REVIEW – ITORAH (2022, Grimbart Tales)

For coverage of the 2022 indie games, we present to you today game ITORAHDeveloped by a German studio Grimbart Tales and also spread to the Germans Assembly Entertainment.

Released on March 21, ITORAH has 2.5D as an action platform. metroidvaniya and with hand-drawn graphics. Its theme appeals to Meso-American culture, which is well reflected in the context and characters.


Discover the world of Nahukan on this 2.5D action platform. You are not the only person in this strange place. Reveal your past, study Nahukan to save him from the greatest danger: the mysterious plague, fight and survive!


Since its publication, ITORAH has won me over and is very concerned about its potential. My expectations have increased with the consumption of content about its production and demonstration. The theme and beautiful graphics with the promise of being metroidvaniyaled to the belief that this would be one of the best Indians of the year.

the topic FROM ITORA

As one of the first and key points, I need to highlight the inspirations for the theme of the game. There are many games based on ancient cultures, but references to the cultures and gods of Latin American peoples are still rare.

Aztec culture is very rich and well reflected in this game, with references to the gods responsible for the underworld at the Nahuatl crossing. Xibalbaas well as places like Tlalokan, which was one of the paradises.

play games

If we judge Itora by the course of the game, it would be a platform that pays little attention to the fight. Despite the emphasis given by history KodaThe mystical hammer, which Itora finds at the beginning of the game, is very comparable to wrestling.

At least in the first two hours of the game, we do not have simple tensions and big difficulties, we do not have a very open approach to the fight. Lack of motivation to fight is also due to his irresponsibility.

With the exception of the well-known white blow, there is almost no sign that the attack has been repulsed or that the enemy has been struck. In addition to the basics, wartime animations do not contribute to this factor.

Metroidvania? Casting? Metroidlite?

despite the visual identification of similarities with Ori and Blind Forestelements metroidvaniya The gifts are very small. The need to return to the ground arises at a very low level, following the line and does not provide much reward for exploration.

Avoid the open line of the game, or assign special abilities updates Interestingly, this game allows you to enter the chest with some crystals that serve as money.

The presence of an indicator on the map that clearly shows where we need to go is also a supporting factor that is quite different from the standard of the genre. In addition, the annoying component can sometimes interfere with understanding and locating the map, as some entry points do not follow the same direction vector.


If there are points against ITORAH, then art is one of the points that keeps the game going. Its hand-drawn graphics create a vibrant environment with beautiful and vibrant colors and rich details.

Representations of Aztec culture are a high point that fills scenarios, cities and characters with symbols and characteristics. Cities have both aristocratic and general structures that reflect architecture, agriculture, and tradition.

The play of shadows and lights deserves an exclusive paragraph, as they capture the most beautiful moments, especially in an area where the sun is highlighted, offering a show of colors and shadows, showing only the silhouettes of the characters.

ITORAH is a German indie studio platform and action game with elements of subway and Mesoamerican themes.

The soundtrack is amazing, full of regional elements that help to deepen and understand the topic. Sound effects, unlike some mechanics, help to respond and make it a little easier to detect sound effects. hitbox.


Finally, I wish I liked it more. ITORAH. It would be great if the indie didn’t go down to the smallest detail. What made me happy was that the developers released an update patch on the day I completed this review.

I tried some of the features that were updated in the patch (you can read what happened to them at this link) and noticed that the developers followed the reviews and comments and tried to improve.

This is a great indicator because ITORAH is still undergoing renovations and shining in places that no longer work. I really admire the indie industry for taking advantage of the ease of being close to the community, not putting themselves on the podium and accepting orders.

They still haven’t managed to fix everything that sometimes tires out the game, but the latest effort has managed to take steps in that direction and even improve my impression of the game.

3.1 / 5.0

Itora is available for PC.

Watch the ITORAH trailer:

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