The power of games as a social transformer

Carolina Wertas
June 1, 2022 – 19:38

(Credit: Eduardo Lopez / Imgem Paulista)

In addition to being entertaining and imaginative, games have proven to be an opportunity for social change. on stage ProXXImaThis Wednesday, 1st, Priscilla Keyroz, senior brand manager at Riot Games and William Reis, executive director of Afroreggae, discussed the issue.

According to the performer, the gaming industry has long been in the background of this social movement through entertainment, but now there are more and more promotions that use virtual games as a transformer. He noted that as companies delayed the implementation of this idea, the peripherals themselves organized the use of weapons. “In recent years, we have seen community-sponsored charity tournaments, sometimes sponsored,” he said.

According to Reis, the category of games for AfroReggae came as an opportunity for social change that flourished so much that it affected the entire organization. “We were known for music, but when the game came out, we came with a needInvention as a social project. At first, many people did not believe that he could work, because they thought that young people in the suburbs were different from young people in Morumbi. But no, they want the same thing, they don’t have the opportunity, ”he said.

Experts commented on how engaging young people in games has improved their lives and given them the opportunity to learn skills such as English and computer skills. The flight will also be arranged not only for the gamesas a bridge to knowledge, but also as a format that generates interest.

“If you come to the favela in plain English, they don’t want to go to class. But, for example, if you come up with a strategy for the game, they will be interested and want to participate, ”said Reis.

Mobile access

As Riot’s manager, Priscilla also spoke about itThe role of developers in democratizing access to games. According to the performer, making games accessible is to take care of their development processes.

“For example, this has been worrying us since the beginning of LOL. This is a PC game, but it was developed because you don’t need a high-level computer to play it anyway. In other threads, we also have a color blind mode. Access is a long way, ”he said.

social influence

Experts explained how to invest inMonths for social minorities can actually present themselves as policies and solutions that address larger and more complex issues for society as a whole.

During the pandemic, Reyes said the money invested in the project by Riot was used to provide food assistance to vulnerable families. However, in addition to the momentary situation, the organizations say that by investing in young people from abroad through games, they keep them away from crime and addiction, and give these young people a new perspective on life.

“Violence is democratic today. Companies need to understand that this is a common problem, it affects everyone, and one thing needs to be done: invest in positive policies, ”he said.


The executive says that one of the biggest obstacles to the promotion and transformation of the project is the lack of investment in brands. Faced with the problem, Priscilla says it is important and necessary to have more partners on this trajectory. “We are always coming up with new ideas, and the more partnerships, the better. We also want to hear ideas that are being developed to help. Today there is an opportunity to invest and change the world. The more people who want to come and change the world, the better, ”said Priscilla.

Diversity of the fund

In addition to the players, panelists explained the importance of diversity behind the scenes of the gaming world.

“Our young people from Favela are creating games that are available in the Apple Store and Play Store, and they talk about the root cause and the racial issue, Orix. So you fight racism, religious racism, and bring a sense of self-respect to a young person in the game world. In addition, all of these young people who helped create the games were from the teams that competed in the game creation championship, ”he explained.

Priscilla said it is important for users to think about diversity at all stages so that they can have a better experience with anyone. “Communication is important, and if we want to be a customer-focused company, we need to be different,” he concluded.

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