than 100 million players in the Xbox ecosystem, and Microsoft wants to have a variety of content and players that can be enjoyed on all ages and platforms, bringing access to the company, whether in the cloud or in the cloud. PCD with resources to integrate people.


According to Phil Spencer, the company also aims to diversify things in the home, showcase progress by offering people who add value to different cultures and decision-making, publicity and Microsoft data – and what’s less developed, to the boss himself, he said: not a trip. travel to improve. “

In addition, the Xbox division has been working with other sectors of Microsoft to prevent malicious content and block hateful messages via AI (most of the bad content is not even available to gamers) to create a secure environment and avoid toxic people who do not meet the company’s values.

The future of the Xbox

Good luck now, but what lies ahead? According to Phil Spencer, maintaining this current strategy and focusing on investing in xCloud (and Game Pass) and first-party games could be very exciting for the brand’s fan community. One of the most exciting games for the owner is Starfield.

xCloud has become one of the company’s biggest innovations in recent years, and according to a virtual briefing, many new players on the Xbox platform are available on multiple devices. Ashley McKissick, one of the leaders, said Until there are plans to work with more games that players own or buy for xCloud (when they are compatible with the cloud and have Ultimate subscribers)Develop a current model where you can only play Game Pass titles.


Xbox is currently expanding xCloud to TVs and two new countries: Argentina and New Zealand. To accommodate more and more players in the ecosystem, Ashley said Microsoft is investing in server capacity and technologies that will reduce download time for access to cloud games.

The idea is to continue to develop what works, that is, to have multiple solutions for different audiences, whether they are on a computer, consoles, TVs, or cell phones and tablets. Phil Spencer wants to design Xbox in the future, in the next 20 years, a platform that will add more users and reach a billion players.

What about the exclusivity of Bethesda and Activision-Blizzard games?

Two major milestones in the history of the Xbox are the acquisitions of industry giants: Bethesda and Activision-Blizzard. Fans of the brand have been debating whether their favorite games will now be Microsoft’s exclusive game. It is a dependent response.

Matt Buty, CEO of Xbox Game Studios, said in a briefing, “The last thing we want is to take the franchise with fans around the world and get rid of them.” Minecraft Mojang has not become an exclusive game even after its acquisition by Microsoft.

However, some games, as we have seen, will be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem in the future starfield is coming soon. No specific examples are given, but given the tenor of Matt Booth’s commentary, it looks like a possible big franchise. the devil, Call of duty, fall out, overwatch and other examples (but still unknown) may remain cross-platform.

The Xbox + Bethesda Showcase will take place next Sunday, June 12, and will feature several new games and services from Microsoft. Voxel will broadcast in full from 13:00 Brazilian time. In addition, there will be a second performance on Tuesday, June 14, which will provide more information about what will be revealed on Sunday! Follow Voxel on social media and YouTube to stay informed!

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