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Pseudoephedrine, which most of us know by the model title Sudafed, is a well-liked decongestant that can be utilized to deal with nasal congestion and sinus infections. Although the quantity you’re allowed to purchase is proscribed, there are over-the-counter (OTC) and over-the-counter (BTC) variations of the drug. (Because the energetic ingredient in Sudafed is used within the unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine.) Aside from the same old warnings that include any drug, Sudafed is protected to make use of, however what occurs in the event you take it every single day for a month? We turned to specialists. Read on to seek out out what they needed to say.

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“Anything that disrupts the conventional connections between nerve cells within the mind may cause a seizure,” says Johns Hopkins Medicine. Rima Hammoud, PharmD and AVP of Sedgwick Clinical Pharmacy, explains, “As a stimulant, Sudafed works within the mind.” Even extra critical issues similar to nervousness, agitation, and seizures are all doable unintended effects of lengthy-time period use.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, whereas drugs containing pseudoephedrine (similar to BTC Sudafed) or phenylephrine (similar to OTC Sudafed) to deal with nasal congestion and runny nostril are comparatively protected, “seizures have been reported to happen with these medication.” Although uncommon, convulsions (or seizures) have been recognized to happen with pseudoephedrine, particularly in excessive doses.

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Speaking of the mind, hallucinations might be one other disagreeable facet impact of an excessive amount of Sudafed. According to the Palm Beach Institute Rehabilitation Center, hallucinations are a doable facet impact of pseudoephedrine overdose. According to them, hallucinations “might take the type of seeing issues that are not there, or listening to issues that others do not perceive, or bodily feeling issues that are not there for you.”

To forestall hurt to your self or others, they advocate calling 911 instantly in the event you expertise any of those emotions.

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Even after quick-time period use (as little as 30 days!) “Patients might expertise jitters and arrhythmias (coronary heart palpitations),” says Hammond.

GoodRx Health explains that oral decongestants “strengthen blood vessels all through the physique, which might elevate blood strain. They additionally stimulate sure chemical junctions within the coronary heart, which might enhance coronary heart fee.” Over time, hypertension can enhance the chance of significant issues, similar to coronary heart assaults.

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The tough factor about lengthy-time period treatment use is that typically the physique develops a tolerance to it. “You do not develop drug tolerance with NSAIDs [nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs],” based on Hammoud, however “one problem with Sudafed is congestion.”

He explains that after lengthy-time period use (5 days or extra in a row), “sufferers expertise the signs they began taking the treatment within the first place as a result of they’ve constructed up a tolerance.”

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According to the Palm Beach Institute: “The precise dose of an overdose is subjective as a result of it varies from individual to individual.” “One particular person might take the identical dose as their co-employee and really feel superb, whereas their co-employee experiences an overdose. While the precise quantity is troublesome to find out, it is very important know the indicators of an overdose to guard your self… In this thread, in the event you use pseudoephedrine, it may very well be life-threatening. helps save.”

Doctors and scientists on the Mayo Clinic are clear on the subject of oral doses of pseudoephedrine, similar to Sudafed: “If signs don’t enhance inside seven days otherwise you nonetheless have a excessive fever, see your physician as a result of these signs might imply you will have different medical issues.”

The makers of Sudafed agree – in case your signs do not enhance inside per week, cease taking it and discuss to your physician.

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At the tip of the day, beneath FDA restrictions, it’s unlawful for any pharmacy to promote you greater than 9 grams of pseudoephedrine per thirty days. And that is only a federal regulation; every state has its personal restrictions on the substance, so it might be much more restricted relying on the place you reside.

This implies that most individuals who attain for Sudafed are taking Sudafed PE, which has the energetic ingredient phenylephrine as an alternative of pseudoephedrine. Phenylephrine can also be nice for relieving nasal discomfort, sinus congestion, and strain, which reduces swelling of the blood vessels within the nostril.

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