The Last of Us Part 8 8 reasons why I deserve a remake

The Last of Us is, of course, one of the most popular names for seventh-generation consoles. The story of Joel and Ellie moved everyone and showed a well-told story, and charismatic characters could elevate the work to the status of a “modern classic.”

During the Summer Game Fest, it was announced that the game would have a remake in 2022, now called “The Last of Us Part 1”. While we’re excited to relive this story, the news has sparked a major debate over whether or not to buy a remake that some consider unnecessary.

Today I’m going to list some of the reasons why the Last of Us Part 1 remake deserves it, let’s go!

graphic improvement

When we think of the remake, the most important news is what we want: Graphics!

The original title was impressed in time due to the well-crafted textures and beautiful facial expressions, but such feats seem to have improved a lot more than the proposed trailer and all the previews released by Naughty Dog.

The development of technology has led to really significant changes, emphasizing the models of the characters and their facial expressions, who sought intimacy with The Last of Us Part II and surpassed it in realism.

In an interview, Neil Druckmann (President of Naughty Dog) said that the game is being completely changed, and that the acting and animation of Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) can be better enjoyed with animations and graphic nuances. It will reach its final limit in 2013.

The developers went on to say that the remake would “push the boundaries of visual reliability” if the game was completely redesigned.

Updated and improved game

One of the strengths of The Last of Us Part II is its fluid and very dynamic gameplay. Fans will be thrilled to see it in the remake, as it should be closer to what it sees in the sequel, featuring improved combat, realistic animations, and refined gameplay.

Naughty Dog says she wants to “allow more people to enjoy the game,” reflecting the developer’s commitment to making significant improvements to the project.

Scenes and landscapes were recreated

It’s not just the character’s design, but the game’s landscapes and entire landscapes have been redesigned from scratch, lighting has been adjusted, and new technologies have been added that allow for more powerful hardware such as improved textures, shadows and resolutions. Improved and radiation control.

Performance of the new generation

Following this information, the development of the Playstation 5 has allowed The Last of Us to be modernized and upgraded to current standards.

While the original title kept the frame rate at 30 frames per second, the remake misused the console’s power to print 120 frames per second and increase the resolution to 4k. These improvements not only bring a new face to the story we love, but also help to baptize the universe, as the power of graphics becomes increasingly real.

Coming to the computer

One of the biggest surprises of the announcement is that The Last of Us Part 1 is coming for PC.

The release date of this version is not yet available, but it has been confirmed that it is under development. So the new audience will have the opportunity to enjoy this great event, after other Sony titles that came to the computer, such as Days Gone and God of War, in its latest release.

While this information has not yet been confirmed, it is common for remakes to update some points in the story or simply add completely new bows that enrich the experience.

We know that some of the campaign’s highlights will be explored on HBO’s The Last of Us, but there’s nothing stopping us from making some additions to the remake, such as Joel and Tommy’s lives and more information about Bill and Bill’s story. so-and-so, the bigger story in Left Behind? What else would you like to add to the campaign?

Hype for HBO series

I know, I know … it can’t grow hype, but if the entertainment industry has taught us something, it will never be enough.

With the advent of The Last of Us in 2023, there’s nothing better than revisiting this original work with an updated look, right? The remake includes your favorite campaign and its Left Behind DLC, and they will leave the story full to make you cry again emotionally or for the first time!


Relive unforgettable moments. Revive the classics!

The Last of Us Part 1 Price and Versions

Finally, The Last of Us Part I was published in three different editions, namely Standard, Digital Deluxe and Firefly Edition. Firefly has not yet been confirmed for Brazil.

Standard Edition: R $ R $ R $ 349.90 Purchase
Digital Deluxe: BRL BRL 399.50 Purchase
Firefly Edition: $ 100 (US only)

By pre-ordering the game, the player receives additional skill and additional parts of the weapon as a bonus. In addition, it is unknown whether the values ​​will be stored in the PC release or in which service of the game, such as the Epic Games Store or Steam.

Digital Deluxe features:
Increasing the speed of crafts
Increase the speed of recovery
Increase reload speed by 9 mm
Improved Rifle magazine capacity increases
Explosive Arrows Gameplay Modifier
Punk dot filter
Speedrun Mode
Skins of six weapons

The game will be released for the PlayStation 5 on September 2nd.

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