Modifications that make Pokemon a better game

Released in 1996 for the Game Boy franchise pokemon has become one of the most successful people not only in the gaming industry but in the entertainment industry as a whole. What not everyone knows, until a good part of its development, that game may be completely different from what we get.

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Another great mini-documentary, DidYouKnowGaming? Explore the past series of the most beloved little monsters and gather interesting information about its production. Among them is the idea of ​​the first name, rather than the two versions (Red and Green) that appeared in stores.

According to programmer Takenori Oota, the variations would be related to the identification we received when we first started the campaign. pokemon, A randomly generated Trainer ID that will go up to 65,535. If the concept came to fruition, the monsters we encountered along the way, and even the scenarios, would change depending on the number we use.

However, even with the random identifiers stored in the latest version, it has little effect on the experience and, as explained by Satoshi Tajiri, the game’s studio founder, Grame Freak, the modification came after a very important human suggestion. :

“[…] We randomly assign automatically generated ID numbers from 1 to 65K on each game cartridge. When the ID of the cartridges was determined, the Pokemon caught in these games would carry this number and it was unlikely that anyone would be able to trade with the same ID if they were not trading with another 65,000 other people.

The shape of the forest, the Pokemon that will appear, I wanted to make a game that was different for everyone, but it was hard. So I consulted with Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and decided to make it dependent on color – red or green – so that the world would be parallel but different. “

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However, the idea of ​​making each game (practically) unique may seem tempting, but Tajiri acknowledged that it is not easy to explain this concept to the player, and this has led to Miyamoto’s sensitivity. For Marion’s creator, people had to be able to distinguish one game from another by color or format, which made them pokemon red the and pokemon green – as such blue A few months later he was released in Japan and replaced Green In the United States.

With each version featuring unique little monsters, Game Freak has become one of the mainstays of the series, and has encouraged people to buy a cable that allows them to connect two Game Boys. The cable also made another feature, initially unexpected, possible for many players.

Although Satoshi Tajiri wanted to allow the fight between the players, producer Shigeki Morimoto has long been reluctant to accept it. For him, in addition to what the multiplayer did not consider interesting, there was a risk that it would be very difficult to implement. So he did what many project leaders would do: he pretended not to listen and ignored the request.

The situation will change only when Nintendo itself demands the implementation of battles between players. However, as it was time to develop, the team created a very simple version of the multi-player, where the battles were automatic and the players could only see them. There is no way to influence the fights, the results are coincidental, and the idea did not go well.

“We showed it to Nintendo and we called it‘ boring ’in a survey,” Morimoto said. “I’m sure they’re right, but we’re close to the deadline, trying to add the battles that the players ordered.”

Credit: Playback / Ace of Sevens / MobyGames

This is at least the first part of the series if the course changes are not implemented pokemon It’s hard to know if it would have been so different and if it had been so successful. Now imagine not hunting small monsters, they are available in stores or can be purchased from other players. Yes, it could.

Although the latest version can be purchased in one form or another, Tajiri said there was a perception that people were choosing to save money on the game instead of exploring the world when people tried to give up the game, which was the main offer. To catch Pokémon. and thus increase your collection. They even considered charging a virtual fee for each exchange between players, but due to hardware limitations, they decided to cancel this feature.

With more than 440 million copies sold, these ideas may seem far-fetched today, but we must take into account that at that time the people of Game Freak were still exploring an unknown area. when the first pokemon Released, there was nothing like it on the market, so it’s surprising that the studio didn’t make a serious mistake.

Part of this, of course, is due to the help of figures like Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto, as well as the talent of those who are directly involved in the project. The rest is history.

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