What are the fishing and fishing trends on TikTok? An Adult’s Guide to Children’s Culture

Whether it’s toddlers, teenagers, or 23-year-olds, young people are disgusting. Of course, old people are obnoxious too, because being rude is the human condition. Let’s celebrate this week by exploring internet youth trends and hot topics: slime fishing, wabbing, and most disgusting of all, Hto work for a living.

Two new TikTok trends: slime fishing and wabbing

I apologize in advance if you haven’t heard of these two things that are trending among the youth on social media.

  • Fishing: Phlegm fishing is the process of using a cotton swab or your finger to drag the mucus from your eyes and post a video of the gastric bypass. It’s not just gross, though removing mucus from your eyes can cause irritation and more discharge. Ophthalmologists agree that touching the eyeball is a bad idea.
  • Difficulty: Popularized “certified sexologist” Shan Budran“vabbing” is a portmanteau of “sheath” and “dabbing”.“So rubs vaginal fluid on your skin like perfume with the idea of ​​attracting a partner. It is done frequently before a sweaty workout in the gym. Scabbards are amazing, but I need to stop thinking about it now.

Three TikTok Takes: Peaceful Quitting “Voluntary” and Non-Toxic Workplace Hazards

As the trends above show, social media can a bad thing, but as a counterweight to all that and slime fishing, there’s something here It’s good that young people are leaving TikTok: Career advice from peers.

Before the Internet, the main sources of youth workers were related to “how to get a job.” Information tends to be tightly controlled: Inc. a magazine, or HR brochures. But now, instead of reading articles with titles like, “Are you working difficult enough?” entry-level drones can have a no-brainer “you’re more important than your job” attitude.

What “leave in peace”?

Like this video be careful this defines the concept of “quietness”. Quitting is “when you don’t quit your job altogether. But you’re letting go of the idea of ​​going above and beyond. You’re still fulfilling your responsibilities, but you’re no longer buying into the rush culture mentality that work should be your life.” Of course, I 21 When I was younger, I would have thought about it, and I would have thrown myself at people who didn’t respect me.

What is “volunteeringld”?

The Corporate Chase TikTok is dedicated to career advice and jokes, and many of its videos are full of practical tips for young workers, such as what to say when Your boss will give you more work without extra payand how it feels “volunteer” to perform additional work. The videos are funny memes but comments instead of something life-changing young workers exchange experience, this is the real joy of this account.

Is your job too toxic?

My latest Tikjob influencer ayomitokwho promise career advice and humor, but I’m not sure they’re the best source of either. in this video, ayomitok means that their current workplace is not toxic no more. “I realized that I live for drama and thrive on chaos,” they write, adding that “my new job doesn’t work enough to get the best out of me.” Also a bit suspicious: naming/shaming the company For not hiring you. And he does to another company. At the risk of sounding like a writer Inc. a magazinepotential employers will be View your TikTok—wDo you want to risk public detonation by interviewing someone who did it?

“Kia challenge” is really real.

From police stations Miami before the St. Louis people are being warned about the “Kia Challenge”. There are reportedly videos on TikTok and YouTube showing how easy it is to steal certain models of Kias and Hyundais. I don’t know how many videos there are or if they issue carjacking calls, but the basic information is clear. According to our always accurate sister site jalopnik, Car thieves actually get around the chip in the key of some Hyundais and Kias by sticking a phone charger into the port on the steering wheel. From there, they set off and put the Kia owners on a bus. This is not accurate a new problembut the prevalence videos detailing it Car theft may increase on TikTok. Or maybe it’s the proliferation of videos warning people about how to steal cars.

Viral Video of the Week: The Most Dangerous Virus on Earth

I’ll take everything the beginning now: This week’s viral video is literally a viral video. Interesting science YouTube sites Kurzgesagt – In short The last video is a deep dive The most dangerous virus on earth: Lyssavirus, also known as “rabies”. You’re probably familiar with the macro effects of rabies—it can drive you crazy, foam at the mouth, and scare the heck out of you—but the microscopic world of lyssavirus is just as fascinating and terrifying. It tricks your immune system into not killing you by slowly infecting nerve cells before reaching your brain. whose. Although full-blown rabies is almost 100 percent fatal, there is a long time between a rabid Bassett dog bite and death, so victims can be saved with a vaccine. usually.


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