Top 5 Eating habits to lose weight and avoid it, say nutritionists – don’t eat it

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. However, once you lose it, it is especially difficult to lose weight. In fact, a meta-analysis of 29 studies American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Participants found that more than half of the weight lost was recovered within two years, and 80% within five years. But for now, don’t despair: Experts say that if you adopt regular habits, you can maintain a healthy body.

In accordance with Natalia Georgieva, RDAccording to JM Nutrition, fashionable diets often include unrealistic (or unhealthy) eating restrictive habits for long-term maintenance.

“Such a divorce can lead to a feeling of‘ missing out ’on something, possible resentment and irritability, and eventually a rejection of a fashionable diet,” she explains. “As a result, you can gain weight quickly.”

Not only that, but Samantha McKinney, RD, Life Time nutritionist notes that a steady calorie deficit can push hormones in an unfavorable direction. In fact, your body is unaware that the calorie deficit is intentional, so as a survival mechanism, it is prepared to gain weight as soon as you return to your normal eating habits.

There are no real shortcuts to weight loss, so experts say you need to be patient with your body to change your diet. With that in mind, here are some of the best eating habits you can adopt to lose a few pounds. Keep learning and learn more about how to eat right, and don’t skip eating habits to get rid of belly fat as you get older, say nutritionists.


Weighing and measuring each ingredient in your diet can help you control your portions when you start your diet, but in reality, it takes a long time to do so forever. That’s why Kitty Broihier, MS, RDA registered nutritionist and creator of the Eating Habits Lab, I suggest using the MyPlate Guidelines to visually separate the components of your food instead.

According to these guidelines developed by the United States Department of Agriculture, fill half of your plate with vegetables and the other half with 60% and 40% protein (approximately 5 ounces). Ideally, you should aim for a whole mix of whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains and different protein sources. Limit yourself to three cups of dairy products and try to eat low-fat or low-fat foods. Applying these guidelines when preparing food will ensure that you get all the nutrients your body needs.

Georgieva adds that it is convenient to read the food labels, knowing the size of the proposed portions.

Yogurt with blueberries and flax seeds

If you’ve ever been hungry in the office or in a car, you know how tempting it is to have a sugar machine from a vending machine or to buy a bag of chips with salt from a nearby store. But that’s why Georgieva recommends always keeping healthy snacks on your desk, in your lunch bag, in the office refrigerator or in a glove box.

“People are following the path of least resistance,” Georgieva said. “It’s important to make nutritious foods easily accessible when you’re most vulnerable.”

Remember that snacks that contain protein, fiber and healthy fats will keep you energized for the longest time. For example, apple crackers with cottage cheese, cereal crackers with turkey and hummus, or yogurt with flax seeds and blueberries – all nutritious combinations.

A woman eating a salad, a glass of water and a phone on the table

It’s an easy habit: start eating a fiber-rich salad for lunch and dinner and start drinking a glass of water. So you overeat for the rest of the meal.

“It helps you eat less calories in general without starving,” he says Dana Ellis Hunnes, PhD, RDSenior Clinical Nutritionist and Author of UCLA Medical Center Recipe for Survival.

Study in 2008 Journal of the American Association of Nutritionists Obese older people who drank two glasses of water before breakfast were found to consume 13% fewer calories than those who did not. In addition, a 2011 study obesity Dieters who drank water before all three meals for 12 weeks found that they lost five kilograms more than those who did not increase their water intake.

Dr. Hunnes offers a light vinaigrette salad with two cups of vegetables and a tablespoon of olive oil.

Quick dinner chicken sweet potato spinach

If you have a macronutrient, then you must have a preference for weight loss, this protein.

“Protein leaves you feeling fuller and more satisfied than carbohydrates and fats,” McKinney says. “Usually, the more protein you eat, the less you lose. This is the best way to lose weight. People who eat a lot of protein often unknowingly reduce the amount of starch. It also stabilizes blood sugar and energy levels, helps with detoxification and recovery after exercise. need to.”

As a general rule, Broihier recommends 20 grams per meal and 10 grams per snack. But if it helps to have a visual indication, McKinney says, a handful of protein is enough. For example, it may look like a chicken breast or salmon fillet, two eggs or a fistful of peas.

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healthy eating

One of the main causes of overeating is loss of appetite. When you scratch your phone or watch TV, your food can become so greasy that you won’t be able to register it when it’s actually full.

Therefore, Dr. Hunnes recommends eating a balanced diet. This requires slowing down and adjusting all your senses while eating or eating. It’s also a good idea to try to eliminate distractions while eating, so you can easily recognize signs of fullness.

“Take a partial break for a minute or two to check your hunger level,” Broicher said. “People who practice this are often surprised to find that they are satisfied with less food than they think. Many times we finish things on our plates automatically and without thinking.”

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