The May 2022 PS Plus plan games are now available for download

Subscribers can now use the PS 20 plan games for May 2022.

Click on the links below to purchase titles or enjoy them directly from the PS Store on your console.


Equipped with football, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 makes the game even more realistic with the main achievements of the game and a new season of innovations in all modes.

With the new features of FIFA 22, you will have more consistency between goalkeepers and goalkeepers rest and posts, which will give you more patience for the most important position on the field, as well as new details of the team’s physics and the best explosive teeth. In addition to the new offensive tactics that allow you to control how your team plays, it is more suited to the acceleration of football players. Live your football dreams in career mode, creating and managing the newest club for fame. VOLTA FOOTBALL rewards your talent with a redesigned platform game and new ways to play and progress each season. Gather people with Pro Clubs with improved customization and updated progress, which will allow you to manage the development of Virtual Crack and meet the most memorable players of football with the new FUT Heroes in the FIFA Ultimate Team ™ game. more accessible to test your abilities against others. No matter how you play, with more than 17,000 players, 700 teams and 30 leagues, including the UEFA Champions League, CONMEBOL Libertadores and the new UEFA European Conference League, enjoy unparalleled originality everywhere – only available at FIFA 22.


Tribes of Midgard is a collaborative game that combines action, survival and Rogelite elements in a unique way. Players must defend their village from the invading hordes – deadly spirits and cruel giants – who threaten to destroy the Yggdrasil offspring, which is a sacred tree throughout the night. Gather your tribe and protect the Seed to end the end of the world, Ragnarok!

Explore the wilderness of Midgard with your tribe to gather valuable resources, hunt for mythical beasts, defeat powerful enemies, destroy giants, and gain treasure. The farther away you are from the village, the more difficulties you will face and the more good rewards you will need to resist the onslaught of evil. However, you need to return before nightfall to strengthen your defenses, build powerful tools, and prevent night attacks.

· Action, Survival and Roguelite: In each session of the game, your tribe is born into a new world, arising from procedural programming, with only clothing on its back and a promise to save the world. Knowledge, world experience, and unlocking the account in each session to help you try to stop ragnarok for as long as possible. The longer you and your tribe live, the more rewards!

· Deal with enormous dangers: Work with your tribe to protect the Yggdrasil dynasty from night attacks by Hel creatures and to withstand the threats of epic giants, the Jotns, who want to destroy Uruk and your village. The world (and the game) will end when the Seed is destroyed.

· Create the Legendary Viking: Upgrade your character every time you choose a class and go to war in the wild to search for resources to make epic weapons and powerful weapons. Find and equip powerful runes to complement your style of play in amazing ways. So prepare for battle and plan a smart defense for the village to humiliate the enemies.

Gather your tribe: When the giants appear, you need an entire village to destroy them! Go through Midgard alone or create a team of 10 players in an online PvE partnership. Test your Viking skills against seasonal challenges in Saga mode or customize the experience and see how long you can live in Survival mode. We recommend playing Ragnarok with a team of four or more players.


You will search for innumerable riches, eternal life, and divine power – this will lead you to this cursed temple, to the endless maze of abysses, deadly traps and monsters.

Your greed will end, but you will not be able to escape. Get up and fight again. Dive deeper and challenge the evil gods here. In the dark caves, full of traps and mysteries, groups of enemy fighters set fire to statues, explosives, hidden teeth, and worse.

Collect mystical relics and weapons to make it unstoppable. Corruption is growing every step of the way. Hug him or ignore him, but any curse is a double-edged sword.

– The art of exploring a ruthless dark temple filled with rooms and corridors
– Swords, spears, bows, pistols and others
– Every new endeavor has different curses in each endeavor
– Dozens of enemies, powerful champions and deadly leaders

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