Long-term impact of COVID-19 severity on health-related quality of life

A latest examine of residents of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, describes that individuals with delicate 2019 coronavirus illness (COVID-19) have higher health-related quality of life one yr after the onset of sickness than these with average or extreme COVID-19. Published within the journal Research BMC Medicine.

Study: Health-related quality of life in folks with COVID-19 at 1 and 12 months after an infection: a potential cohort examine. Image credit score: fizkes/Shutterstock


The COVID-19 pandemic, attributable to extreme acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARSCoV-2), has had a major impact on the bodily and psychological well being of affected people worldwide. A major proportion of folks affected by COVID-19 have been discovered to have long-term well being penalties even a yr after preliminary prognosis.

Studies inspecting health-related quality of life in COVID-19 sufferers have usually noticed poor bodily, psychological, and social functioning in contributors after the onset of sickness. However, few research have documented bodily and useful restoration amongst contributors. However, these research had been carried out in hospitalized sufferers with extreme COVID-19.

In the present examine, scientists examined the results of delicate, average, and extreme COVID-19 on sufferers’ bodily, psychological, and social functioning (health-related quality of life) 1 and 12 months after sickness onset. They additionally assessed the impact of pandemic management measures on health-related quality of life.

studying design

The examine included adults in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a spread of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 severity (delicate, average, or extreme). The Medical Outcomes Study Short Form 36-item well being questionnaire was administered to evaluate health-related quality of life at one month and 12 months after illness onset.

The survey consisted of 36 gadgets focusing on eight completely different domains, together with bodily, social and emotional functioning, psychological well being, vitality and ache ranges, and normal well being notion.

Impact of COVID-19 severity on health-related quality of life

A complete of 269 contributors accomplished the health-related quality of life survey.

When illness severity was thought of, contributors with delicate COVID-19 reported considerably higher health-related quality of life than these with average or extreme COVID-19. However, the extent of well being standing was considerably larger at 12 months than at 1 month.

When migration standing was taken into consideration, contributors from the Netherlands had considerably higher well being quality, bodily and social functioning, vitality and illness ranges than these with a migration background from high-income or low/middle-income international locations. For normal and psychological well being, contributors from the Netherlands and people from low/middle-income international locations had considerably larger quality of life than contributors from high-income international locations.

Participants with three or extra comorbidities had worse health-related quality of life than these with fewer than three comorbidities. Specifically, immunosuppression and psychiatric issues had the best impact on bodily functioning and normal well being, respectively.

Among contributors, health-related quality of life assessed one month after sickness revealed vital deviations from population-level reference requirements. The highest and lowest deviations had been noticed for social functioning and bodily ache, respectively.

In phrases of normal well being, contributors with delicate COVID-19 had been inside reference requirements. In distinction, contributors with average or extreme COVID-19 had considerably decrease well being quality.

Health-related quality of life assessed at 12 months confirmed that contributors with delicate illness had comparable bodily, emotional and social functioning, vitality ranges, and normal well being standing to reference requirements. However, this enchancment in well being quality was not noticed for contributors with average or extreme COVID-19.

Impact of Pandemic Restrictions on Health-Related Quality of Life

Participants who accomplished the survey through the interval of pandemic restrictions reported much less poor psychological well being and fewer restricted social and bodily functioning than those that accomplished the survey through the interval with none restrictions.

Significance of analysis

A examine exhibits that individuals with delicate COVID-19 can regain regular ranges of bodily, social and emotional functioning a yr after the preliminary prognosis of the illness. However, health-related quality of life stays impaired in folks with preliminary average or extreme COVID-19, even one yr after sickness onset.

People with a migrant background or the next quantity of high-risk illnesses usually tend to expertise poorer health-related quality of life.


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