The Cult of the Lamb: Is It Worth It?

It’s normal to see games where you have to destroy a cult of madness in the name of goodness. But what if the roles are reversed and players are put in charge of this cult? It may seem strange at first, but The Worship of the Lamb has captured the attention of the gaming community from the start.

Massive Monster and Devolver Digital’s game has attracted attention because the story is not only cute characters you see every day, but also scary enough to involve worshiping and controlling something. It’s simple and doesn’t beat around the bush, offering the player fun from start to finish with its simple premise and mechanics.

It’s all in keeping with the addictive gameplay, the title of which is one of the most exciting independent games of the year. Available to all types of players, from the most casual to those who enjoy a challenge. This game is worth every minute spent!

Before the proper analysis, we emphasize that the game only uses the tactile feedback of DualSense. The feature is always there, and it’s funny how the controls vibrate for every situation. No use of adaptive triggers.

ransom or revenge

The first scenes of the lamb explain the whole scenario of the game. The protagonist, a little lamb, is the last of his kind, and he is held captive by the gods of the Old Faith. The sacrificial ritual is the cause of the “Preservation of the Old Faith”. However, “He Who Waits” is all – an imprisoned ancient god – rescues the animal, gives him demonic powers and asks him to kill the four gods of the Old Faith in order to free them both from their terrible fate.

In the first ten minutes, the game has scary scenarios, strange creatures and a heavy theme. These characteristics, in contrast to the cute design of the character, attract the player who is in the service of the Waiter, but develops his own vision and goals. So the journey comes down to this: will you defeat the four gods to free the ancient god, or will you challenge them all to form your own cult?

Straight story, but very dark. Source: Rafael Batista.

Worship of the Lamb gets the objective story right: destroy the four gods, face your destiny, and decide what to do with your cult. This creates an identification with the theme of “Rebellion Against the Gods” – as in God of War – a way of dealing with one’s destiny, overcoming adversity and showing that everyone is the owner of their own story. Little lamb, thinking of such a helpless animal.

Furthermore, the entire universe building is convincing as there are many religious references. For example, there are leaders like the biblical god Baal; and Shamura, a god very reminiscent of Shuma Horat from the Marvel Universe. These parallels help the player empathize with the little lamb, who is no longer vulnerable and can shape the direction of the story.

The monsters are well built. Source: Rafael Batista.

Capiroto’s Animal Crossing?

Cult of Lamb features a combination of two genres: management and dungeon crawler. The player must explore four different realms four times to face the god of that realm. In each attempt, the little lamb collects raw materials, coins, meets NPCs and receives various resources. At the end of the expeditions – 10 minutes each – it’s time to control the cult.

Every time the little lamb receives new followers, the demands of the cult increase: food, hygiene, shelter must be taken care of, and faith must be kept high. For this, the church has rituals and sermons in addition to other activities. Remember: the game always mixes the cute with the macabre. So, if your cult is in a crisis of faith, you can perform a Sacrifice Ritual, summon Cthulhu, and kill one of your followers so that the others can worship more.

Knowing how to manage your cult is important. Source: Rafael Batista.

There are many activities in worship. In addition to carrying out concrete constructions, it is possible to customize with unique decorations and paths. Followers even give random tasks like rescuing a friend in an area or serving a pot of poop for lunch (yes, you read that). NPCs also increase the range of tasks in the area, including a very clever and fun cube minigame to play.

Unfortunately, the end game is very limited. After completing the journey, there is not much to the cult. There are no new challenges or incentives to stay in the game. While the campaign is running, it’s impossible to disconnect from the game, but once the campaign is over, there isn’t much content to unlock.

Everything has a small beginning, including your powerful cult. Source: Rafael Batista.

Exciting and addictive combat

The second interesting element of the worship of the Lamb is play. The gameplay is very similar in style hades or the bond of Isaac. There are four areas, each with specific traps and enemies — each offering mini-bosses unique to the region. The player moves through “rooms” that offer unique resources or challenges until reaching the final level, where he meets a boss.

Of course, like the aforementioned games, the Devolver Digital title has its own roguelike aspect. If you die during an expedition, you will lose the collected resources. However, one thing is important: the difficulty is well balanced. The game offers difficulty modes (easy, normal, hard and very hard) and the default mode is easy.

Get ready for exciting battles. Source: Rafael Batista.

There are a variety of weapons and powers – unlocked by cult loyalty level – and a variety of enemies. Smaller monsters still have modifiers such as releasing poisons, releasing fireballs, and releasing explosions.

The two aspects of the game are highly dependent on each other. Expeditions to collect money and followers increase cult loyalty, and increasing faith frees up more weapons, power, and weapons for expeditions. This mixture is natural and does not tire either side.

Improved operations for management and expeditions. Source: Rafael Batista.

The less, the better

Lately, one of the main faults of games is the introduction of too many mechanics, too many activities, and few of them are essential to the experience. However, everything featured in Worship of the Lamb has a nice payoff—even the secondary quests that provide valuable points for the cult’s happiness.

This game does not mean simple, simple. There are no complex skill trees or multiple markers for you to deal with. Everything is very well done and there is an adventure without the “sausage stuffing”. So 15 hours is enough to complete the story in Normal mode. Platinators take a little longer from 20:00 to 25:00.

Game mechanics are simple and work throughout the experience. Source: Rafael Batista.

Go retro, Satan!

While the title has many advantages, it is not without its disadvantages. In fact, bug reports and technical issues abound – especially for console gamers. During testing, enemies disappeared, the game crashed, and even the screen tilted to the right without explanation.

Massive Monster has already announced that it is working on an update to fix all the bugs Players can contribute with quick error reports. Most bugs don’t ruin the experience, but reaching the end of an expedition and having to restart the game because of a glitch in the game is frustrating.

Maybe an update will come out soon. Source: Rafael Batista.

In addition, the frame rate of the title sometimes suffers. In rooms with lots of enemies, traps and explosions, the FPS drops noticeably, making control a bit more difficult. This won’t happen again, but it can cost players valuable life points.

The Cult of the Lamb: Is It Worth It?

Cult of the Lamb is one of the most exciting indie games of the year. The mix of cute and scary, control gameplay and expeditionary combat, even the connection between the two aspects makes the player addicted to taking care of his cult’s followers to increase his trust level.

Bugs and technical issues should be fixed in the coming days, but it would be interesting to see an update to introduce new features that extend the game’s lifespan, such as Challenge Mode. While the experience is fun and pretty good with all the mechanics, it does feel a little cheesy once the campaign is over.

This is a title that is totally worth the investment. The balanced difficulty appeals to all types of players and the story stands on its own. Expanding the sect’s influence and defeating the heretics, players will discover the satisfaction of leading a dangerous sect – the Cross Faith.

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