Karma police mix RPGs, pinball and communal scraps

Karma city police combine public service with pinball

Photo: Karma City Police / Disclosure

I’ve never been the best pinball player on the street, and when the team comes in between the right choices, I certainly share everyone’s feelings of weakness when they beat you in physics. I did not have such a problem with the Karma city police. I got along well with the game’s pinball and didn’t lose the game, which surprised developer Cayo Pifer.

I’ve never been a conversational simulator player, but I’ve answered this prototype’s 911 calls correctly, “Police Academy will meet with the office in the eschatological episode of South Park”.

The only element of Karma City I am most accustomed to is this JRPG. Here I found myself easily, talking to everyone who filled the plot, gathering all possible additional resources, and inspecting each room after each incident and incident.

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Pinball Academy?

Yes, the police of Karma is a JRPG reconnaissance and pinball simulator of the 190s. Yes, this mixture works very well. And it works, because the game tastes great with the humor that comes from the aforementioned Office and South Park. Cayo even signed up for his debut game as Meca Games – which reads “shit” – to make himself a “shit” – the name comes from his first desire as a developer: to create hypercasual and “stupid” games based on meme culture and shit posts. It didn’t work, but the name stuck (now).

This humor is present when he “comes” to the police station, loses the desk of a jealous bureaucrat, and has to work directly in the bathroom; Mayor Bonner, a stupid politician who forbids kissing or other strange things in public; Collective protests that are taking place at police receptions as protests and other issues. But it never answers calls, 190 always remains serious and is a kind of game.

The story of the game takes place between these calls. We have a plan to investigate and betray, to abolish public service in the interests of the corporation, to fight illegally with detainees, and to commit many acts of violence and death. And with some different finishes on some options, you can do throughout the game.

You need to read emotions

In the main theme of the game, calls, you can ask three simple questions to make a call and then decide whether or not to send a police officer to review the case, whether this police officer should go armed and how much. sending vehicles. Here you need to “read” the emotions and reactions of the invitees and analyze the best option – this is often not the case, because the resources of the police department are gradually reduced, you are forced to prioritize one task over another, inevitably fail and leave some. People die or shit is exacerbated in other ways. After all, you too can be a victim of jokes.

And, of course, in the midst of it all, you still have a chance to defeat your enemies in a pinball-based battle system. A few balloons that increase your damage, extra and special lives can be used for things like company coffee or a suspicious energy drink that has molded in the refrigerator at the police station.

A video maker and musician by profession, Cayo Karma initially saw the city as an additional project, but the pandemic and the inability to continue working with audiovisual and events led to much larger proportions in terms of game size, but it was also important. The focus now is on small projects, one of which is already clearly defined: a derivative of Karma City, where you have to deal with the politician’s return networks as an assistant to Mayor Bonner.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about Kayo’s development trajectory, the challenges of starting a game as a solo developer, and why focusing on mobile games can be difficult for beginners in the region.

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