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From 1965 to 1971, CBS aired a sitcom Green Acres. The show’s main character, Oliver Wendell Douglas, was a lawyer in New York who bought a farm and years before zeitgeist, went back to the ground. In Hooterville, his adopted home, Oliver wears a three-piece suit while driving his tractor and is surrounded by hicks, hackers, and crooked bureaucrats. The show depicts this simple romantic’s daily encounters with sleazy locals and his naive, Hungarian immigrant, mismatched charming, reluctant farm wife Lisa, who is also a very poor cook. Each interaction ends with Oliver getting angry at the funny words or behavior of the people in his new environment.

I remember this surrealist show being so funny. It’s often funny to see other people wise up.

But living through Coronamania me at wit’s end. I wasn’t afraid of The Ro for a minute. Over time, having developed some working knowledge of Biology, Systems Ecology, and human health, and a distrust of the media and government, the viral threat was too much for me from day 1.

One afternoon in February 2020, I felt a little funny, went to bed, and then had a dry cough for no other reason for a week. At that point I might test positive for 40 cycles of PCR for Covid. But then, so did the tangerines.

I have never directly known anyone who has died from Covid. Out of hundreds of people I know, only five have known a Covid-19 death; Every visible victim was very old and/or in poor health. This is reflected in anecdotal evidence clear, and is not a biologically surprising, statistical trend that has been largely ignored by the media. The public has also lost sight of a clear demographic risk profile for Covid.

Nothing happened in March 2020 or in the 28 months that followed that made me reconsider my initial understanding that the virus posed functionally zero risk to healthy people under 70 years of age. Even the vast majority of the elderly, overweight, or immunocompromised. Deranged people can survive a virus that has been portrayed in media history and that many people, including Trump, mistakenly believe to be “The Plague.”

It later became known, but largely underreported, that many of the Covid deaths were falsely attributed to Covid, due to the CARES Act’s corrupt financial incentives to hospitals; Treatment protocols resulted in many deaths; and because it is cheaper, alternative early treatment or self-care has produced better results than the protocols often used by hospitals.

From the beginning, I foresaw the enormous economic, social, and psychological costs of closing society. I have experienced some of those consequences firsthand: boredom, lost life experiences, and lost savings, through inflation driven by federal spending. Many, especially the young people I know, have suffered much more than I have. It was clear that the public health benefits of locking down, masking, testing and getting lots of boos did not justify the human costs. On February 2, 2022, a Johns Hopkins study conclusively confirmed this hypothesis.

However, for me and others, the hardest part of the last 28 months has been being surrounded by so many people who are far from the truth. For 28 months I’ve felt like Oliver Wendell Douglas in Hooterville. No laughter. Can we discuss further The gods must be mad. But I’m no joker, we knew there were a lot of people around.

And bad information to boot. So many people have overestimated the danger of the coronavirus. Forty-one percent of Democrats thought more than 50% of those infected were hospitalized, while another 28% of Democrats thought the figure was between 20% and 49%. The actual number was between 1-5%. 28 percent of Democrats polled believed that 10 percent of those infected had died; 30% infected and died. The actual infection fatality rate was less than 1%. Another poll found that many Democrats, including some I know, believed the virus had killed 10% of all Americans. i.e, 33 million people. Think briefly about what that would be like.

The deceiver greatly overestimated the ability of humans to stop the transmission of the virus. And they knew nothing about the statistical fraud used on death tolls, case numbers, and vaxx results. The benefits of injections are over-hyped, but the harms of injections are hidden. The resulting data shows the gaps raise, not lower risk of infection and death. Despite all the previous hype and support for shots and mandates, the long-term “vaccine” safety picture is likely to look very grim.

I am deeply saddened by such widespread timidity, fear, gullibility, dishonesty and cynicism. It constantly came from all sides: government, television, newspapers, radio, Net, Pharma, people on the street, neighbors, college students, employers, friends and family, but fortunately with some exceptions, like me. my wife, two brothers, two in-laws, two cousins, and the smart but “ignorant” Mexican immigrants I work with. And unlike seeing Green Acres, After half an hour I couldn’t turn off the madness around me. Shortly after seeing the first wave of scaremongering, I deleted all major sources of (current) misinformation. But I definitely had to deal with a lot of irrational fears.

in place of Green Acres the lovable stupidity of the characters, the people I criticized for my Coronamania responded with a misplaced, often angry, belief that it was a terrible crisis that threatened everyone, caused by the unmasked and perpetuated by the non-vaxxers. People with the least factual knowledge were the biggest supporters of the Covid intervention.

