The 5 Best Drinking Habits for Your Blood Sugar, Dietitians Say, Eat It, It’s Not

We often think about what we eat for our physical health, but what we drink can be a subtle way to increase calories and extra sugar!

Our calorie intake increases blood sugar rapidly when these parameters are not super balanced. Drinks often lack protein and fiber – two important nutrients that slow down the rise in blood sugar.

When it comes to the drinks you choose, pay attention to these simple habits so you can quickly improve your blood sugar. Keep learning and don’t miss the №1 best juice you drink every day to learn more about how to eat right, says Science.


Coffee alone can increase stress hormones in the body. Stress hormones can increase blood sugar because the body suddenly feels the need for energy due to increased stress.

Without the food that regulates this reaction, your blood sugar may continue to rise – even if you haven’t eaten yet!

nutritionist Catherine Piper RDN LD NBC-HWC “The caffeine in your morning coffee is stimulating and raises blood sugar. A healthy breakfast can slow down how much caffeine is processed in the body. Drinking coffee in the morning after a balanced diet improves blood sugar.”

If you eat a balanced breakfast first and then drink coffee, your body will digest food and absorb fuel. Thus, it no longer presses the body to produce its own fuel in the form of blood sugar.

maple syrup and sugar

Look for ways to hydrate with less added sugars. Many companies have tried to reduce the extra sugar in their products after years of consumer demand for healthy choices.

Some products use monk fruit, stevia, and splenda to give a sugar-free, refreshing taste. You may want to consider making your own hydration options at home with fruits, natural teas and herbs.

Low-sugar brands in many supermarkets include these 25 healthy, low-sugar soda alternatives.

Patricia Wheels MS, RDN suggests checking the sugars in the drinks. “Added sugar provides energy quickly, but it can break down quickly. Choose carbonated or flavored waters and aim to get less than 25 grams of sugar,” he says.

dehydrated woman

High blood sugar leads to dehydration! Registered nutritionist, Bree Bell, RDTo quench your thirst, it is recommended to make it a habit to moisturize regularly throughout the day to help you avoid sugary purchases of sugary drinks.

“You are less likely to suddenly become dehydrated because you can’t go long in between drinking fluids,” he says.

In addition, drinking enough water dilutes blood sugar and naturally lowers high blood glucose.

To stay hydrated, aim to get at least 64 ounces (eight, 8 ounce glasses) per day. If you are active, sweat all day, or spend more time outdoors, consider adding more.

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If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, alcohol alone can lower your blood sugar. However, mixers in alcohol are the real culprit for high blood sugar.

Juices, sodas, and tonics all contain large amounts of sugar. Choose lighter blends, such as baking soda, diet soda, or low-sugar juice, to prevent sugar build-up in your drinks.

Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, LD, warns people at risk of diabetes or high blood sugar to refrain from or limit alcohol consumption if they are taking blood sugar-lowering medications. Alcohol does not mix well with metformin or insulin and can lower blood sugar too low. Instead, enjoy a cocktail or a delicious seltzer juice.

drinking smoothies

If you are consuming calories, consider creating a balanced option to stabilize your blood sugar.

For example, a smoothie made up of protein, healthy fats and fiber will last you much longer than a smoothie made mostly of carbohydrates.

We have provided you with 8 smoothie recipes to control your blood sugar.

Caroline Thomason, RDN

Caroline is a registered nutritionist and diabetes educator in Northern Virginia. Read more

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