The Mets open the season against the Washington Nationals

WASHINGTON – The Mets are different from 2016, when they last reached the playoffs. The lists are inevitably changing, but the overhaul of the Metz is going much deeper. They have, to name a few important figures, a new manager, a new general manager and a new team owner – the last of this group, which makes the biggest difference in the direction of any franchise.

The last decade for the Metz was marked more by losses and drama than by victories and constant success. The Mets, whose last World Series title was in 1986, have reached the playoffs only twice since 2007. But after a winter of further reconstruction one of the most anticipated seasons in the team’s recent history is here, which is set to begin against the national team on Thursday night in Washington, DC. The reasons for being more bullish towards Metz than in the past are many.

For so long under the leadership of the previous owners, the Wilpons, the Mets held on to the National League standings and in the Major League Baseball rankings, despite playing in the United States ’largest media market.

But under the leadership of second-year owner Stephen A. Cohen, a hedge fund manager with a net worth of more than $ 15 billion, the team now enjoys the richest majority owner in MLB, and it is behaving accordingly. The eternal wrestler of the Los Angeles Dodgers alone ($ 293 million for the luxury tax) has a higher salary fund in the MLB than the Mets franchise’s record estimate of $ 286 million.

If healthy – that’s the problem now – the Mets have two of the best baseball pitchers from right-handed Jacob de Grom, 33, and Max Scherzer, 37, each of whom has won several Sai Young awards. Although DeGrom may be out for several months due to a shoulder injury that worsens the team’s prospects, the Mets received encouraging news on Thursday about Scherzer’s tight hamstring and planned to make his Mets debut on Friday. And, thankfully for the Mets, in March they exchanged with the Oakland Athletics for right-handed starting pitcher Chris Basito, a participant in the 2021 All-Star Game.

For further reconstruction of the team, which is underway this season, Metz has spent a total of $ 254.5 million on outfielder Starling Marte, outfielder and first baseman Mark Canu, infielder Edward Escobar and Scherzer. They complement the list, which includes key players who either performed well or failed last year: first baseman Pete Alonso, second outfielder Jeff McNeill, short stop Francisco Lindar and starting pitcher Taiyuan Walker.

“We just want to play great baseball,” said Scherzer, who won the 2019 World Series with the national team, before playing on Thursday. “There are a lot of talents here. In the off-season, many steps have been taken to reinforce the talent here. It is up to us to come together as a team and as a club, play well as a team and do our best. We need a good start from the beginning. “

The Mets ’general manager, Billy Eppler, has not created a playoff team in five seasons with the Los Angeles Angels, but he has been able to attract some of the best players in baseball. (He lured two-time star Shohei Otani, the most valuable player in the American League of 2021, to Anaheim, California, from Japan.) is the most experienced skipper they have worked with in a while.

“He’s really, very organized,” said Mets outfielder Brandon Nima, who didn’t open the season on Thursday because of neck stiffness. “He is accurate. He will be ready. I don’t think we’re losing the game because Buck wasn’t prepared. “

Nima is cheerful by nature, but starting this season, he noted that the team assembled by Cohen and Apple was extremely talented, which caused him “really optimistic.” Speaking about the new players, Nimma said that “these guys have a great track record of success in the major leagues and good successes in the major leagues”.

In a new working agreement in the sport the playoff field has been expanded to 12 teams out of 10, but Metz’s division, NL East, will be strong. National teams are recovering, but Miami Marlins and Philadelphia Phyllis have contributed significant chunks of money to upgrades this winter. Phyllis didn’t spend much on defense, but they added powerful bits of outfielders Nico Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber for $ 179 million.

Atlanta, the current World Series champion, will win. Although longtime baseman Freddie Freeman has been released through a free agency, Atlanta has a record $ 206 million in wages after a flurry of steps, from trading with Athletics to starring baseman Matt Olson (and signing with him) for an eight-year salary of $ 168). million extensions), re-signed by outfielder Eddie Rosario and adding former Dodgers closer to Kenley Jansen.

“It’s going to be a tough division, and there’s going to be a lot of good teams and talent,” Scherzer said. “Everyone should be on top.”

This will include Taylor Magil, 26, on Thursday. Since DeGrom was injured shortly before the opening day, Scherzer was dealing with a minor hamstring injury, and Showalter was reluctant to mess with the schedule of other starting pitchers, the Mets turned to Megill with 18 career starts for a first-day appointment.

But after two seasons changed by a pandemic, a labor dispute between MLB owners and players that nearly threatened a full regular season with 162 games, hasty spring training and a flurry of franchise restructuring activity, the Mets were just excited to start a new encouraging season.

“Everyone will be looking forward to getting one or two games and getting into the routine,” Shawalter told reporters at the Nationals Park manager’s office before the game on Thursday. “Everything is here too. It was … ‘His voice trailed off before continuing,’ and I try to remember how different we are now. It’s been a while. “

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