Meet 10 characters that are banned from fighting games

One of the most interesting parts of fighting games is the variety of characters that they offer different mechanics and play styles. But there’s a big problem with balancing so many unique fighters, and sometimes things just don’t go well.

As a result, from time to time some characters have to be kicked out of tournaments for unfair advantages. This fighter may have some poorly balanced mechanics, exploitable feats, or just be too OP (overkill) in general. Check out the list of 10 fighters banned from tournaments and championships!

Akuma | Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Akuma (or Gouki if you play in Japanese) makes his debut as a hidden character Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. He had aerial hadoukens and other moves not found in other fighters, as well as a lack of weapons to punish the moves.

In other words, the idea was not to have a balanced fighter like everyone else, but to make the player enjoy and make the game a joke, so of course he was banned from tournaments in the end.

Ivan Oose Power Rangers: Fighting Edition

Akuma-like condition. Ivan Ooze was the boss of the war game Power Rangers, but you can play with it with secret codes. The problem is, in a competitive scenario, it’s not fair at all.

Ivan Ooze appears in Power Rangers.Source: Morphin Legacy

Slime isn’t very strong in general, but a special attack makes him invincible when throwing projectiles. You can use this attack even when the character is beaten, making it a completely broken choice and ban in tournaments.

Pet Shop | Jojo’s Adventures: A Legacy for the Future

Because the pet shop is so weird, it could also be a mystery, but it’s not. Anyone who knows the anime or the game knows that we are talking about a bird with the power of an ice projectile.

In addition to having some very nice combos and unblockable combos, Petshop has a ridiculous hitbox. He flies around, rendering low attacks useless, which prevents him from setting up many combos and combo opportunities in general. Banned!

rough | King of Fighters 2002

Another main character that puts its nice mechanics into the hands of the player. Rugal debuted as a cheese KoFhowever, in the Unlimited Match version, he remained there as a selectable character, prompting many players to argue whether it was worth playing him.

Rugal is perhaps the most iconic boss in the King of Fighters.Rugal is perhaps the most iconic boss in the King of Fighters.Source: NeoGeo Now

But not so. As a boss, Rugal deals massive damage, can negate almost anything on specials, and has a round-ending loop combo. There are also arcades that have put up signs that prohibit playing with the Rugal, and it has been banned from several tournaments.

Gill | Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Another boss focused on entertaining players rather than competing. Capcom decided to make Gil a playable character in the console version Street Fighter 3 and it didn’t take long for it to be banned.

Gill Gill is back in Street Fighter V with more weight.Source: New GamePlus

Gill is generally a redundant situation. His normal attacks are better than other fighters and his special attacks cost a lot of life. It should not be used for competition and tournament organizers agree.

Noob Saibot | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Noob Saibot is one of the best examples of a hidden character – he’s literally a shadow! The fighter is still popular to this day, but he debuted as a special character who was extremely powerful.

Armed with the ability to render his opponent defenseless and extremely fast, Noob Saibot is one of the only non-boss characters in the game’s history. Mortal Kombat.

Meta Knight | Super Smash Bros Brawl

who knows anything about break it brothers, Meta Knight knows he’s at the top every game he appears. but no a fightIn particular, even tournaments are prohibited.

break it brothers It is focused on its many characters with very different games, so balance is always the word in this game. But most players agree that Meta Knight is even broken a fightso he missed many championships.

Justice Guilty Generate XX: Accent Core

Justice, like Gill, could not be used in the arcades, but became a playable character in the console version of GG XX. Also, in boss style, Justice has devastating attacks to use from a distance, but to do multiple combos without losing speed.

The Arc system rebalanced the character in the Plus R version of the game, removing his air dash and turning him into a high-damage but slow “tank” type. This made the previously banned character playable in tournaments.

Console Exclusives | Soul Calibur 2 and 4

A big part of professional competitive fighting game is not just mastering your main (protagonist) but getting to know your opponents. And with some characters, you couldn’t do that Soul Calibur 2 and 4because they were console exclusives.

Soul Calibur 2 GameCube had Link, PlayStation had Heihachi, and Xbox had Spawn. 4 presented Yoda on Xbox 360 and Darth Vader on PS3. None of them can be used in tournaments because people don’t know how to play against them.

Laboratory clothes 21 | Dragon Ball FighterZ

Lab Coat 21 has long been considered the best character Dragon Ball FighterZ. At the recent CEO 2022 event in June, we received his first ban.

This was mainly the result of the Combo Breaker 2022 Championship. Only 15 of the 48 participants did not have Lab Coat 21 on their teams, and then only ONE player in the Top 8 of the tournament did not use the character.

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