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with the Elden Ring, black souls, bloody etc, From the program has established itself as one of the main names in the game. The developer was responsible for a whole new section of the industry, including the required level of difficulty, epic battles, and dark and distant worlds.


In the list below, The enemy According to critics, the developer brought a rating of the seven best rated games. Notices are available at Metacritic, it combines analyzes from different regions of the world. In some games, the score is the same and in these cases the number of points is considered a tiebreak.

7. Dark Souls | Note: 89

Responsible for the sanctification of the “live” subgenre, which was the first game in the franchise black souls is a masterpiece. Developing the Demon’s Souls formula to a new level, the game captures the world of meticulous design, challenging enemies and the millions of players responsible for making bosses and the franchise one of the most famous in the game.

From the program

6. Demon’s Souls | Note: 89

If the number of reviews is a little higher, it is next on the list Demon’s Souls. It was with him that Software laid the foundation for unforgettable boss battles, dark worlds, high difficulty and the ability to play online with other players and other players, which will one day become a new sub-genre. Despite its shortcomings, the new method at the time attracted the attention of critics and PS3 gamers. Recently the game received a remake for the PS5 and was rated with it Note 92 On the metacritic. However, it was not included in this ranking because it was developed by Bluepoint Games.

From the program

5. Dark Souls III | Note: 89

Released at a time when the franchise for PS4 and Xbox One is attracting market attention, Dark Souls III is impressive 4047 reviews on site. Installed in the lottery, the world, which is collapsing due to the convergence of different time zones, brings nostalgia to the game, bringing entire stages of the original PS3 and Xbox 360. The highlight of the show focuses mainly on boss fights, some of which are the most memorable. franchise.

From the program

4. Dark Souls II | Note: 91

To the surprise of some players, Dark Souls II Ahead of the rankings with a slightly higher score than the remaining trio. The title has been criticized by fans for its simplest story and most of its boss battles. However, the sequel to The Dark Souls was well received by critics who supported its top rating. While not flawless, Dark Souls II has brought some interesting additions to the formula, such as a variety of enemies and forces, and more repetition with the replacement of enemies in the New Game Plus.

From the program

3. Sekiro: Shadows die twice | Note: 91

The program has been active since its experiment with Japanese settings and themes. RPG mechanics and multiplayer have given way to a dynamic and complex combat system with additions such as the ability to jump and repel enemy attacks. Sekiro A single, complex and immersive adventure consisting of the most punitive and astonishing battles created by the developer.

From the program

2. Bloodborne | Note: 92

bloody Not only from the program, but from the PS4 in general, it is one of the most memorable titles. Bloodborne is a masterpiece that has won over thousands of fans around the world. Focusing more on movement makes battles and exploration more interesting, and even when a player’s abilities are being tested to the maximum, he doesn’t want to leave this world.

From the program

1. Elden Ring | Note: 94

Responsible for expanding the Soulslike genre’s reach to new audiences, Elden Ring is the highest-rated name of the software. The game has been praised by the public and critics, combining the best elements of previous titles: epic battles, helpful challenges, and a wide variety of game adaptations. It all ended with the improvement of the open world formula, which can be explored without hindrance and there is always a challenge or discovery that arouses the player’s interest.

From the program

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