REVIEW – Weird West (2022, Devolver Digital)

Indy is a genius Wolfeye Studioscaused by the best digital returnformed Weird West. Published on March 31, 2022, it came to us in late April and has resonated with this author ever since.

It’s funny that the title perfectly reflects what to expect from the game. Weird West introduces us to the very strange Old West. Interestingly, here we use it to determine how unusual and unexpected the environment of this game is.

Weird West is available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. This review is based on the PC experience using the mouse and keyboard.


Survive and unravel the mysteries of the strange West through the intricate destinies of its extraordinary characters. There is no honor and the the price is.

Discover the dark fantasy of the wild West where lawmakers and gunmen share a border with fantastic creatures.

A journey through the history of an extraordinary group of heroes who became legends with the decisions you made in an unforgiving country.

Each trip is unique and tailored to what you do – a series of high-stakes adventures where everything is important and the world responds to your choices. Create a single detachment or enterprise on the extraterrestrial frontiers of the fascinating West and own each legend.


even before celebrities Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Games) Released in 2010, I’ve already embarked on old western adventures. gun (2005), from neversoft and the Juarez’s invitation (2007), from Ubisoft. However, despite previous experience, I have never seen anything as amazing as Weird West (sorry for the preference). Probably the closest thing was the DLC An immortal dream of game From Rockstar.

However, what we see in this work by Wolfeye Studios is something much more intimate and impressive. The boldness of mixing a supernatural theme in the Wild West with a highly mixed and changing plot is a threat to conservative game developers.

the topic

As problematic as they are in the Wild West, cultists, fantastic creatures, fantastic creatures, and a lot of blood put us in a room with five portraits. Five silhouettes associated with the brand. Each of these figures is a character that we control over the course of the story.

And it is rich in mystery and strange magic in the development of the game. The story often alternates between horror and satire, with a system of decisions that place more emphasis on every step in this vast landscape and the fate of everything in the Weird West world.

play games

Mixing tactical RPG elements with real-time action, Weird West calls for a lot of exploration, despite spatially limited scenarios. But we must not forget that every choice has a price. While the game offers almost unlimited freedom for its maps and scenarios, it adds a time limit on certain occasions and missions. Thus, the sense of urgency intensifies the exploration, usually limited to gathering only what is needed to continue the journey.

With a wide variety of weapons and combat forms, from the most aggressive to the most covert, the game can be played in any way that suits you. The keys and shortcuts to gestures or special abilities are a bit confusing at first, as they are many, but learning is gradual and justifies itself as the game progresses (perhaps playing with a controller can be intuitive).

The game consists of two forms of interaction. One is in the script, the other is on the map.

Scenarios vary between marked and pre-created locations (getting a marker on the map when found) and random meeting scenarios. The latter is formed randomly and procedurally, albeit after a limited base presets for that generation. By the way, there were some from the beginning of my experience to this review spots Update where new versions of this type of meeting appear.

Skill tree, level system and booty

Unlike most RPG games that have an experience system based on defeats or achievements, in Weird West it is more about exploration. It is achieved through level meetings residual moisture and the gold ace. Each affects a tree of different abilities.

When Nimp relics are grouped, they allow you to unlock abilities related to a character (class) or weapon. These only apply to isolated characters, in other words, if we replace the characters, these abilities are not given.

In turn, Golden Ace, or Golden Ace of Swords, serves to unlock passive abilities, such as bending speed, health volume, jump height and other similar characteristics. These, unlike the previous ones, are shared by all the characters.

The variety of products and their quality is huge and can make a big impact on you play games. In this case, both the skills and items Relics or Aces, as well as good weapons or other valuables can be found in the most unusual places of the Weird West. From a box thrown in the middle of the street to the priest’s bedside table in a small village.

The invitation to study was fulfilled.

Weird West art tree art


With a very bold graphic style, Weird West is known for its cartoon features and bright color palette, making it impossible to create amazing combinations. The play of shadows and lighting works (even) play games) Collaborate with a close plot to make the game even more impressive.

In addition, precise size, soundtrack and sound effects are very important to give the game the right sound. Weird West prepares an accurate soundtrack for every moment, swinging a lot between horror and comics. with characteristic elements westernsIt makes us feel like we are not alone, forcing us to walk through the vast deserts with the peace of being alone.


I brought to my review some positive aspects of my experience at Weird West, but I did not bring any negative thoughts. I am far from saying that this did not happen (I will even list a few in sequence), but none of them was large enough to be as relevant as the other points of the analysis.

The fact that another indie game has a good translation into Brazilian Portuguese gives Weird West more points on my list (you know how much that moves me). I say good because one of the exact slips game Some programming problems of idiomatic variations that result in cantilever error responses that occur between descriptive text.

Sometimes I even met him defects artificial intelligence. Did he notice me through the windowless walls as he walked around me, or did he not notice me in the middle of the shooting.

These are very interesting points, but this It’s interesting West, isn’t it? Just kidding. I don’t pass that fabric like that. But these are defects they didn’t interfere much because at first I started using car storage more often and if there was any problem, I would reset it and follow up.

different defects It can be a problem and it lowers my rating for it game. However, the team is rejuvenated, realizing that it is trying to bring updates and optimizations, listen to the community, and keep the game going.

In short, Weird West – this is a game whose quality is above average, and offers a play games at least 15 hours, and you can get there twice as easily if you want to explore the world and its additional missions better.

In terms of value, its full price game ranges from close to R $ 100 on PC versions and between R $ 150 (Xbox) and R $ 200 (PS) on consoles. We must not forget that there are shares at the moment Steam In addition to being available for the game as well Game Pass.

4.5 / 5.0

Watch the trailer for Weird West:

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