XBOX & BETHESDA SHOWCASE 2022: What we know, our bets and surprises!

What everyone wants to know!

After a good showcase in 2021, the team XBOX It looks very quiet, and it can be very good. Many people criticize the company as a whole for the dozens of purchases and movements made in recent years and the inability to “provide” the content and games that the community expects.

On the one hand, yes Microsoft It is spending a lot of money to buy studios like Bethesda, which completed the process in March 2021, and Activision Blizzard, which is still in progress – raising high hopes for when the new titles will be announced. On the other hand, the company continues to transfer content via Game Pass to Console, PC or xCloud.

However, after months of silence and postponing the exclusions scheduled for 2022, the company now has a great opportunity to show the world that expectations are not and will not be a problem.

Although the information from the biggest channels, leaks and insiders is not 100% specific, I suggest you do as we do; Attend an event with zero expectations. And if you came here looking for spoilers, this is not an article for you.

Oh Xbox & Bethesda Showcase should last approximately 60 to 90 minutes and include several exclusive studio games with the participation of third parties. As more and more rumors are spread on the Internet, it is better to enjoy the truth without touching the ground.

We can expect to see games of all shapes and sizes, from AAA titles to small studios to fun and creative indie titles. shows everything Microsoft Xbox intends to give fans dozens of content for consoles and introduce games that will be released in the next fiscal year (July 2022 to June 2023) next generation Xbox Series X | S.

In general, we have everything from computerized gameplay scenes (CGI) or preview videos to live gameplay trailers from consoles. showcase.

The following assumptions should be considered as “assumptions” from various sources and “rumors” that we have collected in the last few days.

The games will be released in 2022

death cycle: Release date [Setembro 2022]
Forza Horizon 5: New expansion [2022]
Forza Motorsport: Game Trailer [Setembro 2022]
Gears of War Enhanced Collection: trailer [Final de 2022]
Hellblade 2: Game Trailer [Final 2022]
ridicule: Game Trailer [Outubro 2022]
A sea of ​​thieves: New expansion [2022]

Games released for 2023/2024

ship 2: Game Trailer [2023/2024]
revealed: Game Trailer [2ª metade de 2023]
smuggling: Game Trailer [2023/2024]
the devil 4: Teaser trailer [2023/2024]
doomsday: Teaser trailer [2023/2024]
EverWild: Launch of the trailer [1º Semestre de 2023]
gear 6: Teaser trailer [2024]
Indiana Jones: Teaser trailer [2024]
Oxide project: Teaser trailer [2023]
Vonnegut project: Ad trailer [2024]
fall back: Game Trailer [2023]
Decay state 3: Game Trailer [2024]
starfield: trailer [2023]
People scroll 6: New trailer [2024]
The external world 2: New trailer [2023]
Wolfenstein: Ad trailer [2023/2024]

Works on Xbox Game Studios IPs

Coercion games: Project Midnight + Advertising Trailer
Double Fine: New IP + Ad Trailer
id Software: New IP + Ad Trailer
inXile: Project Cobalt / Steampunk RPG: Announcement trailer
IO Interactive: Project Dragon – Announcement trailer
obsidian: Project Pentiment – Advertising Trailer
oxidizes: Project Indus – Advertising Trailer

India + Third Party Games are coming to Game Pass

Coming to Xbox Game Pass [Alguns disponíveis dia 12]

Game Pass, xCloud and other news

xCloud ‘Dongue’ and app presentation for TVs
Kojima presents an exclusive game with an intro teaser
Ubisoft + Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is coming

Watch, participate, vibrate and compete for prizes!

THE Xbox Central in partnership with Hype games broadcasts Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, Sunday, June 12th Get started 13:00 (Brazilian time) is well known Wet day … no, wait! Viewers will compete for important prizes during the presentation, including:

  • 10x Gift Cards in the amount of R $ 50
  • Xbox Live Gold 12 month subscriptions
  • Other surprises
  • The draw will soon be announced on our website and social networks

So put it on a schedule and we’ll be live starting at 1 p.m. to reflect the Xbox story that needs to be displayed various games and surprises! To watch, follow the link below, visit our channel YouTubeTurn on the alarm and subscribe to the broadcast to receive notifications when you go live.

Now, if you are occupied and you can’t see the flow, no problem! Our team is included real time newsin other words, you won’t know what’s going on at the promoter event open the mouth of the balloon!

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