Sugar disrupts the microbiome, leading to metabolic diseases and diabetes

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A brand new examine reveals that sugar alters the microbiome and causes the lack of immune cells in mice. HUIZENG HU/Getty Images
  • A brand new examine has discovered that consuming sugar causes the lack of important immune cells in mice.
  • Sugar balances the microbiome away from micro organism that help immune cells in favor of non-beneficial micro organism.
  • The examine authors concluded that there’s a robust hyperlink between the lack of these immune cells and cardiometabolic illness. comparable to diabetes.

Research reveals that an estimated 70% of the immune system resides in the intestine.

Immune cells in the intestine work together with the microbiome—the micro organism and fungi that reside in the intestine—instantly linking food regimen to immune system well being.

Now, a brand new examine on mice seems in the journal cell — discovered that dietary sugar not directly causes the lack of crucial immune cells.

Paul Gill, a researcher in the Department of Microbial Diseases at the Eastman Dental Institute in the UK, who was not concerned in the examine, mentioned. Medical information at this time that ”

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