Johnny Depp Vaughn, Four killed in Tulsa shooting, bird flu detected in Seattle

Last month was the wettest oil record since 1948. That was a long time ago. There may even be a small number of us, of course, trying to understand why it was so strangely familiar that month. They may have experienced this feeling as a deja vu, but it was actually 1948. They were children then. It seems to rain every day in May. Where was spring? They were stuck in the house. They chewed gum. Truman was their president. All that time was forgotten like tears of rain.

Dangerous bird flu found in a number of Seattle and Bellevue ducks and geese. These wild birds love our parks and temporary ponds that appear after long and rainy seasons. Geese especially love the area that connects UW’s Rayner Vista to the Berk-Gilman Road and Washington University Station. KIRO 7 means:

“Ducks infected with bird flu were found on May 22, 2022, in Green Lake Park, Seattle, Bellevue Downtown Park, and Seattle’s Volunteer Park.

My God, it’s all over. And you know exactly what I’m talking about. And, yes, the crepe won.

Another day, Another mass shooting in America. It killed four people and was taken to a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In Uval, the cops lied about the door of that school. It is not recommended to open it. The teacher did not allow the killer to enter the hall. The door is currently closed, but not locked. The cops have to come up with another story to cover their asses.

Because there is no hope for you “One-third of Americans earn $ 250,000 a month from direct paycheck.” Or perhaps the meaning of life “from month to month” has changed radically. Anyway, you’re crazy.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Now the United States is warning of an economic “storm” from the war in Ukraine and the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise money. Diamond’s hurricane has already reached speculative markets. Then there is the normal economy. what to do Just this: Dimon and his class are dissatisfied with the current economy, including the large number of jobs and high rates of layoffs. This economic climate is, in fact, anti-capitalist.

What to always remember The more the economy benefits the working class, the less capitalist it is. Even small business owners are not capitalists. Workers and small businesses operate at the market level of society, not capitalism. If we evaluate these class differences, much will be clear about capitalism. Diamond’s class works under the roof of the social order, and the last thing it wants is an economy that gives the lower classes the current class power. The best way to blow up this situation is through this economic storm, which only the capitalist class can withstand.

20th century Polish The economist Michael Kaletsky wrote in 1943:

“We have looked at the political reasons for opposing the policy of creating jobs at public expense. But even if this opposition wins, because it may be under pressure from the masses – full employment will lead to a social and political situation. In fact, the changes that will inspire will not fulfill its role as a disciplinary measure in the mode of permanent full-time employment. “The working class will grow.”

To learn more about that atticThis concept is taken from the 20th century French historian Fernand Browdel by David Harvey, listen to the podcast: “Capital in the Attic.”

Joe Jackson, Tomorrow, June 2, Kim made one of the best pop tunes of the 1980s in the city. “Steppin ‘Out”:

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