Several new Final Fantasy XVI details through interviews with Naoki Yoshida; parties, eikons and others

Several sites, such as Game Informer, IGN (1, 2), the Washington Post, PlayStation.Blog, and Square Enix, published interviews with the producer. Final Fantasy XVINaoki Yoshida.

Below you will find a summary of news from all interviews in general.


  • The game will not be an open world. Final Fantasy XVI Emphasizes area-based design in a similar-sounding way Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it was also considered a pure open world game when it was first announced last year. But, but Final Fantasy While not a traditional open world game, Yoshida AAA requires a lot of inspiration from open world RPG games, but it doesn’t go into any specific details.
  • Yoshida also believes that the story of the game – which is not a happy fairy tale and encompasses the environment, and a much darker Valiste than previous games – has common themes that remind fans of what the series expects.

The main character and the party

  • Clive (the main character controlled by the player) is accompanied by one or more party members. In addition to exchanging pranks with Clive, these partners take part in the war. As mentioned, party members are monitored by AI to allow players to focus only on controlling Clive.
  • Players follow Clive’s life through three stages: his adolescence, in his 20s and 30s.

Acons and the war system

  • Acons (name of Summons) FFXVI) occurs in different situations and repetitions. There is no comprehensive design concept. “Some confront Clive as a formidable enemy, while others become friends and come to Clive’s aid.” “There are times when a player fights other Aikons and controls Aikon in real time. The type and scale of the battle is a bit fluid and varies in real time depending on the battle. is one of the points. [de Final Fantasy XVI]and we’ll let you know more about them in the coming months. “

  • “[Final Fantasy VII Remake] would not have disappeared [Final Fantasy VII original]and influenced those original systems to become Remake. [Final Fantasy XVI]but a completely new game with a completely different concept. Instead of building old war systems, director Hiroshi Takai and war director Riota Suzuki focused on real-time action to take the series in a new direction, ”explains Yosida. “Translating traditional challenge skills into player action and allowing us to replace and chain these skills in real time in battle has not only made us look great, but also created a very good system for playing.”
  • Valistei’s Acons are like weapons of mass destruction in the real world. There is one person in each nation, and they inherit their power according to certain rules. These hosts are called Dominants, and each Dominant can physically change its Acon. When the ether provided by the mother crystals begins to fade and the Valistei peoples fight to get the crystals of their rivals, they try to send their icons against each other on the battlefield. the main plot Final Fantasy XVI Revolves around the dominants and their icons.
Benedict Harman is the dominant Acon in Garuda.
  • “For the war system, we gave the protagonist Clive an arsenal of powerful attacks and abilities based on these traditional challenges. Final Fantasybut we allow him to carry out these attacks in real time, to fight these attacks in real time. [Isso permite] Playing strong combinations and smooth, elegant gameplay looks and feels great.
  • The overall game design of these Eikon and Eikon battles should be unique and we don’t use the same system twice. Each battle is completely unique in its style of play, so we’re doing a little crazy. For example, Aikon and Aikon Battle, if you have Eikon A and Eikon B, it reminds you of Battle 3D Shooter. Another Acon is like a professional fight against another Acon, and even a third Acon turns the whole area into a battlefield against another Acon. And again, we will not reuse these systems and each of the Aikon and Aikon wars is unique and will change with each war. Because of this and because wars are different in nature, the UI must change for each battle. So you will see some differences in the UI between these battles. But we had to cut a lot out of the trailer because it would be the spoilers of the story and we didn’t want that.
Hugo Cup – Acon’s dominance of “Titan”.

Development team

  • Masayosi Soken is the composer of the game. Not all the music is ready, but Soken is the kind of composer who likes to replace parts of the game’s soundtracks with trailers.
  • “The Kingdom Hearts team at Square Enix has been instrumental in contributing to these real-time battles and boss battles,” Yosida said. “You can say that FFXVI’s more battles are to some extent the culmination of the company’s previous experience.”
  • The team, led by war director Ryota Suzuki, ex-Capcom, assisted in the design Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Devil May Cry 5 the and Dragon’s Dogma, According to Yoshida, feels equally confident. The concerns of previous games in the franchise – war animations, war streams and confusing user interfaces – have been simplified by Suzuki’s leadership.

The future

  • Final Fantasy XVI The case is fully played from start to finish, but the sounds in several languages ​​still need to be recorded and since this is a very action-oriented game, it requires a lot of playback testing to adjust the difficulty, giving the final reinforcements to the cut scenes, etc.
  • The third trailer is scheduled for release this spring, which will focus more on the world, cognition and plot.

Final Fantasy XVI Released in the Brazilian winter of 2023 for the PS5.

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