Xbox & Bethesda Game Show: See everything that happened at the event

Oh Exhibition of Xbox & Bethesda games The event was one of the biggest events of the period Summer Game Fest. The broadcast took place this Sunday (12), GMT at 14:00 and lasted for about 1:30, with a lot of focus on the game, including the long-awaited titles. starfield, Forza Motorsport, the devil 4 the and Hollow Knight: Silksong.

In the following lines, voxel Summarizes the main announcements of the 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Games Show. Take a look at it:


Bethesda Game Studios space epic, starfield He was best known for his early footage of space exploration, first- and third-person battles, craft and crew systems, character creation, and more. Launch will take place in 2023.

fall back

from the creators There is no honor, fall back This vampire-themed FPS, it was recently postponed to 2023. The first game is a first-person joint action against various types of vampires.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

After many years of waiting, Hollow Knight: Silksong Microsoft came to the event to confirm access to Game Pass on the first day, including the Xbox ecosystem. The release date remains a mystery.

LoL, Valorant and others in Game Pass

In a large partnership, Riot Games will have special benefits for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. The service, for example, guarantees the unlocking of all champions League of legends the and Wild Rift and agents Valorant. Watch it in the trailer:

Plague Tale: Requiem

A Plague Tale: Requiem, a sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence, captured an unprecedented gameplay video during the presentation, with more emphasis on the mechanics of stealth action and its beautiful visuals. The game will be available for PC and consoles later this year, including Game Pass, but there is still no set date.

Life on High

Life on Highfrom the Creator Ricky and Morty, was one of the surprises of the story with the game trailer. The game will attract attention in 2022 with its unusual design of creatures and weapons that promise to make the adventure very interesting.

Forza Motorsport

New issue of Turn 10 racing simulator franchise, Forza Motorsport Aimed at a new level of realism, the series has been announced with a trailer for a game using Ray Tracing. Launched in the 2nd quarter of 2023 on PC, Xbox Series and xCloud.

Intermediate: Unspoken History

Oxide, a producer specializing in strategic games Intermediate: Unspoken History. An open video shows a proposal for the series civilizationbut still no details of the game. The release window did not open.


Grotesque after a long wait ridicule Following its release on the Steam platform, it has been confirmed that it will be released on October 21 this year. The new trailer will show more of his game, which will delight fans. Check up:


ARK 2 Vin Diesel aroused the audience’s interest with the first teaser. Now, almost two years later, the game has received another teaser featuring the actor Fast and furiousbut with an approved release window of 2023.

minecraft legends

series MinecraftAnother spin-off in 2023, which was a big hit by Microsoft: minecraft legends. The launch of the first trailer shows that it will be a real-time action and strategy game with a tower defense track.

overwatch 2

Fans’ wish has come true: PvP overwatch 2 It has been confirmed to be free and will arrive on October 4 after the last beta test. In addition, Blizzard introduced a new character in the trailer called The Junker Queen.

the devil 4

The Necromancer class, which is a favorite class of fans, has been confirmed the devil 4 in a new game trailer. The game, which included a crossplay, also received an extensive game demo that featured unprecedented violence in the series and the remaining four player classes.

Kojima Xbox announces new project

Hideo Kojima, creator Death Stranding, he confirmed that he is working on a new project in partnership with Xbox and has promised to make more use of its cloud technology. Nothing was indicated, but it was said that it would happen “A new game that no one has ever tried or seen before”.


By consolidating the catalog of Japanese games, Microsoft has confirmed this series personaBy Atlus, starting with, Game Pass on the way Persona 5 Royal On October 21st. Persona 3 Portable the and Persona 4 Golden also confirmed, but no premiere date.


Issued by Obsidian, Punishment This is an adventure based on a new story coming in the Game Pass program this November, with beautiful hand-drawn graphics. The story takes place in the 16th century in Bavaria, Germany.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

From Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja Nioh the and ninja gayopened Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty with a cinematic trailer. This action seems to be a great inspiration from the Three Kingdoms era in the history of China. The launch will take place in early 2023 at Game Pass.

Benedict Fox’s latest work

Planned for 2023, Benedict Fox’s latest work It’s an amazing 2D action platform that seems to be flirting with the rogue genre. Also on the way to Game Pass at launch.

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