Tony Hawk: The 10 Best Songs From The Skate Franchise

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series that has its own place in the pantheon of video games! Since the release of the first game in the franchise in 1999, it has set a new paradigm of quality when it comes to the use of licensed music in a still young environment!

While this isn’t the first game to use real-world groups (series FIFA already spent a lot of money, but this was also on limited hardware of the 8 and 16-bit generations, like the classics. Rock ‘n’ Roll Race to eat moonwalker), THPS Create a tribute playlist that perfectly sums up an entire culture!

To celebrate this incredible legacy, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most memorable songs from the series! To avoid diversity and homogeneity, we selected only one hit from each game and tried to cover as many genres as possible, avoiding duplicate groups. Now turn up the volume, hop on your skateboard and check out the selection!

Goldfinger – Superman ( Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater)

Of the hundreds of songs that appear in each game, perhaps none of them captures it all the best THPS means than this hymn in the first game. It’s really funny to read the comments on the band’s performance videos because they are always filled with nostalgia from the players!

Wrath of the car – partisan radio (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2)

Skateboarding is an amazing sport! So there’s nothing natural about putting one of the world’s most political bands on their songs. But even if you don’t want to think about it too much, Tom Morello’s amazing guitar playing is enough to shake you up in search of the highest score!

Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3)

And since we’re talking about attitude, punk is definitely one of the most popular genres for skaters, influencing everything from their musical tastes to what they wear. At the height of the series, Activision was able to license one of the Ramones’ biggest hits. – Hey, ho, LET’S GO!

Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4)

Another genre that began to gain more representation as the series expanded its musical repertoire was heavy metal. In the fourth game of the series, one of the best songs came from a band that is very dear to Brazilians, as Iron Maiden gave our matches The Number of the Beast!

Kiss – Rock and Roll All Nite (Tony Hawk’s Underground)

Glam rock and hard rock are well represented with one of its biggest exponents, Kiss! This is where the franchise stopped numbering titles for a while and series underground has become the brand’s flagship, and what better way to start than with rock’s most recognizable hooks?

Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire (Tony Hawk’s Underground 2)

In Underground 2 franchise has reached the pinnacle of its eclecticism in musical choices, creating one of the most satisfying playlists ever! Here we had everything from Frank Sinatra’s velvety voice, which was amazing in its own right, to country icon Johnny Cash, who came out with a brilliant ring of fire!

Oingo Boingo – Who You Want To Be (Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland)

Oingo Boingo’s mix of rock, ska and pop has always been a reliable recipe THPSbut only within America is a wasteland This potential has been exploited! Young readers may not know, but this New Wave band was founded by famous film composer Danny Elfman!

Joy Division – Interzone (Tony Hawk’s Project 8)

Post-punk pioneers were also honored Project 8! Although Tony Hawk’s Games are already getting rave reviews, at least you can’t complain too much about the music selection, even more so when you get one of the best tracks on the album, Unknown Pleasures!

Beastie Boys – Electric Worm (Tony Hawk’s Proving Grounds)

More criticized than before, Evidential bases At least he knows how to be creative when choosing his songs. A good example of this is The Mix-Up, the Beastie Boys’ seventh album, which is entirely instrumental. Jazz-funk mixed with instrumental rock is simply a pleasure to skate!

Yogi & Skrillex feat. Pushat, Moody Good, Trollface – Burial (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5)

The weakest entry in the entire mainstream franchise left something to be desired in its very limited playlist, but you can find hits among Skrillex’s efforts to chase trends like dubstep and electro house. A bit of news for a very problematic game.

Honorable Mention with our MVP Charlie Brown Jr.!

The previous songs are only the top 10 songs Tony Hawk’s in the daily field, now it’s time to enter the real pantheon! Jokes aside, I couldn’t help but mention that it is a remake of the series Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 responding to an old popular grievance and hitting the nail on the head, finally the much-demanded Charlie Brown Jr. on the way!

It was the perfect playlist for a game that brought the franchise back to its glory days, and that’s just how we like it! After all, you can’t do good THPS There are no good songs, right?!

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