The most powerful RPG attacks of all time!

When playing an RPG, there are few feelings better than working for hours to level up your characters, then having an attack so powerful that tens or hundreds of thousands of damage points appear on the screen, clearly showing how powerful your character is. has happened!

Of course, power can’t always be measured with this metric, but many games require a numerical representation of how much damage their character does! So, inspired by a Reddit post, we’ve taken a look at some video games that can score thousands, millions, or even trillions of points in one hit! Check out the list below!

Final Fantasy XIII – Highwind deals 983,500 damage

Let’s start “simple” and low, still not hit a million points. After all, franchise games Final Fantasy It forms one of the main pillars of JRPGs and has helped a lot in popularizing them around the world. In Final Fantasy XII We’ve already had some very strong attacks, but the bar just kept getting higher XIII! In this video, Charismatic Vanille uses Tier 2+ Ally KO Power Surge to take 130% more damage for each ally destroyed, which is a result of good use of Sage and Hope’s allies. Enemy increases damage:

Bravely Default – 999,999 damage points

As the stats keep increasing with each level and item obtained, many games set ceilings and thus, no matter how much damage you do after that, the displayed number always stops there, which can be a bit frustrating. Before breaking the million barrier, let’s take this as an example Bravely Default, a portable RPG full of interesting mechanics, but limits its players to 999,999 damage points. Using the Bravely Second feature, you can strike with exactly that absurd force. But can we go further?

Final Fantasy XIV – Aflatus Misery deals 10,770,771 damage!

Now it’s time for us to finally head towards the tens of millions of damage caps, this thing Final Fantasy When the series embraces the MMORPG genre, naturally there are a lot of magic and features. before expansion endwalkerit slightly hacked some attributes, allowing the White Mage to use a number of effects and abilities, and after many days of testing, player Sfia Pirion explained in detail the unique and rare method to achieve it on his channel. Maximum number of currently recorded videos:

Diablo III – 187,000,000,000,000 spawned characters!

2.2 patch Diablo III gave the game’s community a boost by raising his damage to a truly impressive level! With creativity, patience, and the right equipment, it’s possible to outrun millions of damage, and billions. But the best video we could find is of ZenRyoku #1518’s 187 trillion playthrough, using a Demon Hunter with Shadows Grasp build, which deals 50,000% more damage when impaled in addition to the Cube’s ability to spawn another. 1,200%, achieves the following amazing result:

dysgaea 4 – Over 900,000,000,000,000,000!

In the turn-based combat strategy RPG genre, none other than the franchise can be more crazy about their moves. dysgaea! The highest record we found in the video was 900 quadrillion damage, but here’s the sad thing: you can’t see all those zeros on the screen at once, so the game ends up using multiple letters to replace the zeros. In this video, Nekotama uses Natural Sardine and Lion Stance with Tera Heals, the counter is 184 trillion. After that, the damage is slowly accumulated using the Forever Counter:

Xenoblade Chronicles – Bionis Slash X – Unlimited damage!

We’ve already seen a huge number of attacks and how ridiculous they are for our underdeveloped primate brains, but what can beat a move with quadrillion points of damage? There is only one option: take damage INFINITE! Well, that’s what happens in the first one Xenoblade Chroniclesthen the boss Egil will perform a single special attack, depicted on the screen with the infinity symbol, a continuous Bionis Slash X:

And these were some of the most powerful attacks ever seen in RPGs! Of course, there are many more, so if you remember something else we forgot to mention, let us know: Voxel Social Networks!

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