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Sonic is celebrating his 31st birthday this week. With a few ups and downs, the protagonist is at this stage of his story: we have both films successful and the last original game, sonic maniaIt was amazing (let’s see if you can Sonic Forces for a while). We need to get it again this year Sonic Frontiers and it is impossible to know its quality without having the game in our hands. But before that, there is another compilation to entertain fans: Sonic Origins.

Sincerely yours, Sonic Origins difficult to analyze. On the one hand, we have classic hedgehog games (Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD the and Sonic 3 & Knuckles) in its best ways. On the other hand, these games are games that we’ve seen reprinted several times before, and the collection itself may be much broader considering the character’s library of titles.

First, let me clarify my comment: games Sonic Origins In addition to celebrating the childhood of several players (including mine), they have great qualities in themselves. However, this is an expensive collection for what is on offer and I am still looking forward to the final collection sonicWith every game possible and imaginable until at least the PS2, GameCube and Xbox generation.

On the other hand, Sonic Origins This is not the “just” port of the original games. Here the collection is commendable.

Sonic Origins

When we started the collection, we had the first novelty: animated scenes. A cute cartoon about all the games will be shown. The opening and closing scenes of all the games in the collection are in the same style, and a connection is established between all of them.

Then we have a really nice 3D menu with elements that include each game (and, surprisingly, no game Sonic Spinball Describes the museum). And surprisingly, the whole menu is localized in Brazilian Portuguese.

Sonic Origins

All games can be played in their Jubilee and Classic modes. The classics are exactly like the Mega Drive, with 4: 3 graphics (square footage) and life. There are no secrets. In Birthday mode we enjoy 16: 9, unlimited life and some adjustments. For example, we have the ability to Drop Dash in each game (press and hold the jump button to land Sonic quickly after jumping) and turn into Super Sonic with the triangular button. If you do not go through the bonus phase to collect emeralds, you can repeat it for a penny.

These coins are collected in the anniversary mode, where life begins. There are more rewards from the new Quest mode. In other words, for those who know the original games, you can check out Mission and Jubilee mode to see new things.

Sonic Origins

There are 15 challenges for each of the games in Mission mode (Sonic 3 & Knuckles is considered a game). Goals like completing a course without destroying enemies or collecting 50 rings as soon as possible – all in a familiar environment, but adapted for missions, so completely new routes. There are also levels that define your business. Also, missions are becoming increasingly complex.

This is a great mode and will definitely bring an air of innovation to the collection. However, because they are short (some difficulties can last less than 30 seconds), this ends up being more of an addition than a longer mode. I think this is a waste of potential. I’m not lying and I hope they release quest DLCs – I wouldn’t complain about more challenges.

Sonic Origins

Another method of collection is the Museum. There are several pictures, music and videos to unlock – play and spend the above coins (they are taken on missions and in anniversary mode). The mode looks very complete with a few different content for the games in the collection. The songs go one step further and offer remixes Super Smash Bros. fist the and Sonic Generationsfor example.

Speaking of songs: yes, sonic 3 has undergone changes. As SEGA warns, the songs played in Carnival Night Zone, IceCap Zone and Launch Base Zone are not similar to Mega Drive. When the title was released for the PC in the 90s, we had different versions of these songs and these are exactly here. Sonic Origins. There are other minor changes like Defeat and Super Sonic, but they’re just like any other arrangement. In the end, this is understandable, but sad, because the originals are much better. It should be noted that this is no music Sonic & Knuckles has changed.

Sonic Origins

Finally, it should be noted that there are still additional modes for each game. In addition to things like Blue Spheres and multiplayer Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Has Boss Challenge and Mirrored employees. As the name suggests, the first is basically making leaders consistent and on time. The second is to play the whole game from right to left. Strange, but surprisingly, it is also innovative.

For those who like to win their time and participate in online rankings, at all stages of the game you can record the times you played them and check everything in the museum’s sub-menu, play and watch again. called ratings.

Sonic Origins Rankings
Dominate the rankings until the game is revealed.

As mentioned, Sonic Origins This is the ultimate collection for games sonic. Almost everything you can do with them is here. There are still small things that can be done, such as knuckles Sonic CD (in this title you can only play with Sonic and Tails), but the developers ’love for these games is amazing.

The only criticism is the price: wait for the promotion. The collection is suitable for those who want to replicate or find out the origin of the hedgehog, but not with the price set, with or without all the additions described above. While the news is happening Sonic 3 & Knuckles ‘remastered’, same 16: 9 versions Sonic 1, 2 the and CD On mobile phones for a long time and for free (with advertising). For things like this, I think the collection can be cheaper or much larger, even if the missing games are not treated properly (16: 9, etc.).

The game was analyzed on PS5 with code provided by SEGA.

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