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in it “Missing interviewSteve Jobs gives an insight into the motivations of the elite who seek to destroy our bodies and steal our minds.

“If you launch a vector into space and change its direction a little bit at the beginning, the difference will be huge when it travels a few miles in space. If we can push it in the right direction, it will be a lot better. ”

Interviewer Robert X. Kringley then asks an in-depth research question: “How do you know the right direction?”

Jobs responds: “Picasso had a saying, ‘Good artists.’ Great artists. ‘ We have always been ashamed to steal great ideas. ”

There are many artists who chose to quote Jobs. He could have quoted Rene Magritte: “Art is a mystery, without it the world would be a mess.”

But looking at the world as an incredible mystery would not bring Jobs or his other billionaires the wealth and power they longed for.

These elites are convinced that they are so smart, intelligent and very important, because they have the right to exploit everything and everything, even the last pound of meat, and even our most beautiful land – for the good of the planet. personal thoughts.

The problem is that the elite is still dying because Steve Jobs remembered them with great suffering. No amount of wealth or power can save any of us from the call of the reapers. Or it could be. That’s why billionaires Jeff Bezos has invested in anti-aging startups Like Altos Labs, with a salary of millions of dollars, scientists are interested in studying how cells age and how to reverse this process.

Elon Musk Neuralink intends to confuse us with AI by drilling holes in our skulls to implant microchips. If it helps a blind person see, it is a miracle. If he controls our minds, it is dangerous.

What happened to the secret? What happened to the soul? Gone. Everything should be reduced to what you can know.

Scientists say that the universe is made up of it ordinary matter, dark energy and dark matter. Ordinary matter is the atoms that make up all the cosmic objects in the universe, but it makes up the smallest fraction. space. They say they make up 70 percent of the universe black energybut dark energy has never been observed or measured. The rest are marked dark matteror a mass that does not hold all matter, galaxies, and stars in place by its gravitational pull.

What does all this do in fact does that mean Although some proudly claim to understand it, it remains a mystery.

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) In Switzerland, this is the answer to the most important questions. it was here In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee worked on the NeXT computer, created by Steve Jobs, and completed the first version of what he called the World Wide Web.

At CERN, they would help solve the most important question that is bothering us: What is the universe made of? What is life?

The machine for this is a Large Hadron Collider The Higgs boson, or “particle of God,” was built to search for subatomic particles.

In simple terms:

Different subatomic particles are responsible for transmitting different properties of matter. One of the most mysterious and important properties is mass. Some particles, such as protons and neutrons, have masses. Others, like photons, do not. The Higgs boson, or “particle of God,” is considered to be the particle that gives mass to matter.

In 2013, scientists reported finding a particle of God.

CERN spokesman Joe Incandela said: “We are reaching the structure of the universe at a level never seen before.” “Maybe we don’t see anything special. . . Or maybe we will open a new area of ​​discovery. ”

Given that this discovery should answer those key questions, it still sounds puzzling to me.

Why is it so important that we fall into matter?

Because human life is no different from, say, that of apes (scientists like to experiment). Dr. Yuval Harari, advisor World Economic Forumcan be avoided by saying words likewe are perverts.

COVID-19 is a great excuse for the elite to put this idea into our brains. The waves were getting louder and louder menticide In the form of infectious diseases, climate change, famine and war, millions have sacrificed themselves and their children for experimental “vaccines”, leading to hacking attacks.

In an interview for Epoch Times’ Program, “Crossroads,Gary Milefsky, official founder and publisher of the Department of Homeland Security Cyber ​​Defense MagazinePfizer and Moderna explained how vaccines use gene modification and how they can obtain modified genes.

According to Milefsky, if you were injected with mRNA, that new DNA could give you a patent. This is dismissed as “misinformation,” but you can find articles like this in the mainstream media: “Yes, some COVID vaccines use genetic engineering. win it. ”

to the door to own our genes Opened in June 2013, it includes:

The Supreme Court announced its verdict in an important lawsuit, their conclusion. . . Synthetic DNA molecules containing only cDNA, or gene exons, contain an inventive step and thus remain patentable.

If a gene changes in your body, it could be someone other than you – someone like Bill Gates, who, along with a few others, invested $.CRISPR spends $ 120 million on gene repair In 2011 – the consequences should be considered.

What did Steve Jobs think about Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark? forecast At WEF Davos last month, cell phones were recently assembled to be “installed directly on our bodies.”

It would be loved you can be sure that Apple will be at the forefront of this hacking technology. The latest theft.

Harari warns us “Science is transforming evolution through intelligent design and natural selection for evolution. It is not a clever design of God over the clouds. but the gold intellectual design.

Who is he talking about “gold smart design? ” Not yours, not mine. It certainly means elite.

In this bold New World Order, we must be willing to give up our will, even our most secret thoughts, for the sake of utopia. are they We want to create. This is a utopia do not for consumable masses, but for the oppressed.

Dr. Simon McCarthy-Jones, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, Trinity College, Dublin, writes:

[AI] He knows us better than we know ourselves. A government armed with AI can say that it knows what its people want and what makes them happy.

Imagine that our current government (or any government) has such power.

in it Martial arts, Sun Tzu advises:

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you should not be afraid of the consequences of a hundred wars. If you know yourself, not the enemy, you will be defeated for every victory. If you do not know the enemy and yourself, you will lose every battle.

We need to understand what we are against: an immoral, greedy and selfish elite who steals our bodies, minds and souls and promises to keep us safe and healthy.

We must never forget who we are: People “made scary and wonderful”With smart design and no hacking can improve it.

Know your enemy and yourself.

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