Top 10 most embarrassing moments of E3 game

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) has always been the scene of the biggest announcements in the video game industry. However, this story is sometimes the scene of even the most embarrassing moments – some episodes are worth leaving out. Office.

The list is huge: it has events every year and every company like Ubisoft, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, EA and Konami. In this list, we have highlighted the 10 worst (or most inconvenient). Did you see one of these at that time? Do you remember another moment that deserved to be included in our rating? Share with us on social media!

10. Mr. Ubisoft Caffeine – E3 2011

There was a time when game studios preferred to hire comedians to show their events at E3. A very bad idea is usually wrong. In 2011, the actor presented the Ubisoft conference under the name Aaron Priceman Mr. Caffeine (Mr. Caffeine). There were bad jokes, sexual jokes, and even a mispronunciation of the name “Tom Clancy.” At least, there was a moment when the Internet became a meme: when it made a strange noise and pretended to turn back time. “good ball”.

9. Overall Xbox One Announcement – E3 2013

The launch of the Xbox One was a dark thing: video games focused more on television and sports than games; In addition, an Internet connection was required. After the negative impact of the news, Don Matric, then president of the Xbox division, made things worse: he said in an interview that Microsoft has an ideal product for those who want to go offline, the Xbox 360, the company’s console. Didn’t like it? Patience. Shortly afterward, the director resigned.

8. Battlefield 4 without audio – E3 2013

Also in 2013, Microsoft began showing the trailer battlefield 4. Unfortunately, the video was silenced, and some viewers shouted and insulted the presenter – he even “looked” behind the scenes to find out what happened. After a few minutes of silence and discomfort, the trailer played right.

7. Kinect Xbox 360 – E3 2009 and 2010

While still talking about the Xbox, don’t forget the Kinect announcement for the Xbox 360. The accessory was innovative at the time, replacing traditional control with movement control. But it was interesting to see the technology on stage!

Kudo Tsunoda, the creative director of the project, made some inconsistent movements on the screen. He asked the audience, “Have you ever wondered what the heels of Avatar’s shoes look like?” “BAM!” before shouting that. The avatar, poor thing, was all curved like a station doll.

The following year, in 2010, Microsoft decided to invite children’s actors to the stage. kinectimals, Kinect animal game. The boy spoke, caressed, and even pretended to lick the tiger. Cute or rude?

6. Riiiiidge Racer! – E3 2006

2006 was a special year for Sony. To begin with, let’s recall the animation of Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai, former CEO of Sony. The performer was very excited (even too much) for the classic show Ridge Racer, first works with the PSP (PlayStation Portable), from the PlayStation. “Riiiiij raced!” he shouted, even under the silence of the audience.

5. Giant Enemy Crab – E3 2006

Also not to be forgotten is the 2006 presentation Genji: The days of the knife, An action game released for the PlayStation 3. In the event, producer Bill Rich took the stage to celebrate the game’s realism, which will be “actually based on the famous battles that took place in ancient Japan”. A few seconds later, a giant crab appeared on the screen. I think such a mistake did not happen in ancient Japan, right?

4. Wii Music Presentation – E3 2008

Wii Music It was a game where you and your friends were members of a group. Although the offer is very interesting, the band is not always in tune. It was with Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and other Nintendo franchises) who took to the stage in 2008 with executives from another company to play this theme. Super Mario Bros. It was like Chavez’s band, but all is well.

Another painful moment was the drum solo where DJ Ravi used only the Wii controls of the drum.

3. Ubisoft Shooting Game – E3 2010

In 2010, Ubisoft wanted to do something different to promote Battle Tag, laser weapon game. Suddenly, several actors appeared on the stage, playing pirouette and acrobatics. It would be good if the public reacted. If you’ve never heard of this game, don’t be surprised: it’s only released in Texas, the United States and Canada.

2. TP bugged – E3 2017

Technology has failed. Sometimes they fail even when they are the host of one of the biggest events of E3. In this case, the Teleprompter (TP, the device that displays the text to be read by the presenter) failed, and if the victim was youtuber Jesse Wells, he wanted to talk about the new game. Need for Speed. After a few seconds of error, Wellens was saved by the franchise’s executive producer, Marcus Nilsson. As if that weren’t enough, the youtuber called him Nick, which is a completely wrong name.

1. Konami Chaos – E3 2010

At the 2010 Konami Conference, everything went wrong. In fact, everything went wrong at the company conference table, because … who liked it here? The wrestlers, the dancers, the applause of the audience, the long silence, the presenters lost their way in the line, and even the horror movie seemed worthy. Watch the 11-minute video of the worst moments (or the best in your opinion) below.

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