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Everyone who enjoys the indisputable pleasures of a good walk will at some point ask themselves, “Is walking a cardio?” This is because even those who enjoy the painful intensity of high-intensity exercise sometimes prefer to mix it with other speeds, and walking offers more to everyone, regardless of their fitness level, than other physical activities. .

But can we really classify walking as a cardiovascular exercise? Are you planning to make the most of summer light nights or are you looking for the best hiking trails? (opens in new passage) No matter what the weather, you want to feel confident that walking will benefit you in proportion to the amount of time you spend walking to get there.

What is cardio?

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According to the Department of Health and Public Services (opens in new passage), cardiovascular activity is defined as any activity that activates your heart, lungs, and large muscle groups, and studies show that walking at a pace of 5-8 miles per hour is certainly part of moderate-intensity physical activity. It offers many benefits such as developing aerobic fitness, reducing body fat and improving blood pressure and blood pressure control at rest. Walking also fights weight loss, depression and cardiovascular disease, a study published in the journal PLoS One (opens in new passage) Even regular exercise programs have been shown to have a positive effect on body fat levels.

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