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One of the most difficult parts of being 60 is balancing your health, living a good life, and maintaining belly fat. Log in to the form and to stay There can be a lot of difficulty in form at your age. As you grow older, your metabolism slows down. You also lose muscle mass, which makes it even harder to burn the calories you are eating because muscle is a key player in the process. If you want to keep your muscles as strong as possible, an active lifestyle is very important, so we have put together a weight loss exercise that will help you lose your gut at the age of 60.

While aerobic exercise is important for maintaining heart health and endurance, you may want to prioritize strength training because it helps boost your metabolism and allows you to burn more fat. When it comes to losing weight, you often need to follow complex movements that build muscle and increase calorie burning.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some exercises that can help you lose your gut at the age of 60. Add them to your current workout or do them together as an independent workout. Keep learning to learn more, and then look at the top 6 exercises for strong and flexible arms in 2022, says the coach.

Tim Liu, CSCS

Start this movement with the weight on your side (kettlebell, dumbbell or barbell). Sit with your chest high and your core tight, push your hips back, and hold your weight with your hands. Strengthen your core, then push through your legs and hips to stand high, squeezing your abdomen to finish. Reset the sample before performing another iteration. Complete 3 sets of 6 to 8 before moving on.

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Arnold press to reduce belly fat faster
Tim Liu, CSCS

Hold your dumbbells and keep your palms facing you shoulder-width apart. As you lift the dumbbells above your head, turn your palms and elbows away from you and gently push the weight up. Bend your shoulders at the top, then return the movement to its original position before performing another repetition. Complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

The dumbbell string loses its gut when you are 60 years old
Tim Liu, CSCS

For this exercise, place yourself parallel to the chair, with one arm and knees firmly on the face for balance. Hold the dumbbell with your opposite hand and extend your hand directly to the floor. Then pull the dumbbell to your hips, squeezing your hips and waist at the end of the movement. Straighten your arms back down and stretch them well at the bottom before performing the next repetition. Perform 10-12 repetitions on each arm.

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walking lungs
Tim Liu, CSCS

Step forward with one foot and place your foot firmly on the floor. Then, control yourself until your back knee gently touches the ground. Press forward with the other foot and repeat. Perform 10 repetitions on each leg.

low and high cutting bar
Tim Liu, CSCS

Wrap the resistance strip around a sturdy pole or pole on the ground. Grasp the end of the ball and take a step or two off the pole. Make your legs shoulder-width apart and your hips square, and turn your hips and shoulders toward the ball. Hold yourself tight, keep your arms straight, and turn diagonally up toward the ceiling. Bend your diagonals at the top, then return to the original position before performing another repetition. Complete 10 repetitions on one side before moving on to the next.

Sit with your legs straight
Tim Liu, CSCS

Begin this exercise by lying on your back, spreading your legs, and placing your hands above your head. Hold your core tight, hold your arms straight in front of you, and bend your body. To finish, bend your abs tightly, then slowly lower them back to the ground, keeping your core tension. Complete 15 repetitions.

Tim Liu, CSCS

Tim Liu, an online fitness and nutrition coach based in CSCS, Los Angeles

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