Top 10 worst Star Wars games

Star Wars In its long history of video games it has inspired many wonderful games. But since hundreds of titles have been published in the early days of the media, it is only natural that we should have more bombs in this rich library. Check out the top 10 worst games in the series below!

Please note that the following games are not in order (lack) in terms of quality, they are just a selection of interesting things prepared by our editors. They may not have enough graphics, gameplay, or content, but one thing is for sure: you should avoid these games as much as you want to avoid them!

Star Wars Yoda stories

Interestingly, there is no character to play the old Jedi Master in a game called “Yoda Stories”, so it starts wrong from there! However, everything gets worse because the PC and Game Boy Color versions have very limited, monotonous and slow play. The idea seemed a bit confusing Zelda With a collection of puzzles, adventures and items, but in reality you’re just an office kid.

Star Wars Masters Teras Cassius

Despite the most spectacular battles in film history, we had few surprises Star Wars in the war game genre. This is probably explained by how dangerous the perception is Masters of Teras Casey. With an unbalanced, slow and very shallow combat system, it was just a struggle to try to finish the game.

Star Wars Generates Power II

when the first The Force Unleashed There was a very pleasant surprise, for example, Starkiller, a secret disciple of Darth Vader, and introduced new elements that redefined the origins of the Rebel Alliance, the second game did not know how to properly advance the story, and even committed some extreme violations. where, for example, the famous phase of the canon (SPOILER ALERT! If you plan to play one day, don’t read) you will kill Khan Solo and Chubak ajy.

Star Wars Demolition

In a short period of time, 32-bit and 128-bit generation video games have opened up the appeal of the most popular classic destruction races in the United States. Inspired by the franchise’s well-received reception twisted metalSeveral games have tried to show cars with cars, including celebrities. to spoilOne of the worst games to inspire Star Wars.

Star Wars Jedi Arena

It’s old, but making games can be a little cruel to slaughter Jedi Arena In 1983, the original release for the Atari 2600 was also much mixed. Although boasting many colors, the game play was very simple and monotonous, limiting the two players to a contest and winning the Seeker hit.

Kinect Star Wars

If you use a lot of youtubers and video game memes, you will probably come across the famous dance sequence of the Han Solo themed musical. While this moment turns 180 degrees and is very bad, secretly funny and scary, the other mini-games in this Kinect game, unfortunately, are not equally appealing and are just boring and uninspiring activities …

Star Wars Series I The Gungan Border

Who saw the movie Episode I “The Danger of Illusion.” and would you like to see the species thrive, taking a keen interest in the Gungan way of life, playing God and trying to control the entire ecosystem of Nabu? No one?! Yes, someone on the LucasArts team thought this idea deserved it and it was a sad result:

Star Wars Rebel Assault

Rebel Assault it even has value that testifies to the capabilities of new technologies that came to computers at the time. With the advent of multimedia kits, CD players, and sound systems, the game has become a good asset in the use of video sequences, but unfortunately its playback process has been very limited and rough. This is another example, it controls much more than appearance.

Star Wars Super Bombad Racing

since its launch Super Mario KartBasically, every major brand you can imagine tried to bring their main mascots to video games, competing in power races, shortcuts and multiplayer chaos in card races. Many of them have suffered from unmotivated leaders and bureaucratic and soft management systems. Super Bombad Racing.

Star Wars Battlefront

Original games battlefield marked an era of large-scale battles, rich film content, and exciting game modes. But when EA took control of the license and tried to modernize the franchise, it was a title that, despite being graphically beautiful, didn’t offer to play the game for more than twelve hours to show off everything it offered.

And these were our games of choice! If you’ve played some of them and are still a fan Star WarsYou can be sure that you have passed the most difficult tests and that you are a real Jedi Knight, because Power is with you!

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