PlayStation gets 6 new indie games in August; let him know which one

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During the month of August, PlayStation consoles will receive six indie titles across multiple genres; Distributor Devolver Digital is highlighting two games released this month.

Below, see the details of the indie games coming to PlayStation consoles this month, with information from the developers:

Indie games coming to PlayStation:


Release date: August 4 | Powered by: Passion Republic Games | Consoles: PS4, PS5

Plot: A new multiplayer arena brawler for PS4 and PS5 where bigger is better. Humanity has gone horribly wrong when they discover an ancient forbidden technology that causes giant monsters to appear all over the world. These monsters want to fight and celebrate the only way they know how: to cause mass destruction.

Cult of the Lamb

Release date: August 11 | Powered by: Devolver Digital | PS4, PS5

Plot: This darkly comic action/adventure/strategy game from Massive Monster features a sheep traveling through fear in search of dangerous converts. As you spread the message, you have to face various threats, both from the environment and from rival religious leaders. Gather your disciples, build houses of faith, preach, perform rituals and do not show mercy to the false prophets who pollute the minds and hearts of the people.


Release date: August 30 | Powered by: Devolver Digital | PS5

Plot: In the newest game from Daniel Mullins Games, your life is held hostage in a strange and dangerous card game mode. Trapped in a cabin, not knowing who you are or how you got there, playing a card game, you find yourself at the mercy of Leshi, a mysterious creature who offers you salvation. With the help of some friendly animal cards, you must build decks and find a way to escape to win this brutal game.

roller rink

Release date: August 16 | Powered by: Private Division | PS4, PS5

Plot: In a dark, retro-dystopian future, the world’s population needs a distraction from the social and political issues surrounding them, so they turn to the most talked-about sport of 2030: rollerblading. Get ready for an intense, fast-paced battle of wits, weapons and style as you skate by Rollerdrome superstar Kara Hassan. Learn how to impress the crowd with your maneuvers as you evade armed enemies and return fire with your personal arsenal. Use PS5 features like 3D sound and tactical feedback to enhance your combat skills.

Curse golf

Release date: August 18, 2022 | Powered by: Thunderful Games | PS4, PS5

Plot: In Chuhai Labs’ Cursed to Golf, you can travel to your own 18-hole Golf purgatory… without dying in real life! Cute and creepy 2D pixelated visuals guide you through procedurally generated hellholes filled with all kinds of strange threats. Use Ace cards from the haunted golf shop, Eterni-tee, to give your photos a supernatural boost and befriend the spirit of legendary porters.

I was a teenage exocolonist

Release date: August 25, 2022 | Powered by: Finji | PS4, PS5

Plot: An anti-genre hybrid of RPG, strategy game, visual novel, and card game, set in a distant sci-fi future. In the beautifully illustrated alien world of Vertumna, you try to navigate all the ups and downs of your teenage years. It does this through a unique system of collectible cards: your card choices affect your friendships, skills you learn, jobs, and even your first love. How will the decisions you make affect your life as an adult? With 30 possible endings and 800 stories, this will make you want to relive your teenage years over and over again.

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