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Anyway, we are going to the ninth generation of Pokemon. After some “hot” reactions from the general public at the arrival stage of Sword & Shield, we get a completely new look from Scarlet & Violet. Check out what’s changed here and let us know what you think in the comments!

Please note that this post will be updated over time. It’s also good to add that some images are at maximum resolution, but as soon as possible, they will be replaced with quality versions. External use and sharing is free.


The first change observed here nemona, your new competitor. Interestingly, the color of her skin and eyes look the same as her “rival” Hop in Sword & Shield. Nonetheless, the key change here is (and will be repeated throughout the game) A new feature of 3D modelshad a complete change.


The next change to note is that Overworld is on the edge of games. At Sword & Shield, we were able to anticipate what the “open world” interaction in the franchise would look like. I’m quoting, because we’re only talking about the small space between areas. However, SV introduces innovations and ultimately brings what is dreamed, desired and expected open world actually in Pokemon history. And with HD trees.

Animation drawing

Shooting animation is our next topic to be discussed here. We have always had a classic look at the new Pokemon. But over time, that is likely to change. At SwSh, we have a little “synthetic” Poké Ball. And SV brings innovations in lighting and brings a real sense of the material The launch trajectory is – finally – a straight target (and, as in all previous versions, not in the form of a prayer).

Player’s House

The player’s home is another element that always appears in the franchise. Before the transition to 3D, we only had one sprite In general, similar to other houses in his hometown. From the 6th generation onwards, the player’s home was increasingly cared for and developed. Gradually, SV follows the “tradition” and gives us what it should be the largest (and brightest) house of the protagonist built to date.

Player room

Inside the house, we all start: the player’s bedroom. It is there that we first learn about our environment and the first steps in our journey. Interestingly, the SV room looks a bit “simpler” compared to the SwSh room, but still some notable similarities between the two.

Teachers’ House / Laboratory *

The asterisk in the picture indicates uncertainty. We know that the house doesn’t necessarily belong to the protagonist, but it’s not a gym, a league facility, or anything like that. Interestingly, it looks like some kind laboratory For teachers in the area (or maybe their home)? In any case, there are some similarities with the House of Magnolia in the SwSH – albeit very secretive. We are waiting for the news.

war interface

The new war UI is also the moment of another major change that has already been observed. Innovatively (and reminiscent of Legends: Arceus), the new layout is the first in a major series The power indicator on the opposite Pokemon. The movement icons have also been updated and the command bar will now be vertical for the first time in the history of the main series.

pokemon center

Here we have the Pokemon Center for the new area. For the first time in the (again) series, out of the Victorian style of the galas, we will have a ‘doorless’ center. Almost everywhere, you can stop by the centers gas station to return your team, Fill the legendary tankbuy new things or buy other new features that are not yet open.


In the end, something a priori sounds pointless. But yes, it should be included here. The public sector responsible for assessing the quality of Pokémon stems needs to be patiently analyzed.

The Burning Time

In any case, if something is repeated here, it is certainly never seen before in Pokemon. This is an almost permanent turning point of the franchise. Then there is no exaggeration reaction Transparency in innovation presented in SwSh and Legends, it is difficult to go back. Of course, this does not mean that it is good or bad, if it is just a matter of taste. But if there is a consensus here, it will never be the same.

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