New Street Fighter 6 details: World tour mode size, Jamie and others

Japan’s IGN website interviews Kapkom’s Takayuki Nakayama and Shuhei Matsumoto Street Fighter 6 revealed.

See all information below, translated by ResetEra user Scotia:

  • Development of the Street Fighter 6 game began in 2018. Nakayama (then head of SFV) created a 92-page guide for what he thought was SF6, which included FIGHTING GROUND, BATTLE HUB, and WORLD TOUR.
  • Nakayama said that while things in those offerings have changed significantly over the mid-development period, SF6’s 92-page booklet has remained unchanged since it was created in 2018 and still includes what he calls the three pillars of the game; Fighting Ground, Battle Hub and World Tour modes.
  • With the Drive System, they started with the idea of ​​facilitating strong movements and defenses using the Drive Meter. Various aspects of the drive system have been noted to be similar to the systems and mechanics of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III, but Nakayama said the goal is not to incorporate elements from previous titles.
  • Jamie was born before SF6 because he wasn’t a Mas Fist character in the series. As he was still young, Nakayama wanted to add modern culture to him, making Jamie a break dancer and making him Luke’s rival.
  • The drink in Jamie’s jar is called Yakuyu, which is more like medicinal tea than alcohol. Matsumoto called it a “special drink” and everyone in the room laughed.
  • As for the current Street Fighter characters, they try to make adjustments to the whole game and preserve the good qualities of each character. Nakayama uses Ryu’s Neriki V-Trigger model to restart the SF5, but with a different command.
  • They thought of the World Tour mode not as an additional mode, but as a meaningful game. They feel the same way about Fighting Ground and Battle Hub and seem to be making three games instead of one, which was a problem for the developers.
  • According to Matsumoto, he had no intention of describing the American country, in particular the World Tour regime and its focus on Metro City; “I don’t think street culture has anything to do with countries, so I don’t know that at all.”
  • Nakayama slips and shows that Metro City is indeed the first stage of the World Tour regime. The interviewer notices and looks for additional comments from Nakayama; “Well, it’s a TOUR OF THE WORLD. I can’t say for sure yet, but I hope you’re looking forward to hearing more about it. Our goal is to travel the world and create an experience that can be powerful.”
  • The interviewer refers to Ryu’s old words; “I’ll meet someone stronger than me” and the World Tour mode feels that will happen.
  • As Matsumoto points out, Luke’s remarks at the beginning of the State of Play trailer; “There may be no end to the journey to find out what power is” also describes the adventure of the World Tour regime.
  • “There are a lot of tough boxers and ordinary boxers out there, but there are also people who like Street Fighter worldview and characters. It would be nice if you could imagine a way to reach them. “- Matsumoto
  • After Matsumoto said this; The interviewer recalls his favorite game Shenmue and notes that with World Tour mode, Shenmue has something in common that comes from the popular fighting games (Virtua Fighter for Shenmue).
  • Although the interviewer was reluctant to compare the new work to something as well-known as Shenmue’s, Nakayama’s first words when he saw it were to test the World Tour mode because he knew he loved Shenmue.
  • When asked if Shenmue had influenced them, Nakayama laughed and said he had to get in the car. The interviewer confirms that there is no escape car in the World Tour mode.
  • “We’re not just a fighting game, we’re making a Street Fighter game” – Nakayama on the World Tour.
  • According to Matsumoto, when they started discussing the worldview of Street Fighter, they started discussing hip-hop, urban tastes and graffiti art.
  • “The game’s interface and direction use objects that go well with Street Fighter, as hip-hop and graffiti style tastes like Street Fighter 1 and 3rd Strike” – Nakayama
  • Interviewer Nakyama believes that the above statement shows that the World Tour mode (also SF6) has expanded from the 3rd Strike starting point and is consistent with the story of the series. And like 3rd Strike, SF6 and World Tour also play the role of a character other than Ryu.
  • Although Luke 6 is claimed to be the protagonist, players seem to be able to create their own avatars for use in world tour mode. Nakayama doesn’t fully confirm this, but says, “There is a story to be told, and I think if you follow it, you will find your own values ​​and ways to enjoy them.”
  • Nakayama also did not confirm that Street Fighter protagonists will appear in World Tour mode, but the interviewer thinks they will give Nakayama previous comments (“well, we’re doing Street Fighter”).
  • The interviewer then flew to Japan on a World Tour, where Ryu and E.S. He is excited about the idea of ​​fighting Honda and then flying to China to fight Chun-Li and Fei Long. He also thinks about going to Suzaku Castle or taking a bath and going to the sumo ring.
  • But the interviewer wonders if the scale of the game is growing by the minute, and since Fighting Ground and Battle Hub are each their own game, they are becoming very ambitious.
  • Matsumoto disagrees; “When we make a fighting game, we’re trying to make a new Street Fighter game, so we need something like this. We want to reach, so we need it. ‘
  • Nakayama adds: “We have been saying this for a long time. Sure, there were concerns, but the team continued to work as one: “It really needs to expand the combat base of the new Street Fighter and the games and make them able to play for all types once again. The players’ tireless efforts to maintain this ambition. His work and creativity have made it even better. “
  • Nakayama says of the development team for SF6: “All the members of the development team were enthusiastic and sincere and they came up with new ideas and suggestions to make the game more interesting every day, so the features and modes kept getting better.”
  • He also says that he has never had such a positive development system in his career and is eager to give everyone a new Street Fighter experience, even if it is difficult.
  • Matsumoto says everyone is working hard on the game and wants to release new information gradually.
  • The interviewer already felt that SF6 was an ambitious project from the Play of State trailer, but after this interview, they began to realize that they had unimaginable projects in the works. They are throwing their hats at Capcom for giving them the freedom to implement such a project and create a new Street Fighter game as soon as possible.
  • Last quote from Matsumoto; “I think we should do it now, not for 6, but for what lies ahead. I don’t want to see the Street Fighter brand disappear, so the biggest thing is that I want to try my best now. ”

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