We spread monkeys for a very long time. If it infects our pets, it cannot be cured

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It was unknown monkey smallpox is already happening in the United States nose Health officials in Europe and the United States sounded the alarm in May about a dangerous viral illness. That’s the problem. For every day that the virus spreads uncontrolled and unchecked, the risk of finding a permanent home in the host country is high. In the case of smallpox – in our pets.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that there were two strains of the virus in the country, indicating that it lasted longer than previously thought. It is unknown when this other epidemic began, but it may have been several months ago.

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Monkey pox causes rashes and fever and is fatal in a very small percentage of cases, not as contagious as Covid-19. However, unlike the coronavirus novel, it can easily spread to certain animal populations, especially rodents.

If smallpox, which is currently prevalent in the United States, spreads to rats, hamsters, or gerbils and becomes an endemic species, it may not be easy to catch. “I share the concern of other scientists about the persistence and endemicity of the virus in rodent populations in the United States,” said Stephanie James, director of the virus testing laboratory at Regis University in Colorado.

There is good news. For starters, no one has died from the recent smallpox. Authorities are better equipped to stop the epidemic, thanks to large stocks of smallpox vaccine (which also works against monkeys) and many years of experience in searching for connections thanks to Covid-19.

Another good news: though some mixed messages According to some health experts, smallpox do not in the air in its present form. The CDC did not respond to a request for comment, but stressed that the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention – the European version of the CDC – “There is no evidence of airborne transmission over long distances.”

The confusion stemmed from the scientific definition of “in the air.” Covid fits the definition. Monkeys do not get smallpox. Smallpox can travel very short distances before spitting, but it does not leave a small “aerosol” fog from breathing and talking like Covid in the air.

A coronavirus novel can travel through a room with aerosols or walk in the air for hours. Monkeys in our saliva, on the other hand, fall to the ground a foot or two away from our mouths. “Respiratory drops can spread the virus, but it’s not something that exacerbates the infection,” said Amesh Adalja, a public health expert at the Johns Hopkins Health Center. Instead, smallpox spreads through very close contact.

The bad news is we’re playing chase. As the previous epidemic showed, we do not even know how far behind we are. Smallpox in humans is not controlled and treated. We must also prevent it from infecting rats, hamsters, and other animals.

For the first time in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1970, smallpox, which jumped from monkeys or rodents to humans, broke out regularly in Africa. However, it infects more than a few thousand people a year. and killed only 33 people during the longest epidemic in Congo between 1981 and 1986.

When monkeypox spreads to non-endemic areas outside Africa, health officials are concerned. In 2003, 47 people in the United States contracted smallpox after being sent from Ghana to Texas by domestic rodents. Prompt response by state and federal health officials – and multiple doses of smallpox vaccine – to prevent someone’s death and temporarily eradicate the virus in the United States

larger current The epidemic, which began in early May, was probably caused by a British traveler touching an infected person or animal in Nigeria. During a trip to Europe, the virus spread rapidly through close physical contact. David Heymann, a former head of the World Health Organization’s emergency department, said men on flights to Spain and Belgium had “intensified” the epidemic by kissing and rubbing their skin.

The virus then accompanied travelers on flights to distant lands. WTO as of June 2nd was calculated 780 cases of smallpox in 27 countries. Since the number of cases reached 1,400. Health officials diagnosed the first case in the United States on May 27.

As of Friday, 49 Americans have contracted smallpox in 16 states and Washington. The CDC suspects that some of these cases are the result of an earlier epidemic, which officials did not notice until the epidemic later led to their return and a closer look at the symptoms of some patients.

Smallpox is similar to the symptoms of other diseases, including sexually transmitted infections or STIs. Previous cases of smallpox have been reported by medical professionals because they did not know what they were looking at. “These monkey cases of smallpox outside the endemic area have been misdiagnosed as traditional STIs and have probably been burning for some time,” said Adalja, a public health expert.

Delays in confirming smallpox are worrying experts. Current outbreaks increase the chances of infection with pets and pests in the past. If smallpox becomes endemic in animal populations, we can never get rid of it. Countries such as the United States, on the other hand, are more likely to be affected by smallpox once every 20 years than African countries.

This is the worst case scenariobut authorities are unaware that an epidemic is occurring. In the third year of the devastating pandemic, doctors, health workers and epidemiologists have ignored a previous smallpox epidemic, raising concerns that the virus is starting to race in the race for animal endemism. “I think we are being rigorously tested, we are not clarifying the facts and we are not assessing the risks,” he said. James Lawler, an infectious disease expert at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. “We didn’t learn much from Covid.”

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