Street Fighter 6 will be available for PS4 and PS5 in 2023; games, characters, commentators and more

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Street Fighter 6, which opened in today’s game mode, will be released in 2023. Experience a new era of Street Fighter with stylish mechanics to showcase new modes that will recreate your creativity, live characters and combat game experience. Street Fighter 6 is full of content and other ways to play for everyone, whether newcomers to the military community in 1987 or people who have been a part of Street Fighter since its inception in 1987.

In its 35 years of production, the Street Fighter franchise has opened its doors to fans from all over the world with a variety of gaming experiences. Whether it’s arcade mode, online matches, practice mode, local and more (all found in Fighting Ground), we’re adding modes of the previous titles, as well as two new modes called World Tour and Battle Hub for Street Fighter 6. In order to offer an invincible gaming experience.

Classic Street Fighter is made for the modern era

After our preview trailer in February, we improved on a more realistic look of Street Fighter 6. We are proud to announce that this new franchise game is being developed by Capcom’s RE Engine, which was used to create Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil Village. Devil May Cry 5. With RE Engine you will notice improved graphics in all aspects of the game. Sweat beads flow down the skin, tighten muscles, and cherry petals move and rotate as the characters move. Combine this graphic enhancement with bright colors and stunning graffiti contours and the result is a unique art style for Street Fighter 6.

Meet the first characters

And what is Street Fighter, without its characters? Ryu, Chun-Li and Luca are back for Street Fighter 6, all redesigned for this new era. Jamie is a newcomer to the list, and he has added his own style with unexpected punches, known as the drunken fist style, which includes a break-dance and a ki-release drink.

Luke uses his experience as an employee of a private military company to teach mixed martial arts. He spends his days eating junk food, playing video games, and challenging his opponents to a good fight in the old fashioned way. In any case, he always has victory in his hands.

Hit selection:

  • DDT – Overdrive (OD) Flash Knuckle is a powerful throw that will work after the first hit. This is useful if you want to guarantee a little more damage.
  • fatal bullet – Attack with a shock wave after an OD sand explosion to inflict more damage after firing shells.

Jamie is a Chinese peacemaker who wants to follow in the footsteps of the twin dragons Yun and Yang. Expert dancer Jamie puts justice and friendship above all else and defends his city with his martial arts.

Hit selection:

  • The devil inside – Jamie drinks a sip of alcohol, which increases the level of alcohol. Higher levels unlock additional movements.
  • Luminous Dive Kick (Drinking Level 1+) “As he jumps forward, Jamie stretches his legs and quickly steps on the ground.” This is useful for covering a surprise attack or close range.

Ryu continues to train in search of real strength. With good behavior and honesty, he travels the world in search of worthy competitors. After defeating Satsui no Hado, he is now looking for something even bigger.

Hit selection:

  • Hashogeki – Ryu collects kini in the palm of his hand and strikes it as a short shot. Useful after protection and use of combinations.
  • Denjin Charge – Ryu develops special movements such as Hadoken and Hashogeki, and Nothing directs his power to his fists. Because Ryu is vulnerable to this movement, it is important to use it in a timely manner.

Chun-Li is a former agent of Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization). She now takes care of Lee Feng, the victim of the Dark Moon Incident in Street Fighter V. When Shadaloo was defeated, Chun-Li taught kung fu and became a favorite of the local community.

Hit selection:

  • Tensho Kicks “Chun-Li jumps in the air and kicks a few kicks.” This is useful for resisting an opponent’s jumping attack or completing a combination.
  • Serenity Stream – Chun-Li kneels and moves to a stationary military position. In this state, Chun-Li’s normal attack levels change.

A system of struggle that encourages creativity

With each new Street Fighter, we offer the mechanics you can master to get to the top. We offer a carefully managed and feature-packed drive. You can use the Drive Gauge to use five different methods that can easily improve your attack or defense.

Drive Impact – this is a powerful blow, it captures the opponent’s attack and leads to throwing the wall. Use Drive Parry to repel an enemy attack and complete the Drive barDrive Gauge. Eliminate Drive Parry or a regular attack with Drive Rush to get closer to your opponent. Overdrive Arts enhances your unique movements like EX Moves from previous games. Use Drive Reversal to counter-attack and get out of difficult situations. One bar, five machines, endless possibilities. Use your creativity to choose which technique you want to use and when. You have control!

Drive reviews

Modern management style for everyone

For those who find fighting a game too difficult and just want to open their inner boxer, we have a solution in the form of a new version of management style. First, the classic management style can be used by experienced people with a six-level layout. Modern control style is new for Street Fighter 6, it allows easier commands, where you can use a special movement by combining the “Special Scroll” button with the arrow key. This is ideal for new players or those who find classic commands a little difficult. With a modern control style, your characters can use the most stylish (and powerful) attacks with the click of a few buttons. Modern management style is optional, but we encourage new players to try it!

Real-time match comment

Finally, we are pleased to announce a new feature that will add all the excitement of a competitive match, without necessarily being one. These are real time comments. We are working with famous FGC (Fighting Games Community) speakers and other familiar faces to incorporate their voices directly into the game! Enter the match and as the fight continues, their voices will tell you what is happening on the screen like a real tournament. In addition to the added adrenaline, this feature also provides easy game explanations. This will help newcomers to Street Fighter better understand the mechanics that will be used in future fights! For more access, real-time comments will have subtitles in 13 languages. The first amazing narrators involved were Vicious and Aru! We will announce the rest of the actors in the future.

A new world to learn

Let’s talk a little bit about the two main new modes we saw in the last trailer: World Tour and Battle Hub. World Tour is an immersive single player plot mode that pushes the boundaries of the fighting game and allows you to leave your legacy on Street Fighter 6 with your player avatar. While Battle Hub (shown briefly at the end of the trailer) just seems like a space to play online, it offers new and unique ways to participate and communicate. Both regimes need more information in the future, and we cannot wait to discuss them in more detail.

Here we are, “Your moment. Your struggle. ” Whether with new and expanded modes, specific options to enhance your experience, or the capabilities of the Drive system, Street Fighter 6 is the future of the war genre. The game will be available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2023! (Shh, did you see anything on the Battle Hub screen at the end?).

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