Meet blumenauense who work for some of the largest gaming companies in the world

Jonathan Coppie from Blumenau, who has been interested in painting since childhood, has won vacancies at some of the world’s largest gaming companies. Although there was no existing territory in the region, he abandoned the firm he had founded in Blumenau and made every effort to realize his dream.

Jonathan, who now lives in Valencia, Spain, has been involved in art since he was a child. Now 33, she remembers spending most of her day with paper and pencil at art classes at the Fundação Cultural de Blumenau.

“My mom used to joke that my favorite day for painting was Friday, because she was cleaning the house at that time. At the same time, I threw rubber chips on the floor because I spent hours painting. When I didn’t take pictures, I played ball. I preferred it to playing video games, ”he said.

Photo by Jonathan in 1999. | Photo: Personal archive

So Jonathan planned to work on creating an agency and graduated from Unisociesc with a degree in Advertising. However, during the lesson he got acquainted with the 3D illustration and realized that this was his passion.

“There were no courses here, so I searched the internet. I collected information from forums and read it on my own. At the time, I was working on the art of marketing for a company and trying to capture 3D from there, but that was not the case in our area, ”he said.

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Despite looking for areas to work with 3D art, Jonathan soon realized that there was only one market for the show: electronic models. He left college to open a studio and worked there for five years.

His wife, Camila Bagattoli, quit her job at a bank and worked in the company’s administration. In time, he found himself in video production and is currently working with him in the field of digital marketing.

Jonathan and Camila worked together in his company. | Photo: Personal archive

But for many years, Jonathan had to face reality: despite the fact that he was working with 3D and paying bills, it wasn’t his favorite thing. “It was the hardest time because I built something, I had clients and I wanted to stop and start from scratch. Many objected, but I ignored him and devoted myself to what I loved. ”

For two years, Jonathan devoted himself to what he really wanted: training to work in big gaming companies and building a portfolio. “I didn’t want to work with simple games or mobile games, I found that,” he said.

It was Kamila who was newly married and supported the couple during this period. “He was my investor,” Jonathan jokes. His father also helped pay for the courses because he knew the couple’s budget was tight. Fortunately, all efforts have borne fruit.

Jonathan learned a clay model to animate 3D characters. | Photo: Personal archive

The first job in the area

With no experience in the region, Jonathan went through three selection processes, from Recife to Cocqua, the only Brazilian company to work directly with the world’s largest games. Blumenauense has already targeted the company at the expense of the 2017 Horizon game.

“When I found out that a Brazilian company was working on the game, I was shocked and started following it. I looked through the portfolio of those who worked there to find out what to read, ”said Jonathan.

Jonathan first played Horizon, 2017. | Photo: Personal archive

After two years of disappointing interviews, remote hiring was consolidated in late 2019. This dream has come true, as the new horizon is about to rise. However, due to lack of experience, Jonathan ended up with another project.

“It took three months to work on the horizon. And since this is a secret project, Sony sent me a computer so I wouldn’t have to use mine. I’ve been working on the game since 2020 and I can only say it’s released now. Not even my friends knew, ”he said.

Jonathan’s first day in Kokku. | Photo: Personal archive

Migration to Europe

After working in Kokku for more than a year, Jonathan began working remotely for an Irish company. The big dream was to play 2K, one of the biggest in the region, but the pandemic prevented him from moving to Europe to stay in Valencia.

However, after nearly two years with the company, Jonathan and Camila officially moved to Spain and began working for the company of their dreams. The couple also realize that they are planning to live in Europe.

Jonathan and Camila are in Spain. | Photo: Personal archive

“I barely knew English, so I spent four years studying and planning. In Blumenau we don’t have game courses or a special company, so for me it all seemed like a dream. Anyone who saw me from the outside thought I was crazy, ”he said.

The couple has been living in Spain since December, and Jonathan is the only Brazilian in 2K in Valencia. Cultural exchange with people from other countries is one of the best experiences for him. After years of fighting for a career, he now sees the trajectory with joy.

“I suffered from imposter syndrome because I thought there were more good people than me. Do what you love, do it with all your love and passion, and you will reap the wonderful fruits. No matter how far away your dreams may seem, believe them. ”

Jonathan and his parents and his wife, Camilla, are important people in the couple’s trajectory. | Photo: Personal archive

“When you see a kid painting, know that it could be a cut. Don’t underestimate the art and what it will do for this child. I am sad when I see children who have a dream but do not have the same opportunities. Support your son, your spouse, your boyfriend, or a friend who loves to take pictures that seem impossible to many. You never know how ready he is to do it. ”

Horizon Forbidden West

The sequel to the 2017 blockbuster is Horizon Zero Dawn, an action role-playing video game developed by Horizon Forbidden West – Guerrilla Games and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The official launch of the PlayStation 4 and 5 took place on February 18, 2022. In it, the player is in the shoes of Aloy, a car hunter who travels to the post-apocalyptic reality of the wreckage with huge storms and deadly cars.

Jonathan’s name credits in the game. | Photo: reproduction

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