Smallpox in monkeys has increased by a third, with 104 new infections – 11 signs

Another 104 cases of smallpox have been reported in the UK, bringing the total number of infections to 470.

That’s up 28 percent from Friday’s figures – new cases continue to be identified.


Cases in the UK rose by 28 per cent over the weekendCredit: Reuters

If you have new blisters or rashes, Britter encourages you to go to a sexual health clinic, but anyone can get the disease.

There are currently 452 confirmed cases in England, 12 in Scotland, 2 in Northern Ireland and 4 in Wales.

A technical briefing by the UK’s Public Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) on Friday found that most diseases were in London, with 99 per cent of them in men.

The average age of confirmed cases in the UK was 38 years.

Most monkeys in London are men
World Health Organization

The UKHSA acknowledged that “the search for traditional connections is currently a challenge”.

Where gender information was available, 311 of the 314 confirmed cases were men and three were women.

Smallpox is not a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

However, data show that this is the main way the virus spreads.

Health experts say “casual sex” often makes it harder to find contact with new partners.

The UKHSA has urged the British to stay away from their loved ones if the monkey suffers from smallpox under the new rules.

Whenever possible, experts encouraged people to sleep in separate rooms and use separate baths.

If this is not possible, the cases should be kept away from physical contact and at least three steps or one meter away from all members of the household.

In particular, they say, infected people should stay away from pregnant family members, young children and people with weakened immune systems.

This is because anyone in the above groups can get a serious illness.

Other guidelines state that you should keep the laundry separate from other households and should not be in close contact with pets.

Before mixing again after infection, the following should be done:

  • Check that their temperature does not rise for 72 hours
  • Check for any sores
  • Scabs on the hands, face and arms should be removed and a new layer of skin formed
  • Check for new sores within 48 hours
  • Examine the sores in the mouth.

You need to know the signs of monkey smallpox

Experts from the UK’s Health Safety Agency say all Britons should be alert to key signs and symptoms.

Symptoms may include:

  1. trembling
  2. A headache
  3. muscle pain
  4. back pain
  5. chills
  6. to be tired
  7. night sweats
  8. Symptoms of a cold, such as congestion and runny nose
  9. Swollen lymph nodes
  10. tumor
  11. rashes

According to doctors, the complications of the disease are documented as follows:

  • low mood
  • severe pain
  • conjunctivitis

The UKHSA report also states that for the first time, the UKHSA has assessed the epidemic through a system of equalization.

“Currently, England has been identified as Level 2 and we are closely monitoring all Level 3 evidence,” he said.

Level 2 is when “infection within a defined sub-population” occurs, and Level 3 is elevated to a few or more populations.

Level 4 indicates a significant spread of error.

The current epidemic is unusual because the virus is common only in parts of Africa.

But in recent weeks it has spread around the world, and health professionals are studying the main chains of infection.

The main symptoms of smallpox include fever, chills, and muscle aches similar to the flu, followed by smallpox-like rashes.

Baking turns into painful blisters before scabies and is contagious until the scabies subsides.

The UKHSA said that if a person develops rashes and has been in close contact with a person with smallpox for the past three weeks, they should contact a sexual health clinic.

Dr Mira Chand, UKHSA’s Director of Clinical and Emerging Infections, said: “We are working in the UK with our global partners to promote research that needs to help better understand the virus, its prevalence and best use. .

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