The sisters expected a man to succeed them instead of a woman

The two sisters explain why they treated their wives so badly and why they did not bother to raise money for their children’s education, thinking that a person who has twice survived cancer will leave everything behind.

Sharing his story on the r / AmITheA ** hole Reddit forum, u / aitapartner received more than 4,700 good votes and 700 comments: “Will AITA continue to leave everything I have to my siblings / nieces and nephews?”

The original poster (OP) provides some information: He got married when he was 24 years old, but his girlfriend cheated on him and broke his heart. At that moment, he changed his mind and left everything to his sisters and their children, saying that he would never have another romantic relationship. Although he did not tell them immediately, he spilled the beans in a drunken state at a New Year’s party 15 years ago.

A few years later, she was diagnosed with cancer, and at age 29, she went into remission. But at the age of 32, six years ago, he returned. There was surgery and radiation therapy, and he came back to remission. It was at this time that they met his current wife, Anna, while they were being treated for cancer.

However, he said that his family always disliked Anna and she never understood the reason – until recently. One of her sisters came to her and asked if she wanted to weigh where her eldest son was going to college. He did not understand why he asked her and said that he was paying for it himself.

Confused, he asked why he was waiting for his son to pay for his education, and he promised 15 years ago that he had been drunk.

“I laughed and said that I was 24 at the time, that I had a heart attack, that my sister and her husband were fine, and that they had to take care of their child without asking me,” u / aitapartnerwill wrote. “My sister Anna told me how she (and my money / property) was stolen from my family and that we had no children, so I had to take care of my sisters’ children.”

He was convinced that if Anna passed away, she would inherit his property. He also notes that neither he nor Anna are in their 40’s, and they have more time to have children. But now his sister does not talk to him, and the second sister accuses him of “leading for 15 years.”

She also believes that the recurrence of her cancer did not bother her sisters to plan going to college.

“I see how they took it here because I think I might be to blame, but why they took my word in a state of intoxication and never said it since. Especially now that both of them didn’t save money for their children. Going to college for because they believed they could not pay, ”he said. “Now I understand why they don’t like Anna. Anna is very upset about the whole situation and blames herself for putting a wedge between my sister and me.”

When a testament is written, it can be disputed, but only if it is proved that the testator did not act in his own interest. If the person who wrote the will is insane, forced or openly deceived, the will can be revoked, but according to Investopedia, it is still difficult and expensive.

However, the fact that the sisters of the OP neglect to plan the education of their children and think that their brother will die and pay for it is not just filth, but nonsense. Even in the tragic case of his cancer recurrence, it is impossible to know whether his death will fit into their schedule to pay for college.

One man’s sisters criticized him for leaving everything as if he hadn’t saved any money to send his children to college.
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According to AARP, if parents haven’t saved anything for college, it’s not necessarily the end of the world. The organization urges parents to start saving as soon as possible, and even if it is not long before their child enrolls in school, they will start considering financial aid, student loans, and tax credits to keep the bill as small as possible.

It will also help you find a cheaper college. Many public schools lower tuition fees for full-time students, and many public schools have high grades, so this is not necessarily a discounted education.

Reddit was amazed at the cruelty of the OP sisters.

“[Not the A**hole]. If you died, they would inherit. So they hoped that if they left you for 5 years, they would get money to pay for things they didn’t count on. Oh, your family is a group of gold diggers. It’s not Hannah’s fault. ”

“Of course, the plan was for OP children to die before they reach adulthood. His immorality changed his will, not just to live longer than they thought.” [Not the A**hole]”u / Intelligent_Stop5564 wrote.

“Hell, if my brother survived cancer, I would be very happy that they have the money, given the state of health care in the United States,” u / hallipeno wrote. “I love them more than their money, but I have different values ​​with the OP family. [Not the A**hole]”

“Live long without being angry with them, and when you’re 103, leave everything to Anna or to charity. [Not the A**hole]”suggested u / cmlobue.

“I’m really disgusted with the OP’s family. They seem to believe in his death to make a financial profit. It’s one step closer to being grateful for the gift that will be given in such a dangerous situation,” u / ocean_sky_wild wrote. “I would change my mind immediately and not make any contact about it. I want to tell you how your family really treats you.”

“[Not the A**hole] – You are not their private sector. If someone told me in a state of intoxication with a newly wounded heart, I would reject it outright. And to be so greedy that they don’t automatically like Anna because it means they won’t inherit, it shows more about them than about you, ”u / ThereBeTheWhiteWhale added.“ You have a right to be happy. They have no right to take your money. I suggest you talk to a lawyer, because if you leave nothing to them, they may try to argue your will. ”

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