Meet Blondie, a cute bird from Venezuela who lives with PBF but still enjoys it

As you know, Mother Nature is rich in surprises that we have not yet discovered. Whether they are positive or not so much, we believe they make life more interesting. One of those surprises is the protagonist of this story – a cute lovebird Blondie from Venezuela.

Blond is a cute bird that attracts not only with its playfulness and curious mind, but perhaps even more so with its almost baldness. The lover lost almost all of his fur and ability to fly due to a rare beak and feather disease (PBF), a virus that attacks the bird’s immune system. Nevertheless, Blondie seems to be full of life and spirit, thanks to Bella Escobar, the loving man who took care of her every day.

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Meet Blondie, a cute lovebird from Venezuela

Photo credits: blondiethelovebird

Bored Panda To learn more about the bird and its life, the blonde man contacted Bella Escobar.

Bella Blondini shared with us that her father received a gift from a friend who raised birds. It was about 3 weeks when the beloved bird came to their house. “Because he was small, he was very small.” The family called it Blondie because it had fur when it was a bird. According to Bella, they were really yellow and light. “At first we thought of naming him Cody, but my mom suggested naming him Blondie, and I think it’s very appropriate for him (even if he doesn’t have hair).”

As you can see, Blondie is bald. This is the result of a very rare beak and feather disease (PBF).

Photo credits: blondiethelovebird

Blond is now 6 years old. The lifespan of a lover is usually 10 years. However, according to Bella, if a bird has a very serious PBF disease, its life is shortened because its beak is really weak and it cannot eat properly.

This has not always been the case. Blondes had beautiful orange and yellow fur

Photo credits: blondiethelovebird

According to Bella, Blondie loved to fly. “I remember one of his favorite things was the light in our house. He was very playful and chased us on the flight. He was also a very curious bird, and he loved to fly and explore new places. ”

But when Blondie was a year old, his family began to notice that the feathers were falling from the bird’s feet.

Photo credits: blondiethelovebird

As the days passed, the bird lost its feathers, became bald, and could not fly.

Photo credits: blondiethelovebird

Veterinarians told Bella that it was probably stressful. However, after some research, the girl learned that Blond had PBF, which attacked the bird’s feathers and beak.

Photo credits: blondiethelovebird

“Blondie and I went to the vet, and they did an exam to see if he had parasites, but it turned out to be negative. Veterinarians said it was probably stressful. We didn’t believe it, but it didn’t make sense, because how could Blond take the hair off his head? I started researching a bit and then I found out he had PBF. The disease affects the beak and feathers and can be transmitted from bird to bird. We suspected that her mother was ill and she passed on to Blond.

There is no cure for this disease, but there are cases when the hair of birds is restored. Unfortunately, this is not so common. ”

It took about 6 to 9 months for the blonde to become almost completely bald

Photo credits: blondiethelovebird

Due to Blondini’s condition, Bella needs to take some precautions. Since the bird’s skin is exposed, Bella needs to moisten it with coconut oil. With no fur, Blond was really cold, so Bella gave him a plus to sleep on and keep warm. It also has a heater that keeps you warm while you sleep.

According to Bella, it was hard for Blondie not to be able to do what she loved. He was depressed

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Disappearing at night, Blondie wanted to sleep and was indifferent. He never wanted to do anything. The bird’s family wanted to help, so they showed him places he had not seen, toys, and other entertainment. Fortunately, it worked. Blond is happier than ever!

But with hard work and perseverance, she showed Blondy other ways to do what she loved, and it worked!

Photo credits: blondiethelovebird

Now Blondie is happier than ever!

Photo credits: blondiethelovebird

Bella said she loves living with Blondie. According to the owner, he is angry, but has his own charm. “He’s stubborn, really funny, funny and very tough. Are you cooking, studying, etc. He is always there for you, trying to see what you are doing and playing with what is in front of him. When I bring friends, they are always happy and scared at the same time. Some say it looks like a dinosaur.

Blondie hates new people coming to our house, and as I said before, she’s very angry. She doesn’t do well at first impressions, so when people come, she gets upset because she’s ready to attack. ”

“I love living with Blondie. I am very happy that he overcame many difficulties and that he is still an amazing and beautiful bird when he has fur here. ”

Photo credits: blondiethelovebird

“Animals with special needs may find it difficult to live and care for them, but working with them is the key to understanding them and their behavior so that they know exactly what they like and what they don’t like. Blond is amazing and I’m proud of him. “

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