Like you said, I’ve heard people anxiously say voices they’ve learned from media, like:

“We’re all in this together!”

“It’s a new virus!”

“We are living in history!”

“This is serious. My friend’s (87-year-old) father-in-law died from it!”

“I’m ‘flattening the curve’/following CDC protocols to stop the spread!”

“If only he could save one life!”

“When you cross my state, I won’t meet you out for dinner because you’re from New Jersey and the infections are ‘on the rise.'” (People). lover that word; it sounded scientifically sophisticated, up-to-date and scary).

“Why should I listen to you? You are not a medical doctor!”

Later, dozens of people, including three doctors who publicly disclosed their titles, assured me that the shots were “really good!”, “safe and effective,” “a technological marvel,” and that “they’ll make it all go away, and everyone should get them.” needed’ and those who refused injections were ‘selfish and a danger to others’.


A HILARIOUS kind of bullshit.

You have millions of vegetables at home and even food delivery. Even after getting their staunch “vaxxes,” they wore masks when they were alone or driving.

For 28 months, day after day, week after week, month after month, I called people’s shibboleth and parroted: “Pandemic!” I heard the mantra. Invoking this magic word is intended to justify any disruption of normal life, to excuse a wide range of personal responsibilities, and to negate any reasonable arguments/arguments that support the conclusion that there was an orchestrated, opportunistic overreaction to a respiratory virus. a complete, avoidable, government- and media-induced meltdown.

I saw all the dogmas of Pandemanium as a lesson. Time proved me right; The statements that caused to kick me off the platform turned out to be undisputedly true. After 18 months of Vaxx fascism, hackers like Fauci and Birks have finally admitted that they won’t stop the spread of vaxxers. The White House has now acknowledged what I and many others said in March 2020: that widespread infection cannot be prevented.

Now what do they admit?

Over the past 28 months, most people I’ve come in contact with have believed the lies of Corona “experts” more than anything else. It was pathetic and crazy.

It’s amazing that after all this time and the whole lockdown/mask/testing/massive failure, some of the brainwashed still cling to the notion that a respiratory virus that almost everyone survives remains a serious threat and that everyone should mask, test and vaccinate. up. Even those who delay harmful interventions, who realize the folly of these, do not admit that their fears are groundless and too great.

I’d rather have some natural disaster hit my area than endure an epic episode of mass psychosis. Of course, unlike Covid, a natural disaster would kill very important people. I would hate to do that. A natural disaster can disrupt communities and people’s lives, costing individuals and society many resources. But combining the worst hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and wildfires in the U.S. would be far less disruptive than an anthropogenic overreaction to a common cold infection.

At least the occurrence and effects of a heat wave/drought (which we’re having now and which has crippled my efforts to grow food on my parched land, previously Green, acres), an earthquake or hurricane cannot be objectively denied and avoided. I could understand and share the pain and fear of others and respect their decision. I didn’t expect to be able to verbally communicate with them and confirm the panic and go along with ever-changing ridiculous “relief” measures.

Doing things like handing out food and water and rebuilding flattened buildings would make more sense than trying and searching. Who invented and funded the $70-plus billion trial and other CARES Act political plums? How many people could have been fed and housed with the trillions wasted on “Covid relief”?

Unlike coronamania, the damage from natural disasters would be limited in geographic scope and duration. Instead of feeling alienated from others based on Covid, experiencing a natural disaster together would inspire a sense of solidarity with my fellow citizens. (I grew up in a neighborhood that was often flooded; families used boats and muddy streets). I could not be more pessimistic about our collective future than I have been in the past 28 months.

From day 1, everything felt like a PsyOp against sane and scared people to me. Those who did it broke a lot of people.

But the Hootervillians could not break Oliver Wendell Douglas. And the Koronamanians will not break me.

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