There are states where monkeys are infected with smallpox

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smallpox was found in 12 states and in Washington, D.C., just weeks after it was first identified.

The agency stressed that the virus, which spreads through prolonged skin-to-skin contact, is less dangerous to the public.

However, the CDC has raised the monkey disease alert level to level 2, so Americans should be careful when traveling, but not undo their plans.

A person with smallpox can cause painful rashes and ulcers. The virus lasts from two to four weeks, and once the wounds have healed, the person is no longer contagious.

In the United States, most cases are found in men who have sex with other men. A case was reported in a woman who had heterosexual sex.

The U.S. has not reported any deaths from the monkey disease, and officials are working to identify those infected and vaccinate them.

There are currently more than 30 cases in the country.

“The strain of the ape smallpox virus that affected patients in this epidemic is the West African class and it is not as severe as other well-known classes. [such as] The stratum of the Congo Basin means that it has caused fewer deaths in historic epidemics in Africa, ”said Jennifer McQueiston, deputy director of the CDC’s Highly Dangerous Pathogens and Pathology Division.

Here are the states where cases of smallpox are known:


At least six monkey diseases are known in California. The first incident was announced on May 27.

The patient was from Sacramento County and had recently traveled to Europe. The man was not hospitalized and was isolated at home.

The first case in Los Angeles County was recorded on June 2, when the man recently traveled and was in close contact with a person infected with the virus.

The man had symptoms, but did not need to be hospitalized.


To the Governor of Colorado. Jared Police (D) announced on May 26 that he had contracted monkey disease for the first time in the state.

The first case was a young adult who went to Canada, and the second case, according to the State Department of Health, was a person who was in close contact with the first person, Rocky Mountain PBS reported.

Since then, a third person in Colorado has been diagnosed with monkey disease.


Four cases of monkey disease have been reported in Florida, the first reported on May 22.

The first was a man from Broward County who had recently been out of the United States

Since then, two more cases have been reported in the region. According to CBS Miami, one of the cases was from an international traveler and the other from a person infected with the virus in Florida.

The CDC also reported a fourth incident in Sunshine State.


On June 6, the state announced the first case of monkey disease in a man from the Atlanta metropolitan area.

This man has a history of international travel and is isolated at home.

No other cases have been reported in Georgia.


On June 4, a resident of Hawaii announced the possibility of contracting monkey disease.

According to the state Department of Health, the patient recently visited the affected area.

The man is currently in hospital, his condition is stable.


The first case of monkey disease in Illinois was reported on June 2 in a man who visited Europe.

According to the state, the man was a Chicago resident who was isolated at home and in “good condition.”

The second incident was announced a day later in another Chicago resident who had a close relationship with the first person.


The first case of monkey disease in the United States was reported in Massachusetts and reported on May 18.

This happened to an adult man who had recently traveled to Canada. The state said the man was in hospital at the time of the infection and was in good condition.

No cases have been reported in the state since then.

new york

New York confirmed on May 26 that seven people had contracted the ape disease after the first case was confirmed.

The state said these people had recently traveled, but warned that those who did not travel to Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom or Central or West African countries were at higher risk of contracting the virus.

The government also said men who had sex with men and those who had close physical contact with others were at higher risk.


The Philadelphia Department of Public Health announced the first case of monkey disease in the state on June 2nd.

The incident took place in Philadelphia, but no additional information was provided about the patient.

“The risk of monkey disease is very low for Philadelphians,” said Dana Perella, director of the Department of Health’s Acute Infectious Diseases Program. “Monkeypox is less contagious than COVID-19 and is included in emergency care for specific symptoms.”


The Salt Lake County Department of Health released a report on May 23 about two possible outbreaks of monkey smallpox.

The incidents took place in two adult men living in the same house. The two embarked on an international trip in early May.

According to the department, people have mild illnesses and it was expected that they would recover completely.


On May 26, a woman in Virginia reported the first case of monkey disease.

The woman recently traveled to an African country with the ape virus, the state said.

He was isolated at home and did not require hospitalization.


Washington reported an outbreak on May 27 and no cases of monkeys have been reported since.

The state said the man was isolated at home and did not need to be hospitalized, but did not disclose a recent travel history.

None of the patients were considered positive.

Washington, DC

The District of Columbia on Monday announced the first case of monkey disease in a man who recently visited Europe.

Authorities said close contacts were being monitored and no other cases had been reported.


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