The Enemy – Mario Strikers: Battle League will get more characters through free DLC; effects

Nintendo is trying to make that clear Mario Strikers: Battle League This is not a football game. It sounds like football, yes, but it’s called “Strike” – the level of violence that made Portugal and the Netherlands look like a friendly game at the 2006 World Cup, and everything went wrong to achieve the goal. coincidence.

Oh The enemy had the opportunity to see the exclusive game of the new title transferand revealed that Nintendo plans to keep the game alive with free content updates after launch, and that players will be able to try out the game before purchasing through the demo version.

The official description of Mario Strykers says that Strike is a sport without any rules, and the characters on the field take it very seriously. Luigi bends and gives the carts with the intention of injuring him, while Donkey Kong carries the ball back and forth with his hands.

Vib is completely different from what Mario usually sees in sports. If Mario Tennis and Mario Golf have an atmosphere of meeting their friends in the park on Sundays, the end of the Mario Strakers college games and beer seems to be over.

The differences are in the behavior of the characters and the aesthetics of the experience, which is a lot more than usual for Mario’s game, so to speak.

But the game itself has many elements that teach us to anticipate sports adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom, such as the presence of things that can change the course of the game when used quickly and wisely.

During the game, the idea of ​​trying to make the matches more competitive, even if one of the teams in the game is more talented than the opponent, is obvious. When a team is at the top of the scoreboard, for example, boxes of items belonging only to the team behind are displayed. It’s the same spirit that Mario Kart has in mind: even if you’re very good and have won a lot of arguments, just the carelessness of the moment can put you in a difficult position.

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Mario Streakers: While the War League focuses on online mode, it does offer some offline modes, such as debates for 8 players on the same console and a tournament mode that pits 4 friends against computer-controlled teams. .

In these modes, you can collect coins that can be exchanged for clothing (i.e., weapons) for Mario and the company. The items are divided into five sets that cover the heads, bodies, arms and legs of heroes and villains, and reinforce specific attributes.

Turbo line equipment, for example, increases the speed of the character due to other attributes. So you can use Turbo equipment to make the character faster even fasteror to compensate for Bowser’s pasture, which usually focuses more on force.

But as much as you can move the levers to assemble the team of your dreams, there are nuances to the Battle League game that will escape the control of even the most methodical player.

The presence of supercars is one of them: they are loaded strokes, and if they are performed well, they guarantee not only 1, but 2 points on the scoreboard. To prevent them, the player must find a way to steal the ball from the athlete in question while carrying the bullet, or hope to miss the blue marks. If he misses, the goalkeeper has a chance to defend the ball – a chance that, according to Nintendo, also depends on invisible factors such as the attributes of the athletes on the field.

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Fifteen years ago, Mario Strikers had online mode on Charged Wii and even played in the rankings. Put more chips in online debates by creating a War League controversial league system, seasons and risk of decline or rise.

It works like this: With friends, you can create a club to compete for points in the table with rival clubs. All online matches are scored, and at the end of each season, the top teams go up in the rankings, while the bottom teams go down.

Online controversy still brings tokens – another type of currency that can be used to improve the appearance of a club stadium. This is a very interesting moment: even when you are a guest, you can get half of your stadium to face your opponent. The more stairs you climb, the more options open up – until the real Bombonera tribune supports you in your favor.

In the course of this exclusive game, Nintendo revealed that it plans to create an online version of the game with free content updates, which will include, among other things, characters that can be played.

A demo version of the game called First Kick is also available. Initially, only the practice mode with the basic mechanics of the game will be available, but players who enter the demonstration at a certain distance will be able to test the arguments online.

Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, Mario Strikers: Battle League will be released on June 10 entirely in Brazilian Portuguese.

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