Remember the 13 series born on the PlayStation

The first PlayStation wasn’t just responsible for starting Sony’s line of consoles. In the process, it served as the cradle for the birth of several series that are still successful today, and it is these games that will be discussed next.

This is special voxelwe’ll look at some titles that were born on the PSone end (although one or the other was a multi-platform project) and we invite you to use our social networks to remember more names that are not included in the list below.

1. Tomb Raider

Many may not remember, but Lara Croft’s saga began on the first PlayStation. It was only a matter of time before the game gained popularity, especially considering that it brings a female character to participate in all the action seen here.

two. twisted metal

An exclusive saga for the PlayStation family twisted metal The first PlayStation has already won several fans. The idea here is to pit players against vehicles in indoor arenas, and each vehicle has its own weapons and features to provide different combat capabilities.

3. the resident evil

Capcom decided to do something a little different at launch the resident evil First on the PlayStation, and the offer worked very well. Investigating a mansion covered in zombies with various threats at every turn, limited ammunition and other elements that are popular with the public have made it one of the biggest classics of the platform and a success to this day.

4. Crash Bandicoot

If only Nintendo had Mario and Sega sonicWe can say that he was the main mascot of the first PlayStation Crash Bandicoot. This title caught the attention of the public not only because of its fun, but because of the charisma of the main character and the fact that it brings an adventure that pleases both experienced players and those looking for a game with a little more fun.

5. Spyro the Dragon

Still on the trail of “cute mascots”, Spyro the Dragon Another successful series first brought to life on the PlayStation. The offer here also included jumping and exploring scenarios in search of various items and secrets, a combination that continued the series on other platforms that appeared later.

6. Grand theft auto

One of Rockstar’s biggest hits comes to life on the home console of the PlayStation family. Granted, it lacked all of the latest titles, but still its gameplay of stealing cars, taking on various missions in an open world, and evading the police when things go wrong helped build a fan base for it. a franchise that continues to this day.

7. tenchu

When the first PlayStation hit stores, ninja games weren’t new to the market. Nevertheless, tenchu It brought something a little different to this universe as it included a lot of stealth action and a number of moves and resources to take down the various targets found on this journey through Japan.

8. silent hill

Fans of the horror game certainly found a full plate on the original PlayStation. There was another title that was very popular on the platform silent hillit’s the variety of enemies that have always brought a bit of a heavy aura to the game and fill many players’ worst dreams to this day.

9. Suikoden

Among the many RPGs released for the PlayStation, Suikoden perhaps one of the most iconic of Sony’s first console lineage. Unfortunately, it didn’t have much of a chance to make it to the PlayStation 3, but it deserves to be highlighted on this list for its history and battles that have made many players pour hours and hours into its content.

10. Man

Let’s add another RPG series to this list – remember the game where you interact with demons and travel to a completely different world where your characters are other people? It is not for nothing that the series is active to this day and conquers more and more fans.

11. Gran Turismo

Here’s another title featuring cars for the first PlayStation. In his debut game, Gran Turismo has brought a lot of content for speed lovers, proving with each game that the community is interested in new opportunities and is ready to go on different paths.

12. Medal of Honor

The War franchise was created as a project by Electronic Arts in collaboration with Steven Spielberg and it worked very well. The story presented to players, combined with good gameplay and a flawless soundtrack, made the game a success – and, of course, led the company to compete on more titles later.

13. castlevania (in your new formula)

“Aff, and since when castlevania Born on PlayStation,” you can imagine. In fact, the series has already appeared on other platforms, but not with exploration on an open map and mixing various RPG elements. This is polite Castlevania: Symphony of the Nightit opened new doors for the franchise and became an absolute classic.

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