Painless Tattoos Developed – Simple, DIY Microneedling Tattoos

Microneedle patch tattoos are pressed into the pores and skin. Credit: Georgia Tech

Scientists have developed a painless tattoo that may be achieved by yourself

Instead of sitting in a tattoo chair for hours, think about getting a painless tattoo with a pores and skin patch with microscopic needles. Researchers on the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) have developed low-cost, painless and cold tattoos that you are able to do your self. They have many functions, from medical warnings to neutered animal management and cosmetics.

“We shrunk the needle in a means that was painless, however nonetheless successfully delivered tattoo ink to the pores and skin,” stated Mark Prausnitz, the paper’s lead researcher. “This could possibly be a means not solely to make medical tattooing extra inexpensive, but in addition to create new alternatives for beauty tattooing due to the benefit of administration.”

Prausnitz launched his findings within the journal iScience Sept. 14, with co-writer Song Lee, a former Georgia Tech postdoctoral fellow. Prausnitz is a Regents professor and J. Head of Department on the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

Tattoos are utilized in medication for a number of functions. These embrace overlaying scars, treating most cancers with repeated radiation, or reconstructing the breast after breast surgical procedure. Tattoos can be utilized as a substitute of bracelets as a medical alert to point severe medical situations equivalent to epilepsy, diabetes or allergic reactions.

Microneedle Tattoo

Magnified view of micro needle patch with inexperienced tattoo ink. Credit: Georgia Tech

A wide range of beauty merchandise utilizing micro-needles are already available on the market – largely anti-getting old. But the event of micro-needle know-how for tattooing is new. Prausnitz is a veteran on this space. For years, he has been researching microneedle patches to painlessly inject medication and vaccines into the pores and skin with out the necessity for needles.

“We noticed this as a possibility to make use of our work on microneedling know-how to make tattooing extra accessible,” Prausnitz stated. “While some persons are prepared to just accept the ache and time required for a tattoo, we thought that others may choose a tattoo that’s pressed into the pores and skin and is painless.”

Transforming Tattoo

Tattoo artists usually use massive needles to pierce the pores and skin repeatedly to get a superb picture. It is a time-consuming and painful course of. A Georgia Tech staff has developed microneedles which are smaller than a grain of sand and fabricated from tattoo ink embedded in a soluble matrix.

“Because the micro-needles are constructed from tattoo ink, they’re very environment friendly at delivering the ink to the pores and skin,” stated lead research writer Lee.

In this fashion, the micro-needles are pressed into the pores and skin solely as soon as after which dissolve. They depart the ink on blood-free pores and skin after a couple of minutes.

Tattooing strategies

While most microneedle patches for prescribed drugs or cosmetics have dozens or a whole lot of microneedles organized in a sq. or round sample, microneedle patch tattoos print designs that embrace letters, numbers, symbols, and pictures. By inserting the micro needles in a particular sample, every micro needle acts like a pixel to create a tattoo picture of any form or sample.

Researchers begin with a mould containing microneedles in a sample that creates a picture. They fill micro-needles within the mould with tattoo ink and add a patch backing for snug dealing with. The ensuing patch is then utilized to the pores and skin for a couple of minutes, throughout which period the micro-needles soften and launch the tattoo ink. Different colours of tattoo ink could be added to the microneedles, together with a black-and-white ink that may solely be seen beneath ultraviolet gentle.

Mark Prausnitz Microneedle Patch Tattoo

Micro needle patch tattoos are credited to inventor Mark Prausnitz. Credit: Georgia Tech

Prausnitz’s lab had been researching microneedles for vaccine supply for years, and realized that they may equally nicely be utilized in tattoos. With help from the Feline and Canine Contraception Alliance, Prausnitz’s staff started engaged on tattoos to determine spayed and neutered pets, however then realized the know-how would additionally work for people.

Tattoos are additionally designed with privateness in thoughts. Developers have even created patches which are delicate to environmental elements equivalent to gentle or temperature modifications, the place the tattoo solely seems with UV rays or increased temperatures. This gives sufferers with privateness, revealing the tattoo solely when desired.

Research reveals that tattoos can final at the very least a yr and could be everlasting. This additionally makes them viable beauty choices for individuals who need an aesthetic tattoo with out the chance of an infection or ache related to conventional tattoos. Microneedle tattoos could be loaded with non permanent tattoo ink to handle brief-time period medical and beauty wants.

Microneedle patch tattoos may also be used to encode data on animal pores and skin. Instead of ear cropping or ear tagging, a painless and discreet tattoo can be utilized on animals to point their sterilization standing.

“The aim is not to exchange all tattoos, that are largely magnificence therapies achieved by tattoo artists,” Prausnitz stated. “Our aim is to create new alternatives for sufferers, pets and individuals who desire a painless tattoo that is simple to do.”

Reference: Song Li, Youngeun Kim, Joong Woo Lee, and Mark R. “Microneedle Patch Tattoo” by Prausnitz on Sep 14, 2022 iScience.
DOI: 10.1016/j.isci.2022.105014

Prausnitz based Micron Biomedical, an organization that’s growing microneedle patch know-how, taking it to additional trials, commercialization and in the end making it clinically out there to sufferers.

Prausnitz and a number of other different Georgia Tech researchers are the inventors of the microneedle patch know-how used on this research and personal Micron Biomedical. They are entitled to obtain royalties from Micron Biomedical’s future gross sales of analysis-associated merchandise. These potential conflicts of curiosity are disclosed and monitored by the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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