The incidence of COVID in Florida is increasing when a new variant is introduced

  • Cases of COVID-19 in Florida continued to increase last week as two new variants spread across the state. The average daily number for June 4-10 was 10,630 last week, up 4% from the previous week. The number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 is also increasing. As of Friday, Florida hospitals have about 3,000 certified COVID-19 patients, up 13 percent from the previous week.
  • According to federal health data released Thursday, about 86 percent of Floridians live in counties with “high” levels of COVID-19. It includes residents of Hillsboro, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando counties. Jason Salemi, an epidemiologist at the University of South Florida, said the state last week had the second-highest number of cases per capita and the highest proportion of people living in communities with “high” levels of COVID-19 in the United States. Federal regulations recommend that residents of counties with “high” levels of the virus wear well-fitting masks indoors.
  • The Omicron BA.4 variant arrived in Florida. The first three cases of the state’s BA.4 variant were identified near Miami earlier this week. The new variant and its cousin BA.5 were responsible for the recent increase in infections in South Africa. Preliminary data show that the subvariants of the two omicrons are more infectious than previous versions of the virus and are better able to escape the current immunity. They could soon become the predominant strains in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, variant BA.4 accounts for 4% of infections in the southeast, and BA.5 for 9%.
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Total numbers

74,407: Number of cases recorded in Florida during the last seven days from June 4-10.

10,630: The average number of days per day in the same period last week increased by 4% compared to the previous week.

6,271,284: Total number of reported cases in Florida.

264: Number of deaths in the last week.

74,852: A general pandemic death in Florida.

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40.019: Vaccinations (first or second doses) last week, 15% higher than the previous week.

80%: The entire Florida population is at least partially vaccinated.

67%: The entire vaccinated population of Florida.

78%: The entire U.S. population is at least partially vaccinated.

67%: The entire vaccinated population of the United States.

29.015: Enhancement doses used in Florida in the last week are 2% higher than the previous week.

27%: The total population of Florida has increased.

31%: The total population of the United States has increased.

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positive indicators

21.4%: Florida, up 19.8% from the previous week.

23.1%: citrus

22.9%: hernando

22.8%: manat

20.7%: Easter

19.6%: Pinellas

19.4%: Hillsborough

18.8%: Regiment

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2,873: Hospital admissions in Florida increased by 13% compared to the previous week.

775: Tampa Bay admissions, up 7% compared to last week.

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How to take the test

Tampa Bay: The Times will help you find free, public COVID-19 testing sites in the Gulf region.

Florida: The Department of Health has a website with a list of staff testing sites. Some data may be out of date.

USA: The Department of Health and Human Services has a website to help you find a test site.

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How to vaccinate

COVID-19 vaccine for 5 years and older and buter injections for eligible recipients are available in doctor’s offices, clinics, pharmacies, grocery stores and public vaccination facilities. Many allow you to book meetings online. Here’s how to find the site closest to you:

Find a website: To find vaccination sites in your zip code, go to

More help: Call the national COVID-19 vaccination hotline.

Phone: 800-232-0233. Help is available in English, Spanish and other languages.

TTY: 888-720-7489

Disability information and access line: Call 888-677-1199 or email

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